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Boyz Weekend Update

In our household it was Boys Rules since My Lovely and Talented Wife was off¬†gallivanting¬†with a long time college friend at their reunion. Neither one of them had their Fam with them, so it was very much like their college days, except for the fact that the current students looked sooooooo young. My 20 year college reunion is in 2013… woah.

We didn’t have any issues over the weekend. Thanks to the almighty schedule (a product of My Lovely and Talented Wife), everything worked like clockwork. Maybe not a Swiss clock, but a decent craftsmanship made watch.

Kids went to a Saturday morning TaeKwonDo class, of which I didn’t attend the following adults class. There are some logisitical issues (i.e. snacks & entertainment) that need to be addressed before I could start the Saturday morning class. If the uniform was smaller than a ship’s sail, I could run with it to and from class… and not only get some cross-training with TKD, but also a good run in as well. I’d need a nap later in the day though ūüôā

I had planned on running on the treadmill Saturday night since that was about the only way I was going to get in a run. Plus, that’s one of the functions of a treadmill. However, that wasn’t quite the case since I was much farther behind on laundry then I realized. I listened to the UT/Alabama game, which was like listening to 2 separate games… the Decent (if not Good) UT team the first half and then the “Hey, wait for me” UT team the second half. Thankfully, a margarita (or two) helped manage the second half team, at least from my point of view.

Sunday was fruitless in getting a run, however I did make a batch of Gluten Free Cookies, since I ran out of eggs on Saturday and had a big bowl of Sugar-Butter to deal with. I actually split the batch of cookie dough, so that I had: “sugar” cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip¬†cookies and (taking a deep breath) chocolate peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. At least I had plenty of comfort food to console me for not running… HA!

Something Smells Fishy, Oh that’s just me

On Wednesday June 22nd, I did something that I had not done in a few years (as in close to 7) and that was play Indoor Soccer. Just before playing indoor soccer, I had done something that I had only done twice in my life which was Tae Kwon Do class. Plus earlier that morning, I did something that I’ve done something that I try to do as often as I can and that is to donate platelets.

So with all the donating, the stretching, the side kicking and punching AND then getting out on the soccer field and running around for about an hour KNOWING what I needed to do, but being so rusty with my ball handling skills and not being in running shape when Thursday rolled around, I was SORE. I hadn’t been that sore since before my 3rd marathon (but I could walk down stairs without the old man hobble). Friday wasn’t much better, I was still pretty slow.

So slow, in fact, that I was unable to get everything ready for the garage sale I was having at the house on Saturday morning that I had to NOT GO to see the Ryan Michaels Band play at the Hard Rock Cafe in Gatlinburg for WFIV 105.3FM’s free event. Even Saturday morning, I was a little sore, but I was moving all over the place. It is amazing how much crap STUFF one can accumulate. I so want to do the “only 100 possessions” but maybe I could do more like the 845 possessions. I don’t know.

After the garage sale, I had to be somewhere at 1pm because I was volunteering, so I started to clean stuff up around 11:45 (as I put a 12pm closing time). Even Today, Tuesday, you can see the organizing strategy that I had taking everything that was outside of the garage. You only have to walk an extra 10-20 steps to get from the garage door to inside the house and if you want to lower the number to an extra 8-18, you can hurdle over the barrier of unwanted home decor.

That some place was the Knoxville Brewfest being held downtown Knoxville at the Southern Railway Terminal where a number of brewerys set up shop to allow sampling of their brews. This event was a fund raiser that benefited CureDuchenne (on the¬†Muscular¬†Dystrophy Spectrum) as the event creators of this event their son has Duchenne’s.

When I got there, I really had no idea of what I was actually going to do there and while I would have liked to be near the beer, I was ready to say “I’ll take whatever place you need, even the least desired spot”. I never really had a chance to decide because before I knew it, I was assigned to SweetWater Brewery table/booth/area.

Don't Float the Mainstream
Don't Float the Mainstream

Thankfully, I knew “OF” SweetWater but didn’t know anything “ABOUT” SweetWater. They brew in Atlanta Georgia and brews are available at a good number of locations here in Knoxville and surrounding areas. The “corporate” guy for SweetWater was Curtis, the sales rep for the Knoxville area and his babe, Sara. As for the hired help, it was myself, Tommy and Maithais (will have to look this one up), a future brew master but currently a swimmer for UT and potentially a¬†Olympic¬†hopeful for Sweden in 2012.

SweetWater had 5 flavors available: Blue, Georgia Brown, 420, IPA, and Road Trip. I manned the Jockey Box (i.e. Rubbermaid Cooler converted into a¬†thermodynamic¬†transfer¬†apparatus¬†for portable pouring) which had IPA (Indian Pale Ale) and Road Trip (their Spring Seasonal “catch” of the Pilsner variety).

I was feverently pouring cups of Road Trip from about 3pm until around 7:15pm when the keg finally ran dry. Every time someone asked for a Road Trip, I had to shout “ROAD TRIP” as if I was Hoover or Boon in Animal House. Blue was the 2nd flavor to dry up. It’s a wheat beer that is filter with blueberries and so on a hot day like Saturday, it had a nice refreshing taste with no tart blueberry.

The 420 and IPA¬†clientele¬†where very savvy with SweetWater brews, while they enjoyed the other flavors, they zeroed on their favorite to take advantage. One of the IPA guys wanted me to give him a sign if the IPA was getting low, you know… just in case. As a regular, I didn’t have to ask or wait to find out what he wanted nor did I need to skimp on the pour. It was filled to the top, every time.

Despite the large¬†quantities¬†of alcohol (“The problem of and solution to all of life’s problems” – Homer Simpson), I personally didn’t see any one stoopid drunk. Sure there were plenty of people who were going to feel bad in the morning, ¬†slurring¬†their speech and talking loudly, but, as expected, there was a good police and taxi presence in and around the venue.

Also as a volunteer, we received a voucher for either Brixx pizza or Dead End BBQ. Given that I am on a gluten free diet (except for beer – it does not give me comatose gluten hangover), my only choice was the BBQ and then it was just meat and beans. But after 5 hours of sampling beers, it tasted pretty good. I ended up, after they sent all the patrons on their way home (or to the Old City), help cleaning up the place while I drank as much water as I could.

It was a packed Saturday from 5am until 11pm (and I only did 2 things – Sell Stuff, Serve Beer) when I got back home and headed straight for the comfort of the bed. I did allow myself to sleep it off in on Sunday morning and did not get upset when I rolled into the Sanctuary right at the end of¬†initial¬†group of songs to start the worship when usually I am at church about 90 minutes early (kid’s schedule). I never made it out to the pool as I was inside cleaning/organizing, but had I actually made it to the pool, I have a feeling I would have fallen asleep out there for a couple of hours. Not good.

Now, the next time I go down to Atlanta, I am going to schedule a tour of the SweetWater Brewery! (@sweetwaterbrew)


I have been on a RAMPAGE this morning. I don’t know what it is about “this” Monday, but I have been very productive. I wonder if it was the fact that the second I opened up my eyes and saw that we had less than 20 minutes to get The Elder ready for the school bus that my mind engaged the day.

I am currrently using Remember the Milk as my Get Things Done, Todoist, or Task Coach or Jott or Liquid Planner or Toodledo or the other 1.2 Million task managers out there. I don’t know why it has all of a sudden become such a useful tool for me. I think it’s the fact that I could, if I wanted to, send myself tasks via my phone (which I could do with other services) and it would be all in one place. Regardless, it is working for me and I ain’t complainin’

When I had updated my Facebook Status on Saturday, it was SUPPOSED to send the same information here, but it did not. I will have to investigate WHY technology failed me! The run went really well. I was pretty tired in the evening and slept real well. I was very excited that my legs didn’t hurt at all the next day, nor today for that matter. I am sure that they would feel heavy if I was running today, but that’s okay. And I SHOULD be running today, except that in my rampage today, I brought everything but the shoes. I typically keep an extra pair in the car for Running Specific Emergencies, but it’s not there… time to reset the trunk. I am also in the process of trying to repair an older pair of shoes that the sole is worn down but the inserts and rest of the shoes are in decent shape. It’s a problem with my bio-mechanics and my form as a runner. I am trying to see if I can more than 200 miles per shoe ( Running Shoes should last between 300-500 miles depending on the runner).

Another major accomplishment for me that I am doing today is reading my RSS feeds. I am looking at my Reader Notifier and it says 528, which are not ALL people’s blogs. However, it is a good indication that I am making major headway on my blog feeds. This helps my mental health… less to worry about.


I thought my afternoon was DOOMED because I fell asleep at my desk, DOOMED! Usually when this happens, DOOMED, I am just a human form of groginess as I muster through the rest of the day. DOOMED. However, today is a little different. I woke up… wiped the drool and plundered around my desk until I was actually conscious. The only thing that would have woken me faster would have been a Cabury Creme Egg. Wait, make that Two Cabury Creme Eggs!

So, now I am back at it on my rampage of organization and other… stuff.

I do need to decide what distance I am going to run tomorrow. I have to get all my stuff organized for that tonight. Okay… enough of this blogging stuff… OFF to COLLATE!

DNS – Strawplains 1/2 Marathon

That’s right folks, I did not even SHOW UP for the race. This Did Not Start is atttibuted to some injuries sustained on Wednesday Night night, the exaterbated with some mild sickness Thursday Night/Friday Morning. The injury that seem to waylay me for ALL of Saturday was some Kidney issues. Given the pain location, duration and the inability for any type of releif from it, My Lovely and Talented Wife diagnosed me some “Kidney Problem N.O.S.”

Putting on my Sherlock Holmes Hat, I sat back in my Chair and THINK. THINK. THINNNNNNNNNNNNNKKK [wait, that’s Blue’s Clues]. I was still prone on the bed, immobilized in aches. Wednesday Night, I can home and felt pretty bad. Achy all over, chills, fever and so I laid down on the floor. The Younger, seeing my moment of weakness came in at 50mph and pile drived into my back, disguised as happiness for seeing me. This is when the injury to the Kidneys happened. Then, I had some cold like symptoms Wednesday. Thursday, I started out poor and then felt better. Friday, started off with symptoms, but was making sure that nothing icky-like would be able to attach its ameoba badself on me and give me some illness, especially since I had the Strawplains Half marathon on Saturday morning. Except, that Friday afternoon, I wasn’t all that hydrated with everything else going on and then the Thai Food kicked in. Or rather, the broccolli kicked in and I was basically doubled over in pain with my stomach and then my back started hurting. This was my lovely Friday Family Movie Night.

I had little sleep Friday night and then when it came time for Saturday morning. Although my stomach was better… my back was not. No position I could find would help. My Lovely and Talented Wife then diagnosed the Kidney area as the nucleus of the pain and prescribed: No Caffiene, Cranberry Juice, and lots of liquids. Amazingly enough, after drinking the cranberry juice, my back did feel better and I kept drinking fluid. However, I was Down and Out for all of Saturday.

Sunday, I was better… the outer sides were still achy, but everything else seemed intact. I was able to operate at 100% Power but felt rushed because I had to cram the chores that I didn’t get done on Thursday/Friday plus the critical things on Saturday and then the normal Sunday stuff.

And now on Monday… I am still a little sore, less than yesterday. No substancial cold symptoms. If I feel good tomorrow, I might try that running thing again. Maybe. I might wait until Thursday. However, this little “episode” has caused some major damage to my training, more for Knoxville than Cincy. But we Runner-type are resilent, I will find a way to make it work.

Alive in the midst of a conspiracy

I am alive! I made it through the Flying Monkey Marathon and now have the qualification needed to apply for membership to the Marathon Maniacs. I would have done that already, but it seems that all my work stuff from my 40 hour job kinda got crammed into a couple of days with the short week.

If you happen to celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving. For all you runners out there, that means a mid-week (usually) race that has something to do with Turkeys and/or Trotting. We do have our Turkey Trot 5k in the area (this Saturday I think) but the main event is Thanksgiving Morning… Autumnfest 8k.

And I will be at that race… volunteering! As of right now, I am going to be working the water station… which should be interesting to say the least.

Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to announce the winners of the Guess My Times, Win Crap contest. I’d like to make a nice blog spectacle of it… if I can. Which reminds me, that the winner of the contest before this… Big South Fork hasn’t emailed their address. I think they got the clue that winning crap from me is evil and that only bad things can happen… MUHAHAHAHAHA. nah… it’s all good. I was actually looking at Big Lots at all the crap, I mean prizes that would be GRRRRRRREAT! I do need to start thinking about 2009 and whether or not, I am going to let my fitness level diminish to the point where I go out for a 6 mile run and it seems…HARD!

But for the conspiracy… there seems to be a pink laptop conspiracy. For some reason, my laptop will not boot-up. It turns on and does some spinning and stuff, but nothing happens… nada. Luckily, I have been consolidating our files, so the only things that would have really been lost will have been a couple hundred pictures, but that’s only a small fraction of the pictures we have AND I think I may have most of them that were on there anyway. Stupid HP makes a funky hard drive, so I couldn’t pull the hard drive out and try to access and do some diagnostics on it. Oh well… maybe I’ll throw some chicken bones or tea leaves to see if it can be resurrected. But if it can’t, there is a young lady in the household who has done some advertising for a pink Laptop…. Mmmmmm I wonder who that could be? Laptop stops working and she ADMITS to being the last one to use it! And now she wants it. I SHOULD be getting the pink laptop… and those who have seen my phone would agree.

Anyway, I need to get back to important stuff like pay bills and that stuff so that I can get up at a reasonable hour. Maybe the kids will let me blog tomorrow… yeah… I know… one in a million (“so you are saying there’s a chance”)

The Quick Update

This is the quick update (the title says so) of what transpired this week. Actually The Elder has an awesome race report, I’ll have to see about that.

Okay, The Official Times are posted yet, but I finished the Rutledge Marathon in 4:50ish. Yes, that is 4-fiddy. Why so slow you ask? Well, here’s my reasoning: Blame The Weather! The only weather that I didn’t experience during the time that I was out there was Thunder/Lightening & Snow… More on that in the Race Report.

But now that it’s Race Week (again), I am in a quick recovery mode to get ready for Another (and even HILLIER) Marathon this Sunday. I guess that’s all part of being a Maniac… I’m getting around pretty well, still a little sore in spots. Going down stairs is still a little bit of a challenge, but not painful.

Okay, I wanted to toss this up there, and now off to write some…

Attention Readers: Weekend Update – kinda

I just wanted to let everyone who reads this blog… that means The Cool Kids that things should be back to normal blogging operations, that’s NBO for you military types who need the acronym.

I have just finished up some freelance statistical work. Yes, I do statistical work for fun… actually this was for cash-money. So, if you need your statistics analyzed, keep me in mind! Statistics: Only God knows the answer (for certain).

No PhotoHunters
This past week’s theme was SAD. I didn’t have a picture to submit, much less the time to post it, but the picture I was going to take was that of a bottle of Chewable Fiber Tablets, because it has a security sensor on it. Think about that… the chewable FIBER has had enough theft to warrant putting the security sensors (like in DVDs) on it. Not the Fiber mix… the chewable tablets.

“Honey, we gotta go pick Gramps up from The Wal-Mart, seems like he’s been trying to lift the BeneFiber Again!”


“Son, you better put that bottle back or you are going to be in a world of shit”

“Officer, you wouldn’t know… you wouldn’t know.”

No Success Sunday
I didn’t have time for a Success Sunday either… although I would have to say something to the effect of “Fresh Eyes can provide great insight” or something like that. Short-Short version: The Elder threw his glasses in a direction of tree and brush past a barbed wire fence. I braved chiggers, ticks, snakes, poison ivy, yellow jackets, gang green, etc to look for those high-dollar glasses. After 20 minutes a fresh pair of eyes found them underneath the car he was standing close to when he threw them.

Sometimes, “when you are in the forest, you can’t see the glasses on the other side of the barbed wire underneath the car” and you can QUOTE me on that.

What I Owe you:
I owe you the Big South Fork Race Report, my week of running, some photo safari, the fresh GF pizza place. I am sure there is more, but if I overwhelm myself, you get to read NOTHING because I will never get to it all.

So, Happy Monday. I need to go organize.

What we do when the PlayRoom is closed

Today was a pretty different Sunday from Start to up until now. The kids woke up at 6:30am to want food and apparently they wanted hot food since they were requesting my presence in the kitchen. They are strong enough to open up the refrigerator and get the stuff out of there. So I know they won’t go hungry if I don’t wake up.

Since I was still pretty sleepy, I was some what slack at what to make them. Usually it’s First Said, First Made. Today was different, I heard The Younger say “French Toast Sticks” and The Elder say “Daddy Oatmeal”. So that’s what I made.

Later that morning around 9:15, My Lovely and Talented Wife finally joined us from the World of Slumber and so I took that as a sign for me to dump the kids with her and go to Sunday School by myself. So, being the Big Boy that I am, I got ready and got out of the house to Sunday School. We are in an interesting series about Children and how they are Mysteries and not just things to try to control or figure out (like a problem).

While in Sunday School, the skies decided to open up and we had a HUGE rain. While driving home, I was OHHing and AHHing over the storm sewers and wished that I had SOME camera with me to go for a wet Photo Safari.

The rain lasted for awhile and pretty much dashed any plans of doing something fun, like taking the kids out for a run in the double stroller or shooting off some model rockets. So, not knowing what to do, I let nature take its course. Doing this of course leads to total Mayhem and Chaos when the subjects are 3yo and 5yo.

While I was helping My Lovely and Talented Wife with some paperwork, we start to hear some battle cries from over yonder. And not the screams and cries tha,t you understand as parents as fake cries or whines, but the ones that require discipline or a trip to the ER.

The Younger comes down the hall crying a real cry. He is such a faker, but this wasn’t his usual Broadway performance. This was real.

“The Elder Bite me!” The Younger cried.

“The Elder Bit you?”

“Yeah!” Okay, this was serious. Biting is the Capital Punishment Offense in the household. Hell, it’s what got us kicked out asked to leave preschools. It’s a sensory reaction when The Elder gets very frustrated and he loses the ability to control his temper and his body actions and resorts to biting. Now, in The Elder’s defense, The Younger tests him on a regular basis since The Younger is Sensory Seeking, meaning that he HAS to do highly sensory things, hence The Daredevil Incarnate. So The Younger will roll over The Elder to try to get a reaction. And he got one. He got a big one right on his face.

The Elder had bit The Younger on the face. Luckily for The Younger he didn’t get a small chunk that would really bruise badly, but he got a large chunk, which still isn’t all that great. It looks like The Younger was in a bar fight or something. When the Chompers comes down, Here Cometh The Hammer.

You should check out My Lovely and Talented Wife’s Version of the Excitement

Part of the punishment was that the Playroom was CLOSED until further notice and that they had to be near where the Adults were working. So what do two kids do that can’t go outside and have to stay inside and play, without killing each other?

Joint Harassment of The Loud and Lovable Skipper Doodle

Although “technically” our house is not a gymnasium, the kids can’t tell the difference sometimes. The Younger thinks that every piece of furniture is a trampoline. Boy, I can’t wait until he can hang from the door frame. Hell, what am I thinking… he’s half white Terry boy and filipino, he’s never going to reach the door frame without stilts. [Stilts? He could be a circus performer…]

So, when toys are boring, what else can you terrorize? The DOG. Actually there was some teaching involved in terrorizing the dog. The Elder and The Younger were running around the House trying to get The Loud and Lovable Skipper Doodle to follow them. Sometimes he did, sometimes he didn’t. The Kids then decided to try to CHASE him. Well, that totally freaks The Loud and Lovable Skipper Doodle out and he ends up getting wound up. Sure enough, The Loud and Lovable Skipper Doodle was pretty active for a good session and then decided to take his tired butt to underneath the desk. However, The Kids weren’t done, The Elder was trying to call The Loud and Lovable Skipper Doodle out from underneath the desk. When it wasn’t working, I tried to teach The Elder to give the “Come Here” command and how to whistle to call him. We’ll have to get video of how he calls the dog….

Creation of Secret Clubs

Sign Signs everywhere there are signs

(Let’s Post some RULES in this place)

That's what it says

This one took off in a different direction. Now that The Younger is potty-trained, he is just about tall enough to pee over the edge of the toilet. I had ran into the bathroom because I had to GO and The Elder was right behind me, “Me Too!” he called.

So while The Elder and I were going to the bathroom, he calls out to The Younger to come to the bathroom.


“He can pee like us, we can be a Pee Club,” I said.

“Pee Club?” The Elder questioned.

“Yeah, we can be part of the Pee Club. Rules are that you have to pee standing up and NOT make a mess.”

So now My Lovely and Talented Wife is banished to the Master Bathroom while The Elder is on patrol. Not sure if The Loud and Lovable Skipper Doodle will apply for membership. If he does and makes it, I am applying him for America’s Got Talent.

Thar are barrrs in the area

Reads: “No Bears in Tent”

disclaimer: we don’t have a bear problem in this part of the house

Create Rules and Regulations

Self Explantory

That’s Right! The Males out number the females 4-1

Helping Daddy on the Computer

with daddy

If I think I have dandriff, I’ll know better now

The Long Weekend Update

I should have blogged much earlier about stuff, because now I can’t remember everything. Damn Beer, cells kill brain. More Brainsss.

Woah, let me regress from my Zombie State. I’ll be up front. I don’t have the Fireball race report because I have a couple of pictures that I want to include, so the report is not going up until I am at my laptop.

Also, I have pictures from our Fourth of July Parade which also are residing on my laptop at home, so I have THAT post to upload when I go through and select the pictures… I mean, I only took over 300 pictures. so I am thinking that there are about 5 good enough to upload.

We actually didn’t do too much over the holiday weekend. In fact, I only left the house to get the mail on Saturday and on Sunday we went to church but that was about it for me getting out of the house. Oh wait, I did go to the grocery store for some Ice Cream. Tofutti makes a KICK ASS Casien-Free ice cream and so I went to replenish.

Okay, so instead of making this a really long post. I am going to spray you with shorter posts

Something Weekend This Way Comes

It’s Friday and I am rather a little, eh, bored. I have stuff that I need to do, but I don’t have a whole lot of motivation to do them.

I’m still waiting for the “official” results from the Ribbon Run from this past Saturday. Which reminds me that I need to send in the check that I earned on World Autism Day. Maybe, I’ll hold out until I get my results!

My legs were a little tired today, that plus having to hang out at the office… I didn’t work out today. I did swim 1000 meters yesterday as I begin to ramp up to the 1600 meter (~1 mile) mark. Actually yesterday, I was able to swim 400 meters before taking a break even incorporating some ugly looking flip turns.

Saturday should be rather packed. IN the morning we are going to try to meet up with one of our friends who happens to work for one of the banks that we use. Not only do we get to sign some papers, we’ll get the boys together to play. Hopefully we can meet up at the Zoo.

But before the Zoo… we are going to participate in the MS Walk that is here in Knoxville tomorrow. We didn’t raise any money for the walk, but we’ll be out there supporting the Mother of a friend who has MS. Most of you already know that my biological dad had MS and on my birthday, I donate a sum of money equal to his age… or rather how old he would have been since he passed away April 2006. Since 2006, I have been earing a red bracelet that says “Hope” along with my “Pray for Elijah” band. These come off very rarely… I’m either in a Tuxedo or Naked getting a double massage… else they are worn.

I think if I ever did a fund raiser, it would be for MS 150 which is the bike ride. Here in Knoxville you ride down to Chattanooga and back over 2 days. I had wanted to do this in 2006, but I didn’t make it. I might pencil this in for 2010 or 2011, although I don’t plan that far out. I’d do that AFTER I did the Olympic Distance triathlon which will either be this year or in 2009.

IN the afternoon, My Lovely and Talented Wife will be having an appointment and according to Famundo [our yet to be nicknamed] Au Pair will be having the kids, so what does that leave a guy to do? I’m thinking that I should go take the dog out for a trail run, followed by some gardening, then wash the dog, get dinner ready for me and My Lovely and Talented Wife… at least that’s the tentative plan right now. The one constant thing at our household is that Volatility of Plans is high and they may changed immediately if not sooner.

As for Sunday, I think that has yet to be penciled in at this point. I’m sure there will be Church Going and House Cleaning at some point in time.