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Degrees and Jobs

I got my grades for the semester and I have 3 As! WOO HOO, another 4.0 semester. Why couldn’t I have done this before? Anyway, I only have a week left here at the SCC before my funding runs out. And actually, the people that are replacing me and my colleague, Julie, will be here on Monday. That means I will no longer have fast access to a computer here on campus.

The job scene is not very fruitful right now. The strongest lead I have right now is for Special Agent with the FBI. If I continue on this path, it would be in August that I would go to Quantico for training (providing I made it that far). It would also mean that we would defnitely have to move. I am hoping that something local will pan out before I have to commit to anything. So pray for me.

That was April

I must say that my April was very busy on all fronts. School was very taxing this month. I had my Master’s project presentation, my Time Series project in addition to normal homework. The few things I have for the next week is to finish writing the paper to my Master’s project and the in-class portion of my Time Series class. That is it! Then I will be graduatin on Friday May 7th at 6pm on campus. I will awarded a Master of Science in Statistics and that should be with one of the Laude’s attached to it.

My time series project was to take a data set and analyze it using the methodologies that we studied in class. The data set that I chose was near and dear to me: it was data on the number of miles that I ran during a month for the time period of Jan 1999 to Mar 2004. What I found out was that the best model was a complicated model that invloved 3 different models. Results of the project suggest that I should run about 200 miles through Sept of this year.

Speaking of running, I completed the Trideltathon on Apr 25th with Gray Lipford. He beat me once again, so he has me 2-1 in overall victories. Maybe next year. I am not sure what my running schedule is going to be since I am looking for a job at the present moment. I figure that I have a few more runs here, if we eventually move. Regardless, I want to do a fall marathon. I think that if we are here that I’ll do the Richmond Marathon. That way everyone in Va will have the oppurtunity to come see Eric.

Since I have been very busy with school, I have not had a lot of job leads. I do have a good lead in Atlanta right now with a UT person who was a year ahead of me. When I get more information, I will pass it on.

End of March

A couple weeks go by and I get another chance to update my website. Actually, a lot has happened since my last entry and I will try to give a short update of what transpired.

We went to Atlanta the weekend of March 13th for Jen’s Mary Kay. The trip went real well, Eric was a little under the weather, and he actually had two ear infections, but he is so well tempered that it didn’t really affect him. The next weekend we went to Orlando. That was a much longer trip, but we did break it up over a few days. As a result of that trip, I came down with something nasty. The doctor’s don’t know what I had, but it wasn’t Mono or Strep. I think it may have been some sort of sinus thingy that was kicking my butt all over the place. I am better now, although I was out of commission for a number of day last week.

Since our trips and illnesses, I have done no running. This week, I am doing the Spring Sprint in Alcoa. This race is part of the Ruby Tuesday Triple Crown of Running. I figure if there is a chance that I will be in Knoxville after graduation, that I should go ahead and do this race. Plus, I need to get into shape for the Trideltathon this year, I must beat Gray.

No real news on the jobs front. If you see any postings for Statisiticians, please email them to me. I would be most appreciative. Well, back to some school work…

Spring Break

I am now on spring break, but I am working at the consulting center. Thankful it is pretty quiet here, so I can get some school work done as well as some fun stuff like this done.

School is going pretty well, I am trying to get everything complete when assigned so that I am not having to stress at the last minute. On the job front, I am applying for a bunch of stuff mainly in the southeast but I am still hoping NOT to move.

I have been sick for the past few days, just a head cold, so it really hasn’t stopped me much. Well, except for the 101 fever on Thursday… that kept me in bed.

I ran 14 miles this past weekend with Marty. He is Solange’s (I mentioned her before) husband who was trying to get his mileage in for the Country Music Marathon. The run went okay for me, I am definitely not ready to try to beat my marathon time in the near future. We are going to Atlanta this weekend for a Mary Kay debut of one of Jen’s cousins (Rolea). I am trying to manage to run one of the 10k races in Atlanta. I am not sure if I will be able to make it but I hope so. I think that I could try to beat my PR time for the 10k.


This semester is flying! I am getting my first test today for my Time Series class today which will be due on Friday. Spring break is only 3 weeks away. I am starting to look/apply for jobs, man this is crazy. Also, I got a letter stating that I passed both comp exams and that I am ready to graduate!

I ran the Strawplains 1/2 marathon this past Saturday with Solange. She is training for the Country Music Marathon on April 25th. I get to provide some coaching while getting some good mileage in for myself. Solange broke a bunch of her PR times this past weekend. Go Solange! As for me, I do not have any marathon plans this spring. I would like to make one, but I do not think that I will be able to do one. I might be able to make something in the fall, but since we are unsure where we will be, I will have to play that by ear.

Eric has been doing pretty well. He does have a little bit of a fever right now, but it will pass. There is a stomach virus running through daycare right now, so he probably has a mild version of it. He is getting heavier by the day, my goodness! He is outgrowing his 6-12 clothes and now is really ready for the 12 month clothes, but we have little to no 12 month warm clothes. All of the clothes we inherited we got from Brian and Will (nephews) and they live in Myrtle Beach, which is considerably warmer. So we are having buy a few things. Once the yard sales get going maybe we can get some stuff from there.

Maybe Calhoun’s

Two weeks after that soccer game that I mentioned before, my knee is final on the way to recovery. It still has to scab, but since I have been coating it with Neosporin as much as I can, the scab is very thin and pliable. Something good for the joint that moves alot! I haven’t played soccer since or for that matter, run.

This past weekend was a big weekend for Jen P and her Mary Kay business. She was presented with her Red Jacket and a couple of her recruits had their debuts and skin classes. It was busy but we all made it.

Classes are going fine now, we are into the semester and the homework is flowing. So far nothing too bad, We’ll probably have our first test sometime in February but no date is set.

I am still thinking about running the Calhoun’s 10 miler tomorrow. I hope to run with Solange because she’ll keep me from burning myself out. If I don’t pace with her then I’ll run too fast and then I will bonk at mile 5 or 6. I have only run twice this January. The first run was 10 miles, the second was 6.6 miles. So I have run some distances but the time in between means everything, there was too much time


How is everyone? Things here are just fine. Eric is a whopping 16 lbs 3 oz from his last appointment on Friday. He got his second round of shots and won’t be back until January for his 6 month well check. He is in his second week of Daycare and seems to be doing just fine. We think that he caught maybe the tail end of a stomach virus, but he must have his dad’s tolerance to some ailments. He seemed to have some diarrhea but that was about it. It won’t be the last time…

School is going fine for me. I will be having the second round of exams for both classes before Thanksgiving Break. For my epidemiology class, the final will be a presentation, but for Multivariate, it will be part take home, part in class.

Running is going well. I was supposed to run a 5k race this past Sunday for time, but I wasn’t able to make it. I am trying for a PR time for Autumnfest 8k of 35:40 which would be a pace of 7:08 min/mile which I am not sure that I can maintain for 5 miles. We will see. I was planning on running the Oak Ridge Half Marathon this Sunday, but due to financial difficulties, I will have to pass. I can always run the 13 miles on my own, but it is easier when there is an organized race to run.

2 weeks

TWO Weeks?! I can’t believe that it has been two whole weeks since I have updated my page. Here are some of the things that have happened:

  • Chris came to visit Eric
  • Started a Cholesterol Maintenance Program
  • Taught a SPSS short course class for the SCC
  • Started Running again

School is going well. My multivariate class is keeping me busy with homework. We seem to have something due every day of class but the class is pretty interesting. Epidemiology is just getting started and is also pretty interesting. I am going to a seminar on SARS here at the University on Friday. I did find out that I will have to take both Comp Exams over in January. Oh well, at least now I will have plenty of time (and sleep) to study for them more this time.

The Cholesterol management program that I am doing is an Atkins/Fat Flush program that my Mom developed for me. Since I had a Cholesterol check in August and it was the highest it has been ever, I decided to do something about it. I approached my Mom about finding a plan that would lower my cholesterol and also lower my weight. She put me on a 20 carb diet for two weeks. In addition, I was to give up all sugar and sugar derivatives (sucralose, maltodextrose, etc) including all dairy products. I am now in the third week of the program and have increased my carbs to under 100 now. Also, I am starting to run 2 miles each, to help with maintaining my weight and getting my metabolism back up to snuff. I lost about 11 pounds the first two weeks. I can only get my cholesterol check (for free) when I give blood, which will be this Friday. I am hoping that my Cholesterol will be below 200. I am shooting for a goal weight of 160 lbs. I was at this weight two years ago when Jen and I were counting calories in preparation for our cruise. It took me 3 months to lose 18lbs when I counted calories only, I am hoping this will be a little faster.


Wouldn’t you know it? I made a nice entry last week but never uploaded it. Silly me

I have not heard about my comps yet, so no word on that front

All of my classes have met and I think this is going to be a very interesting semester albeit a tough one. Epidemiology will have me reading a lot and Multivariate will have me doing a lot of computer work. I talk more about them later.

I ran the Scholar’s Run last Saturday and it was my officially slowest time when running by myself. in my defense, the course is packed with some hills at the beginning and some at the end. So, I had that working against me. But the biggest thing was the lack O’ running since Eric has been born. So although the time was not very good, I didn’t mind.

A needed update

It has been a longtime since I have updated my website. Eric has been taking up all of our time. And when I do have time to work on the website, it has been to try to get his pictures up!

Last week was Comp week. I had 2 comprehensive exams with one of the exams coving 2 different classes. I am pretty sure that I passed one of the exams, and conditional passed the other. I am worried that I did not pass the Design of Experiment comp exam. This means that I would have to retake it in December.

We are trying to get Eric on a regular schedule, which means that the luxury of a shower (every other day) is now attainable. I believe that I went a streak of 8 days that I did not shower. I did wipe off with baby wipes each morning and evening, so it wasn’t like I was incredibly gross! We have also been able to work out some more here and there. I am trying to commit to running every other day. Once school starts, I will be able to work out on campus in between work and classes.

Back to school stuff, I am taking 2 classes, Multivariate analysis and Epidemiology. My Epidemiology class is a class from the Public Health Department as an elective. It meets every Monday from 6:45pm-9:35pm, which will make Mondays very long. I am also taking 3 one credit course for the work that I do at TVA and UT Statistical Consulting Center. I will be working at TVA on Mondays for 4-6 hours and will be working at the SCC for 20 hours a week.