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Saint of the Day

Let me tell you… things have been busy for me. In fact, write now, I am writing this remotely from the Planet3rry Global Headquarters when I should be home by now. Computer work for a friend…

So, I have a lot to catch everyone up on… all 15 readers! One of the big things is that I ran something around a 19 miler on Sunday with decent results. I have YET the time to map out the course, much less add my workout to my Buckeye Outdoor account. Which, for March shows me as doing NOTHING… but that’s only because I haven’t had the time lately because my 40hr Job has been busy. Not to bore you… although I am already getting sleepy over it… is that the Stimulus Package that President Obama sent out has gotten OFCCP – a Federal Agency to do some more monitoring of the federal funds in construction projects (bored, yet?). Guess who sends them a list of projects for them to inspect in their area each month? You guessed it… ME! And guess who name is on the print out report? Yup… Moi! And who has been fielding calls from the San Fran and NYC office this week? Uh-huh! And guess how much I can help them? Little to none! It’s a contractual issue that may be resolved this week or at least in the step in the right direction. Oh, I talked to long about my 40hr Job AHHHHH COOOOOTIES!!!!

So, if you follow me on Facebook (because I don’t do the twitter thingie… although ASD Athletes is there… so technically, I guess I am with a degree or two from twitter) you’ll see that one of my recent status updates is that I ran today (Tuesday) roughly 6 miles and recorded a little bit of audio for Gravity@1053′ (my podcast). Just a 10 month hiatus… and if work will slow down enough, I am changing the format to a more “record and DUMP” format. It’s a Unformatted, Unscripted and slightly edited format. I am thinking about doing an ASD Athletes podcast… or rather My Lovely and Talented Wife suggested it and since I like podcasting, I thought, maybe that’ll get me in the groove… because if you can do one… you can kinda do two with not much difficulty.

I am sure there are other things that I should blog about… but I gotta get home.

Give me some Midol

So now that my little Woe-Is-Me Pity party is over, now it’s time to have some real fun. I was so, in a funk that I didn’t even realize that it had been DAYS since I had really exercised. What’s up with that?

Tuesday, I went trail running with one of my friends from church, for anomynity purposes we’ll call him Charles in Charge. Now Charles in Charge is a budding mountain biker, which means he is way better than I am and we were thinking that we’d go to Concord Park for a ride. Or rather a ride for him and a constant battle for me to stay on the trail and avoid the trees and poison ivy.

As luck would have it, his work made him late… one of those normal emergencies escalated to an endless mind numbing meeting. So, we ended up just trail running (as if it’s “just”) but I had already made it to Concord Park with my bike that was kind a broken (i.e. flat).

So we ran the “easy” course of Concord Park, which is still a decent workout. The only reason why it’s “easy” is because for about 1/2 mile during the run, it’s fairly flat near the river and that’s about it. The dilemma I run into is that because I run (alot), people perceive me as some Speed Demon capable of reaching speeds near Mach 1 (my true speed IS classified until 2055). So, when I want to run with others, I have to try to convince them that they don’t run slowly and that I really Want to run that slow. The truth is that I do want to run at that speed. I NEED to run at a speed that is typically slower than what I usually run. The reason for that is because I am incompentent enough to run slow on my own.

If you are new reader, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tempo pace (it’s the running pace were you can just barely have a conversation without killing yourself during the run). If I don’t really pay attention, a Speed workout will slow down to Tempo, a Tempo run will- uh, stay at Tempo and an easy run will speed up to Tempo. Only my Long Runs do I stay “near” my long run pace, but put me at a Race and it’s TEMPO TEMPO TEMPO.

So all that was so that I was very happy to run at that pace because I can’t do it by myself. We ended up going about 3 miles or so and I had a great time. I did most the talking since as a bike rider, he wasn’t quite used to all the knees-bent-running-around stuff. And today, I think I saw some benefits of Tuesday’s Run.

Speaking of Today (which is Thursday), I was going to swim 800 meters to 1200 meters, but when i got into the pool, I decided that I would swim 1600 meters. Well, my body broke down at the 1324 meter mark. I ended up getting a cramp in my left calf muscle which left me to propel myself only with my arms for one length of the pool. I wanted to see how I would fair on a 1 mile swim since My Lovely and Talented Wife is speaking crazy talk… more on that later.

I haven’t committed to Fireball yet. That will probably be our date night that week and although, that’s like one of the perfect date locations for me, My Lovely and Talented Wife doesn’t share that same “passion”. So we’ll see, but I am itching to RACE.

Almost 7

I had a decent week of running and working out, now that I look back on. I was trying for 7 consectutive days of working out, but due my foregetful nature, must be my… uh…. my uh….

oh, where was I? Yes, working out. I was trying to get 7 days of working out in some fashion. Something that I have not done in a LONG time. Last Monday I had my speed work, then followed by a Tempo run on Tuesday, I saw on Wednesday and lifted weights on Thursday. Friday I swam/ran while on Saturday I biked (sorta)/ran. My plans were to lift weights on Sunday, but I forgot until after I showered at night… so the streak was broken.

This coming up week I will be in Atlanta and so I am not sure that I will be able to workout on Tues/Wed. The hotel that I am staying at does have a workout facility, so maybe I can get some exercise in while I am away. I have a whole post to talk about my weight.

So, Saturday our Reliable and Resourceful Au Pair had the kids in the afternoon, so with My Lovely and Talented Wife away doing a class, I had a mini-Terry day. So, I wanted to get some biking in since I do have a Triathlon this weekend and I haven’t done all that much biking. Should result in a slow time and a sore ass.

It was the middle of the day, so I decided instead of taking the road bike to 3rd Creek Greenway, I would get the Mountain Bike out and go to Concord Park and do some brick (mountain bike/trail run) work. It would keep me in the shade.

Concord Park, however, is really too technical for me right now. There are too many turns on the (very) single track, plus the inclines are not friendly to runner or biker. Regardless, I was out to get some biking in, even if I toppled over into the Tennessee River. 15 minutes into my bike, I was having a really hard time riding. The bike felt sluggish and I kept sliding in the turns. I look back and see that my rear tire is flat.

Oi! I must of have done something when I replaced the inner tube (or the tubing is bad). I had to walk my bike about 1/2 mile or so back to the beginning of the trail where I left my running stuff. I put on my running shoes and Camelbak and headed out to the trails.

And answering a question that ShirleyPerly had about wearing street shoes out on the trail: I only do it out of necessity. I just don’t have the capital to buy running specific shoes like I used to. At one of my Big South Fork Races when I did have trail shoes (New Balance 801s I think), they save my foot. The toe of the shoes were covered with an extension of the sole of the shoe that came up and wrapped around. I think it was there for mud protection, but while running, my foot had a direct hit with a small tree that had been cut and the stump was about 2″ protruding from the ground. Had I been wearing street shoes that have softer Toe Boxes, I would have done some damage. Instead, the extra rubber saved my little piggies for another day. So, until my running budget increases, I am stuck with regular running shoes… which they work fine for about 80% of the time.

Since I am not familiar with the distance on the trails, I just go to run the hills, I have set my average pace at 10:00 min miles.This makes the Math really easy and I am typically satisfied with the results. So, while I only biked 1/10 of what I wanted to, I did get my 3 miles done.

Today, Monday, I had decided not to do any speed work because I have a race this coming up weekend. However, I was not very motivated today to any type of distance and with my probable sloth days on the road, I decided to go with speed work today. I only did 2/3 of my normal speed distance but instead of doing 800 (1/2 mile) repeats, I did 400m repeats on the track. My last repeat was a 1:34, which correlates to a 6:19 mile, I was kinda surprised I had gone that fast because it felt ALOT slower!

Heat and the workout

From my last workout post, I left saying that I was going to Fork of the River to do some trail running. And that’s exactly what I did. I brought along the fledgling map of the area that I have and a Sharpie and went to town. I started on the path that terminates at the parking lot. Had I not gotten lost, I would have finished in this route. FotR is still pretty wild. The single track is very single and alot of the tree hang low, so there’s a lot of dodging.

I first ran up the hill that I named (in honor of Calvin and Hobbes) Pallbearer Peak. It’s a doosy and I am not sure that running down it would be any less stressful. There’s a number of small tracks at the top of the hill and it took me a couple of times to figure out that most of them do connect to each other some how. So of the trails were made around fallen trees…very confusing.

I headed East on the trail until I came to a big junction, I thought that I would take the trail, again up a hill, and map that out. I ended up coming to a road, with a mobile home, and an RV/Camper. I named this hill Red Neck Ascent. Coming down from Red Neck Ascent, I found another trail… and yes, I went on this trail.

Fungi Fungi Bungi Wungi Wungi

This trail had one wild flower and some weird looking Fungi (see above) and there were quite a bit of curves too, so I named it Fungi Curves. I had to double back on a few of these trails to try to get the mapping part right. I am not exactly sure how they are all connected yet, but I think I found part of the trail that I ran on when I got lost.

I was out there for about an hour or so, but really on clocked 30 minutes of running. I’ll go back in a couple of weeks for more mapping and stuff.

Wednesday, I went out to go swim at lunchtime, but all the lanes were taken up. So, I sat down on one of the pool chairs. Man did I feel tired, this breeze feels good, the sun’s just barely coming out-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ- oh, I must of fallen asleep, wonder what time it is? 12:50! AAAAA

So, I went to go swim at the pool and this is all I got to show for it:


Luckily, I have my own Beauty Consultant in the house, so she had the perfect After-Sun product to make the redness feel better.

Friday, I made my way up to the pool for a Brickin’ Friday Workout… this time a Swim/Run combo. I wasn’t too motivated to workout, I think because I needed more sleep. Plus is was damn hot outside. I only made it 400m in the pool and only 1.1 miles out on the road. I could have ran longer, but I didn’t feel hydrated enough and I didn’t want to over heat.

Sunday, we went to the pool with the kids. I was in the water about 98% of the time. I tried to do laps, but the goggles that I had were giving me problems. So I just swam along with The Elder on my back.

Monday was the start of another workout week. However, some turned up the heat. Typically, here in East Tennessee we don’t start hitting mid 90s until late July or August. But Monday was an inferno… on Speed Day none the less *sigh*. I tried to pace myself better given the heat, but it still got to me. I ran 1/2 mile repeats… the only thing was that I was semi conscious at the end. I feel like I have phlegm that is in my throat but nothing comes up when I hack and cough. Seems like I can’t quite get a full clean breath, but I survived. It could be the last pollen session, which should be over soon.

Today (Tuesday), I’ll be in Chattanooga in the evening for a Trading meeting, so lunchtime was going to be my only workout for the day. Seeing that it was only 80 degrees outside at noon, I thought that I would run 5 miles. I brought my MP3 player to keep my mind off the heat and water to keep me hydrated. I did stop a few times along the run to drink some water, but I was very pleased at my overall time. I even had enough in the tank at the end for a fast finish.

Now it’s off to Chattanooga to talk about what I learned in Utah last month and hopefully get some good stock picks… not that this week hasn’t been pretty good as is.

Guys don’t ask for directions

I was coming off the disappointment of a not so spectacular race. I wasn’t injured, but I was still wondering why. The self analytics soon faded to a faint memory as I was heading over to a new location to do some trail running. My friend Beth told me about this place at Expo and I thought I would go scope it out. It’s a Freaking GOLD MINE!

The location is just past the Island Home neighborhood in South Knoxville, the parking lot for the Forks of the River area is not in the best location but it’s safe enough. I wasn’t too concerned with human predators as I was with the wild boar. Beth mentioned in her email that TWRA had been out there looking for a wild boar. I even went to Walgreens to try to get a thing of pepper spray, but that was something they didn’t sell. I thought about getting a lighter and a can of aerosol hair spray, but that might lead into bigger problems if I encountered the wild boar.

Beth sent me a hand drawn map of what she knew and the course looked really cool. I especially liked the part about “Too Swampy”, you can’t go trail running without getting muddy or bloody!

I was wired up with my iRiver, as I was recording audio for an episode of Gravity that would highlight the Forks of the River. I was also carrying my hand held Olympus Camera and the map. I had everything and I was ready to go.

The trail is awesome, you start out on a gravel road and then peel off into this field. The grass is about waist high and you follow a tractor trail until to crest up one of the hills. I thought for sure that i would run into a snake or two, so I had my camera ready! Nothing….

One you are up the hill, the tractor road turns into a jeep/service road, but from here there are many trailheads that you can take. So I am following my map. The first section takes you to one of the terminus of the Will Skelton Greenway, which makes this even cooler because you could make this a super duper long run, by utilizing the Greenway and then the trails.

So I am following the map, making my way around the area. The trails are established but the trees overhead are long in some places, even places that I saw bike tracks. I discovered a section of trail that wasn’t on the map and tried to etch the new trail on the map so that I wouldn’t forget if when I made it home.

I headed out of the first section, back on to the Jeep Road and across to the area where I was most excited… “The Swamplands”. However, shortly off the Jeep trail, I came to an opening where I saw 3 other trail heads…. but which one to take. The map wasn’t drawn to scale and there was a disclaimer on it, so I can’t fault the map. So I made my choice.

He chose… poorly.

I started following my selection and it was fun. There were spots where the trail was over grown, but I would find runner, deer, dog, maybe bear, maybe wild boar tracks assured me that some form of breathing creature frequented this place at some point in time. The trail enters back into a wooded area and I run up a hill and the trail “T”s.

Crap. My map, doesn’t show the trail coming to a “T”. It suggests that one area may have a turn with a orange flag, but not a legitimate “T”. Well, what do I do? After talking to you on the iRiver, we decide to turn right and proceed up the up hill. Not 0.1 of a mile and there is a downed tree blocking the path. Nice.

Not only does the tree block my path but it viciously attacks my knee cap when I walked up to it. It was like a scene from Poltergeist, except without the kid, the freaky clown, a sister, ghost, a tree with arms, rain, being at night… okay maybe it wasn’t quite like Poltergeist. But now, I am totally lost. My map is useless at this point, I am very thirsty, I’m bleeding… and I have about 2 hours until sunset. At least THAT was in my favor. Had there been someone around, even being a guy, I would have asked for directions.

As I am typing this, why didn’t I just backtrack? Too easy. actually, it was probably a combination of dehydration and not being in the moment to really think of what I should do… but what I decided was to take the other leg of the “T” and see where that went. I gave myself 5 minutes, else I turn back and retrace my steps.

I was went out on that leg for about 3 minutes, just as I was about give up, I saw a “XTERRA” sign posted to the tree. Forks of the River was the site for one of the Xterra Races recently and there was a sign. I figured that it would lead me closer to civilization, I hope!

I followed the trail around and it led me to a… fallen tree. Hmmm is this the same fallen tree and all I went was in a circle? No, it wasn’t the same tree that ate my knee, it was in fact acting as a door to the Jeep Road. But which did I go? Gaging the locatoin of the sun, I chose to go off in a northernly fashion. I was thinking that it would take me back to where I had ran earlier and I was RIGHT! I found were I was and knew how to get back. Success!

I made it back to the car and although I messed up my stopwatch, the time on my iRiver was 1hr 26 minutes, so given about 16 minutes of stopping, contemplating being lost, taking pictures and looking for wild boar tracks, I decided that I ran 1hr 10 minutes. I know that I am not a speed demon out in the trails, so to be conservative, I figured a 10:00 min pace would be nice and make the math damn easy. So, without having to use Calculus, I ran approximately 7 miles.

I am very exited about going back there and exploring some of the other trails out there. Here are some of the pictures that I took while I was running.

Forks of the River Map, PDF

Forks of the River Map

From the Mountains

I find it rather humorous that my hair was the main attraction on my last post. It was rather “poofy” but My Lovely and Talented Wife had trimmed it the night before, plus took out some of the weight AND I hadn’t flat ironed it in a couple of days. Yes, I use a flat iron since my hair isn’t natural straight and not curly enough to be “cool”, it’s a wavy unkept sort of hair… thus during my run it looked like that. It was kinda cold in the mountains and there wasn’t a whole long of sweat to keep me hair down.

Speaking of the mountains, here are 5 videos from my run on Tuesday. Their all water related, so if you are subject to the power of suggestion or atmosphere, I would suggest that you go to the bathroom before you watch these videos. You have been warned. They are all short and I only put the links for the other 4 as not to make the page really long and require a lot of scrolling.

Waterfall #2
Off The Rocks
Overlooking The River

Hooter Girls Support Breasts

More about the title later… That’s just a marketing ploy to sucker you make you click the post.

The midweek status for me so far has been pretty good. Although I took Monday off from working out, I had a great 2-fer workout yesterday. Since Tuesdays are my “Terry Days”, I try to plan the errands that work more efficently without other people around. Typically this is a long list induced shopping spree, that requires “Touch and Go” shopping from place to place. No real dilly-dalling around looking at stuff.

Also, I try to include some running. I just remembered, IT’S RACE WEEK! AH! I have a 5k race on Saturday. Okay… more on that in a post that doesn’t include Mountains or Hooters… or any other euphemisms to female anatomy.

So, walking to the Aquatic Center, I was trying to decide how far I wanted to run. My schedule made it possible to run 5 miles at lunch and then not run after work. Or I could run 4 miles and maybe run 2-4 miles after work. The problem was that I was having a craaving for Chicken Wings and the local place that I wanted to go to was near my house. However, the Lowes/Home Depot I wanted to go to was on the other part of the town. So, I could run at 3rd Creek Greenway and then make my way back, but I wasn’t all that thrilled about running on the Greenway.

I decided that I was only going to run 4 miles, but I would do them Tempo(ish) so that if running in the afternoon fell through I wouldn’t be too sad. Also, I didn’t want to do a speed workout since I had the 5k later this week, I didn’t want to burn myself out or violate the 10% Rule (Thou Shalt Not Have Speed Mileage Be More Than 10% of Your Total Weekly Mileage)… of course, I am a “Regular Law Breaker” when it comes to that 10% Rule.

So, I did my Market Square Fab 4 Miler course in splits of 8:32, 8:33, 8:28 and 9:02 for a total time of 34:35 and I was pleased with that workout.

Once i was back at the office, I had an epiphany… or so I thought. Just turned out that I had to go to the bathroom… BUT while I was there, I thought… I should run in the National Park (i.e. Great Smoky Mountain National Park). Everybody loves Cade’s Cove, but I have never ran there. I was actually thinking of running a different trail. I really enjoy trail running, but I was a little skiddish of running on a trail, in the woods, in the park, my first time. But I was in luck. One of my coworkers hikes in the park about every week he is in town. So, I went to the free consultant on the Park and trails.

Just so happens that there are a few decent trails in the park right near the entrance I would be using. Also, since it was in the middle of the week, there should be little traffic (car and foot). So I had a place to run and then the plan fell into place. I would drive to the mountains (about an hour), run, then after that I would drive to Maryville because I could get Mulch at the Lowe’s and it wouldn’t be too inconvenient and what’s in the same shopping center as Lowe’s? Hooters. Chicken Wings and Beer.

It was about an hour drive to were I parked to run. Partly because you can’t go 70 in most places… either the cops will get you or you’ll fly off one of the curves. I decided to run on a unmaintained road. I didn’t want to run on the trails yet, but I wanted to be out in nature. The road that I was on was an old railroad bed, so it was pretty wide, flat and had an incline of 3-4% or so. It also followed the Middle Prong Little River and with the water levels up, it was loud and beautiful. I didn’t see any bear, but I had my Road ID on, just in case I became Bear Chow.

The road that I was traveling was a 3 mile one-way run. 3 miles uphill and 3 miles down hill. At some points, I thought I would turn around early, but I actually went all the way. Turned around and made it back. If When I run Boston, I will run this road or others in the park as a training for the initial downhill section of the Boston Marathon course.

Split times: 30:48 and 24:43 for a total of 55:21

No that’s not a misprint. Some how, I was able to crank up my speed, thanks to gravity and the fact that you use some different muscles on downhill running, I was able to keep up my speed the entire way down. So, I ended up running 10 miles (for the day) in 1:29:56 (although this number is useless for predictions).

But with all that running, I was hungry and wanted to get some food. I had decided that I would eat some gluten by eating the wings plus the beer…. but I forgot that you can get naked at Hooters. Okay, the person getting naked at Hooters will end up having one arrested. You can get your wings “naked” (i.e. no breading). So, that was the gluten source that I was most worried about. My reaction to gluten (now that I have been off of it) is less pronounced with beer (which is nice), so coupled with the fact that I busted my ass on the running, I figured that the beer would a nice way to get some calories back.

So, I sat at the bar, watching ESPN (under closed captioning) and had 20 Naked 911 Wings +2 Yuengling Drafts. You know what, the wings were GOOD. The sauce was actually spicy hot, the wings were a decent size. It hit the spot. Now, sitting at the bar watching ESPN makes it a little obvious when you are turning around trying to absorb the atmosphere, but it does lend credence to see what the fry-cooks are doing, especially when it comes to your food. All I can say is that fry-cooks were some weird looking dudes. I don’t know if the management just hires these dudes to avoid employee relationships or what. But despite their appearance, they fried up some mean wings.

But in the presentation of the check, I was hit by some marketing ploy… would I support the Hooter’s Breast Cancer Fundraising Campaign. A restaurant that is named after slang for women’s breast, known for marketing their waitress’ breasts so that Men (and some women) will frequent their restaurant to see said breasts is campaigning for the fight against breast cancer. Oh yeah, that’s marketing that I can’t decline… sign me up! I’m blogging about this! Actually, you get to write your name on one of the little cards (that very few people read), So I put my name and a plug for my website.

I did make it to Lowe’s and got back home without a problem and not too much later than I normally would. Next time I go to the mountains, I am going to run on one of the trails, but I doubt that I will frequent Hooters in the near future. It’s a nice place to go for wings, but if you are like me and the guy next to me at the bar. It’s a little creepy when you are there sitting by yourself watching the fry-cooks when you aren’t straining your neck to see the TV.

Anyway, here’s a picture of me from my run… and I have more pictures (and videos) to post soon.

Middle Prong Little River

There’s so much…

WOW! There is so much to catch up on I don’t know where to start. I think I need to regroup and realign. But let me dump some off:

I finally broke the 100 miles for the year. I was actually a little surprised that it took this long for me to reach this milestone. In the past, it has come much sooner, even with marathon training. I guess my illness really knocked me for a loop.

Last week, I ran twice: Tuesday Saturday. My Tuesday run was a 5 mile lunchtime run and it felt good to run a close to Tempo pace for that long. I didn’t get to run in the afternoon, but that was probably better in the long run. Saturday, I took the Loud and Lovable Skipper Doodle for a 3 mile trail run, in the rain. My white dog came out of the trail very very reddish-brown. He did get a warm shower… although he was tired or pissed off because he peed on the carpet in the hallway.

Today, Monday, I ran a time trial of sorts. I guess you could consider then 1600m repeats. I ran the first mile fast and furious and then walked for a bit then ran the next mile at a steady Tempo pace. I wanted to make sure that I was in line with race stress. My legs did feel a little tight after running. If the weather holds, it will be Swimming Tues/Thurs with a rest day on Wednesday. Friday will be a pre-race prep.

Remember that you can win something (and I think I am going to get the prize off of MyCokeRewards) by playing the Guess My Time contest. Look in the upper left hand corner of the blog.

Kids and The Internets

Note to self: When surfing to YouTube to see the video you uploaded of your child and his train, be careful with keyboard shortcuts. YouTube (CTRL+SHIFT) is a little different the YouTube (CTRL+ENTER).

Runday Bloody Runday

Sunday was by no means a good running day. Even though I got in 5.4 miles, it was rather a pathetic attempt and scampering with my feet. My intention was to run at least 10 miles to get in a good long run and help with my overall aerobic fitness. It probably didn't help that I wasn't the best eater over the weekend… I think I was a little malnurished and had a few Grolsch to celebrate the football games


Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Overall Pace Comments
1 2.2 2.2 17:48 8:06 17:48 8:06 Lakeshore
2 2.2 4.4 18:43 8:31 36:31 8:18 Lakshore
3 1.0 5.4 9:09 45:40 8:28 Concord Park

Sunday was such a crappy run. I went from wanting to run 10 miles, to 8.8 miles, to barely finishing 2 laps at Lakeshore. Then I went to Concord Park on my way home after getting some Powerade, thinking it would help. 2 minutes into my run and I had to stop… ugh

SO today I wasn't sure what I would do. After all, it is my regular speed day. Well, to change things up, I took a different route. Actually a harder route than normal because there is a big hill right at the 1.1 mile mark. Sure enough, it wasn't all that bad.


Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Overall Pace Comments
1 1.86 1.86 14:38 7:53 14:38 7:53 Aquatic Center around The Hill
2 0.44 2.3 3:16 7:26 17:54 &nbsp Connect from Cumberland to Neyland
3 1.0 3.3 9:09 27:04 8:13 Normal 3rd mile route

Much better and I went up the Lake Loudon hill much faster (my preception) than ever before. It wasn't the fastest overall day, but it was pretty darn good

Followed by the police

But that is at the end of the entry.

Despite helping a friend with his car, I was able to meet up with Beer Boy (Marty) at Concord Park for a short run even though the temperature was at 89 degrees. Since I got there about 15 minutes early, I decided to run the wide loop (about a mile) and bring my camera to take a few pictures to show how nice it is. I realize now that I should have gotten a few pictures of the single track…duh!

Anyway, the main track was a little wet from previous rain and there was one tree downed that was in the way but still runnable. I made it back to the car and Beer Boy had shown up and was getting ready. I found a pile of keys that had been left probably accidentally on the ground in the lot. It just so happened that one of the County's Finest was sitting in the parking lot underneath the shade, doing what… I don't know. Anyway, I approached him to let him know that I found some keys and that I would leave them on the fence just in case someone showed up while I was running. He wasn't exactly the friendliest of people, I must caught him in his me-time. Well, I hooked the keys up and then met Beer Boy and told him about the course conditions. I wonder now if the officer heard me talking about the course.

Math Boy: “I went around on the course, there is a downed tree in Sector 2 and some slippery spots in Sectors 4,5 and 6”
Beer Boy: “Huh, oh, okay”

So we went off and ran 3.6 miles on the trail. It was a very easy run for me. I felt good for the first half of the run. I started to get a little thirsty and slowed down some. We definitely made better than a 10 minute pace in some parts of the course. I had stashed some water on the course for us since I knew it would be hot, but at least there was plenty of shade. We voted and decided in a unanimous 2-0 decision to cut it early today and get back home instead of running the East Inner Loop.

So we made it back to the car. Muddy and yucky and thirsty. Beer Boy breaks out two bottle of his stuff from work and we start to wind down from the run. Beer Boy is wiping down his poison ivy from gardening last week with rubbing alcohol (I didn't get it). But as we were talking we noticed a police car (the previously mentioned police car was gone) drive up to the new restaurant. Not 2 minutes later, another squad car comes in and combat parks were the previously mentioned police car had parked. When that car pulled up, we discretely concealed our beverages and broke out the water bottle. Then the car from the restaurant pulls in and parks alongside the other police car so that they could conference, I guess.

Beer boy and I talk for another 7-10 minutes, I had to take off my muddy shoes. I stretched a bit. Marty finished wiping off. I pulled out some maps of Concord Park that I had made for him. All things that shady individuals might do. We decided to go ahead and call it a day since we discussed that some law enforcement people might get a little uptight that we had some beverages on property and we also had other things to do. We decided to run again on Thursday, provided that Baby Incognito had not made an appearance yet and we were off.

Now here is where the title comes into play. As SOON as I left the parking lot, one the cops was on my tail. So I played little model citizen and used my turn signals and never really followed the speed limit. I figured that NOBODY follows the speed limit on Northshore or Concord road and that if I did drive THAT cautiously, that it would raise his suspension even more. Right when I turned onto Concord, Marty calls me to find out if the cop had followed me. I said “yep” and he informed me that his partner was behind him as well. So, Beer Boy and Math Boy were under police surveillance!!!! Jen said that when Marty and I get hang around together we do act like we are on drugs…

Here are the pictures of Concord Park

Main Entrance to the Trail

Downed Tree on the wide trail