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2010 Tellico Sprint Triathlon

July 18th 2010 was the AMICA 19.7 Tellico Sprint Triathlon, one of ten races in the AMICA Triathlon Series as well as one of the outstanding local races managed by Race Day Events.

For the second year, Race Day Events has made ASD Athletes the benefiting local charity for this event. ASD Athletes is able to use the event as an extra selling point raising money allowing sponsors to have their name/logo on the race shirts plus goodies in the race packets, etc. Also, a portion of the race entry will be allocated to ASD Athletes.

Last year, $1000 was raised just on the entrants portion alone. I am not quite sure what the amount is this year, but the number of finishers is comparable to last year, so I would think that it is in that ballpark. Although we started really late in getting sponsors for this year event, there was less of the “unknown” about the event. I think we learned a number of key things about the event, and had a number of great ideas that came to mind too late to do anything about it for this year’s event, but will be awesome for next year’s event.

As soon as I get word of when the date is for next year’s event, we are going to start to get sponsors!

Running Status: Still no plan developed, no miles ran

I was a fairly interesting week. We had the Tellico Triathlon on June 21st which was a benefit event (of sorts) for ASD Athletes. We ended getting a $1,000 from the event host Race Day Events and the chance to do it again next year! Sah-WEEET-tah! The 2010 edition will be much better since we will have much more time, errrrr A Year, to plan for it.

I went to my my first Asperger’s Support Group this past Sunday… it was a great experience. Lots of interruptions, conversations upon conversations, random facts (usually numerical) blurted out, “That was a joke, right?” was said at least once and just a generally good time NOT having to worry about silly things like eye-contact. It’s held once a month and is sponsored by Breakthrough Corporation, a local non-profit, whose mission is to improve the lives of Adults with autism.

Also last week we submitted a grant proposal for the up and coming ASD Athletes Coach Certification Program. We are working with a guy from New York who works one on one with special needs kids and concentrates in Autism, hence the name of his company… Autism Fitness! We are planning on having the base program up and urnning this fall and it is still in the infancy stages, so there are a lot more details to work through. if you think that you would like to be a founding donor to our certification program, you can donate over at ASD Athletes and make sure you put in the notes that you want to sponsor the Certification Program. We should be hearing any day now on the decision for our 501(c)(3) status as well.

Despite the fact that I have been super busy with ASD Athletes, my athletic endeavors have stagnated. I haven’t run since late May? I am not even sure at this point. My goal is to have the training program for the fall set up either today or tomorrow and officially start training on July 1st.

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This JUST in… celebrities are REAL people and are dropping like flies!

In other news, the author of this blog, Terry, has acquired the P3I3 Virus and will be out of commission and touch with the real world for about 12 hours. We are expecting him to be able to blog again sometime on Tuesday June 30th. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused… wait… we apologize for nuthin’! Just suck it up. He’ll be back… eventaully (just like he ALWAYS says)! Signed, I.B. Baboon (Manager of MONK3Y M3DIA a division of planet3rry.com)

Does Anyone even Come here anymore?

Given that my blogging is as lean as it can get… I shutter just to think of what my numbers of visitors might be… I probably when from 15 to 2. But Never fear, somewhere there is a blog post or even a podcast of my thoughts (now that is ALSO pretty scary).

Things here have been WAYYYYYYY busy. It’s hard to think that June is almost over, but thinking of all that went on… it would need to be over, just about. So… what have I done? Yeah, what HAVE I done?

To start off the month, My Mommy turned 60! And let me tell you… she is aging gracefully! She doesn’t look at day over 42. If I remember correctly, I made some Gluten Free cookies for the kids, for her birthday. NO WAIT! She bought cake for the Dynamic Duo which was Gluten Free from Earthfare. The Elder loves chocolate, which was the flavor of the cake slice (big enough for two to share) and he will eat chocolate and get as excited as I do with Chocolate. However, he will pace himself when it comes to eating chocolate (he gets that from his mother). The Younger, on the other hand, has no self-control with chocolate… and will eat any chocolate that is either not protected by an electrical fence, armed guard or a force-field.

Hence, two days after the cake arrived at the house, it was gone. Mysteriously… I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and grabbed my magnifying glass and headed to the kitchen. It seemed that whoever had consumed the cake has left clues… yes, CLUES in the form of crumbs. I paced up and down the kitchen alternating stroking my chin and gazing into the air with rubbing my temples and looking at the ground. There had to be some more clues.

I decided to interrogate question the residence of the household. Questioning myself was easy and satisfactory.

Did you eat the cake? No. Are you Sure? Yes. Okay, thanks. You’re Welcome.

How polite I was to myself but the answer had to be elsewhere. I came across The Younger, who is known for his climbing prowlness on to the counters, and asked him a few “easy” questions about that brown streak near his mouth.

Did you eat the cake?” I questioned.

His reply was a simple, “No.”

Well, then, is that dirt on your face?


Now, I had to start thinking outside of the box in the questioning… The Force was strong with this one.

So, where you eating poo-poo?” This line of questioning is tough for any male to breakdown from the sheer low-brow approach.

“No,” he chuckled, “I didn’t eat POO-POO!”

So, you were eating cake!” Check…

“Yeah.” Mate.

HEY, THE ELDER…. THE YOUNGER ATE YOUR CAKE!!!” And I made a dash for the front door!

So just a few days later in June… The Lovely and Talented Wife earned one more mark toward sainthood with another year of marriage in the books. 13 if you are playing from home. And right on our anniversary we had a visit from my Grandma Boots and Cousin Bobbie-Jo. They are from my biological dad’s side (who had MS and passed in 2006). Not to be confused with Grandma Higgins who is the Mommy to my Step-Dad Pete, who you see commenting around here from time to time. He’s going to be 60 this year… and he doesn’t look a day over 144.

So, it was great for them to see the kids and eat dinner and all that funstuff while they were here. We signed up Bobbie-Jo on Facebook, which was way fun. Jen cut her hair, or at least fixed her hair. I think my hair might be technically longer, I dunno. There’s a picture on FB.

Then, there was a crazy week when NOTHING in my schedule was staying to the plan. I am not sure what happened… some planet was probably in Retrograde or something. Who knows. But then last week… which may have been that crazy week (because I lost track) was getting ready for the

Tellico Sprint Triathlon which was to benefit ASD Athletes.

Speaking of ASD Athletes… we had a request from the IRS for more information. They received in on the 15th of this month, so HOPEFULLY, we’ll know around July 1, if we are 501(c)(3) or not… which we will be! So, the Triathlon was an experience… a good experience and we are going to be the beneficiaries NEXT year as well! I’ll probably do the Triathlon story in a different post.

But NOW, ASD Athletes is about to submit a Grant Request for $20,000 for our certification program that we want to start! That’s technically what I should be doing “now”, but I didn’t want this blog post to be looming on my mind while the last part of the grant is being worked out.

I am not sure if I have even ran this month. I still need to send in my entry form for the Niagra Falls International Marathon as well as make up a plan for it as well. I do have the pictures developed from the Flying Pig Marathon and can post those soon.

Reestablishing Communication

I am really trying to get back to blogging, but it seems that everytime I try to get there… something comes up! Right now, my 40hr job is super busy because of the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) which is sending the agencies that we work with in a frenzy. So, I am here trying to save the world.

I have the Flying Pig race report to write… but I can tell you that my Blogging is more than my running right now! Seriously, not 1 mile since the marathon. I’m already close to being out of marathon shape… Oi! Hopefully, I can get some miles in this week, if the weather holds…

ASD Athletes is Rocking and Rolling… and YOU could be a Race Sponsor. That’s right! We are in charge (and receive) the sponsorship for the Tellico Sprint Triathlon… you know last year, when I overslept. Yeah, that one! Well, RaceDayEvents has made us the race beneficiary. So, Right now, if you sign up to be a sponsor for the Tellico, you get the benefits of being a Tellico Sponsor AND being and ASD Atheles Donor. My Lovely and Talented Wife calls it Double-Dipping. It’s like a Brick Donation (multi-discipline athletes will get the analogy). So go over here and sign up to be a sponsor… or to bring Light and Order to the World, sign up to be a Race Volunteer. Don’t live in Tennessee? Well, we have roads and an airport and the bus comes here. The Race is on June 21st… So BE a Sponsor or a Volunteer but at the very least you can be a participant!

Well, saving the ARRA world calls and I need to go get my data management skillz on.

Event FULL Weekend

This past weekend was jam packed of stuff…

But Friday had it’s own event going on as well. We met up with Kiley Yarbrough, the owner of Boogie Down Baby, to receive our check from the event. ASD Athletes was the beneficiary of that charity, with a portion of the event going to ASD Athletes! In an official check awarding ceremony, Kiley gave ASD Athletes a check for $114! A write up (formatted for ease of typesetting for publication) of the story is include here. The next Boogie Down Baby will be at the end of May, supporting the March of Dimes.

We wanted to include a flier in Saturday’s Race Packet that brought awareness to the Tellico Sprint Triathlon and getting people to participate! We stayed up late creating the flier and sent it via online to the local FedEx/Kinkos to print. Thank Goodness for 24 hour copiers!

Saturday was the Breakthrough Corporation’s Ribbon Run 5k for Autism. Breakthrough is a local organization whose objective is to help adults with Autism in all aspects of their lives, this run is a fund raiser for them and 2009 was the 3rd Running of the Event. I had contacted the race director to see if we (ASD Athletes) could have something in the Race Packet and/or a table at the event with some literature of Who we are and What we do. Judi was MORE than willing to let us participate in that capacity and with such short notice.

So at about 6:15, I went to Kinkos to get the fliers and then headed to the race to start putting our fliers in the race bags. Everything was packed in the race bags and setup to display. I’ll post a race report as not to bore those with all the race particulars here, but in a later post.

So Sunday morning I made it to UT campus and set up shop right where I usually workout each day. You know, the weather has been rather crazy the past couple of weeks. This weekend was no different! Saturday was INC-redible! Sunday started out okay, but then got a little windy and then ALOT wet! There was never a time that the triathletes were NOT wet! Thanks to Kevin at RaceDayEvents because he lent us a tent and we stayed kinda dry… but NOT warm.

We were setup right near the finishline, so people started coming into our tent area because they wanted to see the finishers… but at least there were getting some exposure! We came out with a number of good leads and some good experience! So we are looking forward to being the Charity for the Tellico Sprint Triathlon. We have ALOT to do!

And a heads up for all you Fall Marathoners. The software that we have has a way to host Personal Campaign Pages… if people are interested, I will set up a campaign for people in the fall to raise money for ASD Athletes for their fall race! How COOL is that! We can’t promise anything other than the euphoria of commiting a premeditate Act of Kindness… but we’ll see… not only am I a runner… I am the President!

You Snooze, You Lose

I get to add a DNS to my Running History, oh JOY! Apparently, Race Day was just a sleep accident waiting to happen. With my trip to Atlanta, a visit from my friend Gray which I stayed up late talking, new meds… it all came to a head on Sunday Morning. I had everything ready to go for the race. The bike was in the van, my bags were ready, I had my clothes out, I had basically 2 alarms (The Kids and My Watch) and turns out that my Human Alarms had their own snooze button and my watch, which I always hear, wasn’t loud enough to wake me from the sleep of the dead.

There was one point, which in our groggy state, My Lovely and Talented Wife asked if we wanted to go and when I looked at my watch, if we had left RIGHT THEN we could have made it race start… but everyone was asleep and that’s not how I wanted to start the day. My eyelids closed again, and I arose about 3 hours later.

So not starting a race isn’t all that enjoyable. There’s a little more mystery to it and how you might done, but it’s not as frustrating as a DNF (Did Not Finish). My goal this year was to do an Olympic Triathlon, but with missing Tellico Sprint, that stepping stone was important, especially becoming more comfortable on the bike.

There is another triathlon in July that I can sign up for, but it’s short than Tellico and not necessarily a good move to the Olympic Distance. I think that this would mean that 2009 would be an Olympic Triathlon and then 2010 would be the Atomic Half Ironman (Oak Ridge).

Now apart from my NOT running, I know that most of you are depressed because you didn’t get a chance to Win Crap. Well, I think that is going to be remedied in the next week. Just like every’ other running city in America, Knoxville has it’s own Fourth of July Race. Actually, we don’t call it something wimpy like a firecracker 5k or something like that. In fact, we don’t even have it on the 4th of July. Ours is at 9pm at night of the 3rd of July and we have a manly name to it, the Fireball 5k.

So, look for a new contest early next week.

Guess My Time, Win Crap

That’s right, it’s another edition of the World Renowned Contest called Guess My Time, Win Crap and do I have a load of crap prizes for you this week. Since this race is a Triathlon (event of swim, bike and run), BernieBob tell them what they can win:

“Thanks Terry! That’s right folks we have a load of crap prizes for you to win this week. You have not only one, two or three chances to win, you actually have FOUR chances to win. That’s right! Four Chances for some of the best crap prizes that you can win! Here’s how it’s going to work: There will be 4 official times reported: Swim Time, Bike Time, Run Time, Overall Time. You can Guess My Time for any or all of these disciplines

Crap Prizes that you can win:

Green Sling Backpack

A Book of Quotes

Bag of Clif Bloks and a Clif Shot

Mystery Prize Not Yet Determined

Discipline Distances:

Swim: 800 meters (1/2 mile)

Bike: 16 miles

Run: 4 miles

Entering your time will be the same as other Guess My Time contest. Respond with a comment to this email with your guess(es). I will leave comments open until some time on Sunday afternoon when I get back, official results should not be posted by then. I will post results as soon as I know which should be Monday. Time closest (over or under) to the official time is the winner, if there is a tie for some reason, I will use the Time Stamp as the tie breaker. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have a Battle Royale. Winners must surrender their mailing address to me, so that they can receive their prize. Addresses will be used for mail the prize, threat of Christmas Cards and world domination.

Previous contest winners can enter as well. If for some reason you enter in your time and you can’t sleep at night and want to change it, just put in a new time and it will negate the previous guess. Is that it? I think so…

Warning: Condition associated with Triathlons. Since you can’t instantaneously go from swimming in the river to riding your bike to running, there are things called Transitions (commonly referred to T1 and T2 in the biz). The people who manage this triathlon will use chip timing and BOTH transition times will probably be included in the bike time. So, if may be in your best interest to think of the Bike Time as T1&Bike&T2 time.

T1 – Shortly out of the water, you run over a timing mat. Run to your bike, get your shoes on, helmet on, get your bike, run to the bike exit, mount your bike and start riding.

T2 – You dismount your bike, run it to your spot, drop your helmet, run to the run start, cross over a timing mat.

ShirleyPerly – if you don’t happen to read this post before I close comments, I will use your time from the previous post as an overall time. I know that you are motivated by prizes, so I don’t want you to be left out!

It’s Race Week!

That’s right, although I was in Atlanta learning about Calendar Spreads, Iron Condors, Butterflies, and Vertical Spreads, it was still Race Week. Actually, it was The Younger’s birthday as well.

This Sunday, I have the Tellico Sprint Triathlon. The name says (most of) it all. It’s in the Tellico Area, across the Tellico Dam, just East of Lenoir City, Tn (and that’s pronounced like Lenore in The Raven, not Frenchlike). It’s a 800 meter (about 1/2 mile) river swim, 16 mile bike ride in the passive hills of the Great Smoky Mountains and a 4 mile run to round things out. This will be the third time that I have done this race and only the second time that I have done it as an individual. I did it back in 2006 with my friend Gray (Like the color) and he took care of the bike ride for me. This year, I will have to get by on the bike.

The first time that I did this race, I was the very first… door prize winner! I got a Mastercraft visor that I love and when I do have short hair, I wear it often.

It’s going to be fun this weekend, because My Lovely and Talented Wife is going to bring The Elder and The Younger to the race. This’ll be their first race… well, actually it’ll be their second race, they saw me at the 2006 Knoxville Marathon. However, this’ll be their first race with all the swimming and bikes and running, so it should be interesting for them.

And like usual, I will be having a Guess My Time, Win Crap contest.

Howdy All, it has been a while since I have had a chance to update my website. I have been quite the busy body at work these past few weeks. Last week I was in Huntsville Alabama at NASA for a short 3 day project. Then on the 3rd, we had a bunch of limbs break off of our big maple trees and crash into the yard and house. So for the entire 4th, I did nothing but clean up the yard.

I did run the Fireball Classic 5k on the evening of the 3rd, it was still held despite the all of the weather activity that evening. On Sunday, I did the Tellico Triathlon which consisted of a 800m swim, a 17 mile bike, and a 3 mile run. I was very tired after the ordeal but was pleased with my time of 1:57:30. I didn’t win any awards but I was the first winner in the door prize category! YAY!

This coming up week, I will be in Oklahoma and I will be in Ohio, not at the same time of course, but I do have two projects going on.

Oh yeah, and the biggest news I have to share is that I am going to University of Tennessee in the fall to pursue another Masters degree… I will go further into detail at a later time.