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Kinda funny that I mentioned Changes to my blog and then later I found out that you can get “Changes” by Bowie for Free over at Google Play. So I found out that I could export from this WordPress blog and import into a WordPress.com blog without any difficult (at least advertised as such).

I checked to see about importing WordPress into Blogger and there is an website that will make the conversion for you. Hmmmm, not sure if I would want to do that…

One of my problem is that my images are hosted on my website but are not in the wordpress library. So when I get rid of the images folder then all my pictures will be broken links. I think I am going to have to jump that hurdle with either direction.

Another thing that I need to figure out is social broadcasting. Right now I have a plugin called wordbooker for WordPress that will post to Facebook (and is actually still working), I deactivated a plugin that posted to Twitter. Mainly because right now I have Twitter posting to Facebook because the Facebook App for my HTC EVO is so frickin’ big that I have to cater to its memory usage. Twitter on my EVO is a little more forgiving. But then there is Google+ to think about. I’m sure something is out there, I just have to find it. I’m looking for easy, because like I said in my last post, I am giving up that control. I am going for easy… and when I go for easy… that will lead to more posting. Posting makes me happy.

Universal Changes to Planet3rry

It has been quite a while since I have typed up a blog post. In fact, there are 2, count them… TWO, marathon race reports which I have yet to type up. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because, well, I haven’t allocated much time to writing them. Up until this week, my Twitter/Facebook feeds have been constipated at best.

The problem with not blogging here makes it a financial issue. Since I desired the control over my blog back in 2005-2006, I have hosted my own blog using WordPress. I have been happy with it, but now… I’m ready to give up that control. My semi-annual renewal for my domain name/hosting is due in April. I think that I am going keep my domain name www.planet3rry.com but drop the hosting.

This means that when I do blog, I will be using my blogger account. In fact, there is a place holder post there from August ’05. So this is more of a heads up that changes are going to be taking place.

I doubt that I will be able to import of all my WordPress data into my Blogger account. Hmmm, I wonder if I had a wordpress.com blog that I could import my data… I do hate that all my past posts won’t be around. I actually use them sometimes for reference.

Wordbooker Plugin Test

Right now I currently have twitter setup to post to Facebook which is great for status updates. When it comes to a blog post, I’d rather have something more┬ásubstantial; the idea being that a longer description would be more appealing than a generic “Planet3rry Says: BLOG POST link”.

My Lovely and Talented Wife has the wordbooker plugin for her WordPress site and it looked great for one of her posts. I can’t seem to get it to work. So I am going to try one more time.

I’ve reset the Facebook authorization, so hopefully that will fix it. If it doesn’t then I will need to find another tool. I should find something that also posts to Google+. Although, for some reason, I can’t scroll on my Google+ account in my Chrome Browsers… one issue at a time.

So I am hitting the jump and see what happens!

By Hand, The Technical Way

So I thought that the Upgrade to my blog would be easy… well, it was except that I had an error saying that I couldn’t upgrade to WordPress 2.9.1 because MySQL db was something like 4.0.69 and it needed to be like 4.1.3.

No Problem… Export old db, Make NEW MySQL database 5.something, Import and I would be good to go.
Except that whole IMPORT thing didn’t work… or at least I didn’t know what check boxes to check/uncheck. Of course needing the internet, this was something I wanted to do here at work, since it was already in the middle of upgrading and I didn’t want to leave all of my readers in suspense on when Planet3rry.com was going to be back online.

So, I did it the old fashion way… by hand. Except in the world of computers… that is the Ol’ Cut N’ Paste. So I opened two windows of phpMYAdmin, one of the old WordPress database and one of the new database. Then take each table from the old database and Export it to SQL code, Go to the new database and run the SQL code which creates the table (and thankfully) and populates the data. I had 29 Tables…

Finally it’s done, the upgrade seem to have took. I don’t have time to fix/upgrade my plugins, because while all of this is going on at my desk at work. The GREAT BLIZZARD OF FRIDAY 3pm is happening right now. Of course, you may think that I am CRAZY for doing all this in the FREAKIN’ BLIZZARD, but this is how I look at it…

Everyone else scattered earlier… they’ll find all the slick spots before I do… and just by the sheer number of people leaving there will be less idiots out on the road when I make it home. Well, according to some, there will be at least one… I do have a contingency plan if I can’t get the car home… I have my running clothes with me!

The Persuasive Power of P3

SEE! I do have clout with The GOOG.

They have added a way to save-guard yourself from starting off on ALL ITEMS. If you go to Settings>Perferences, you can choose what you want your starting folder to be. You could either set it for a blank folder (tag) or set it something that if you clicked “Read All Items” it wouldn’t be determintal. Plus you can also click “View ALL Items” and you’ll see what you missed.

Problem Solved. Your Welcome.

to The GOOG

Dear Google,

Let me start off by saying how much I enjoy the products that you put out. They have really increased my productivity. I do have one small suggestion with Google Reader though. It seems that when you accidently push the “Mark All As Read” there is no way to undo. This is bad when you have a bunch of your friends blogposts that you want to read but now you have to do it the old school way and go through each post one by one. This takes alot of time, especially when your list to read was around 2000 entries. I’m sure that you’ll say that Reader is in “beta” the loophole of software. And that’s fine, because you can just roll out a new feature on the back end and it’s like Christmas for the users of the product. So, why don’t you roll out a “Are you SURE that you want to mark all as read” when you are on the ALL ITEMS screen. Just a thought. I am not sending this to the customer service email address because since you guys monitor and store every single page on the internet, I know that you’ll find it somewhere between 0.0045 seconds and 5.658 seconds and I may just be 1 of more than 1,000,000 users ( that’s USEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERs in Google Math) that might have the same request. So until next time…



Double Tapped to the Head

This past week has been a doosy. If it wasn’t one big thing then it was a HUGE thing (or two).

On Monday, I left work early because My Lovely and Talented Wife was sick, really sick. I was gone for most of the day and when I came home around 2 or so, she thought I had never left for work. We put a call in to the doc, based on her sickness ailments, it was looking more bacterial and not viral. I was able to go out and get a Z-pack for her to start her on meds.

Tuesday, I was supposed to run around 10 miles, but it turned out that I spent most of the day ironing out the final detail for the Form 1023 for ASD Athletes. Actually, I went to the post office around 11pm to make sure that it was in the system.

Wednesday was also pretty busy. I went to a networking meeting in the morning as a guest to promote the event at the end of the month. Also to get pledges, this way we’d be able to have an idea for a budget for the upcoming year.

Thursday, I was supposed to run after work, but I had this slight pressure in my left ear. It just wouldn’t go away. So, I decided that instead of running, that I would go to the Urgent Care. Sure enough, an ear and sinus infection. So, I got my meds for that and when I got home, the race directors of the Worldwide Festival of Races had our first conference call for the 4th annual event!

Friday, I was hoping that I would be able to catch up on some stuff, but I woke up late. Too late to take the trash out. Then when I got to work, it was one thing after another. Mid morning, it was a computer crash where I thought I had lost the hard drive. But, Linux to the rescue, I was able to have an operational OS in about 20 minutes and found my dilemma. I will have to try to make my computer dualboot. I think that if I use the web version of my outlook that I would be functional in that enviroment. Then after lunch, it was a meeting with one the head honchos from DC. That lasted until about 2 or so and then I was just getting my day started.

Saturday, I did make it out to run… I had planned to run 18 miles, but it worked out that I would make it back to the van at 15 miles. I stopped there with the intent of running 18-20 next weekend. This way, the step to the marathon, won’t be a big issue, especially if I am running at a slower pace. But when I got home, I was really tired and took 2 naps in the afternoon while I had the kids. Then being uninspired for dinner, we had waffles that I had made before. The Elder was showing signs of being under the weather… confirmed during the middle of the night. I went to bed early as I was really tired. Make that really, really tired.

This upcoming week does have a number of appointments and meetings, but hopefully if everyone is on The Mend, that it won’t disrupt the schedule too much. You can’t just mess up my schedule! Come on! But now I have to play catchup on everything else.

Wages and Tags and Updates… Oh MY!

I woke up with morning at the nape of Dawn… that’s slightly higher than the Crack… HAHAHA.

Actually, it was around 3am and I could not go back to sleep. Thankfully, I had gone to bed early and so it wasn’t that I wasn’t getting enough sleep… it was that I was getting my regular amount. So, to keep my body on a schedule, I went ahead and got up and started the day. I was able to reconcile some of financials that have been lingering around. I even did some organization and straightening of the Workshop (which could be called The Focal Point of Chaos). And even had some domestications of putting some laundry into the washer and the dryer.

Not to worry though, I proceeded to go outside, to burn some more wood. FIRE. ME. MAKE FIREEEEEEEEE. And of course, the Loud and Loveable Skipper Doodle heard me, so that meant some rounds of Fetch… at 5am… in 30F weather. That dog is a MACHINE!

I was worried that I would be too tired today to have a productive evening. After all… it IS Terry day and I do have a long run for my training which I am behind on. I thought that I would be getting something around 16 miles in today… but given that I just did 14 miles on Saturday and I didn’t run yesterday, I thought that I would shift down to 10 miles today. I think I could do a 2.5 clover-leaf (out and back then out and back) on Neyland and 3rd Creek that would be pretty entertaining.

I am not exactly sure how I am going to make the jump to 26.2 miles on March 29th from where I am now. I am toying with backing off the long runs a notch and keeping my training speed the same for Flying Pig (May 3rd). As a result of missing the Strawplains Half Marathon on 2-14. I am not sure that I want to keep the mileage the same, even IF I try to run one of the long runs at my Knoxville Pacer speed of 12:30 min miles. I think that I will save that for a short distance to get a “feel” for the pace, but keep my endurance runs at the pace that I plan on racing Cincinnati in May. I probably should start breaking in a new pair of shoes… just in case.

I had been hoping to leave work early today, so that I could start my run earlier, but it seems once I started checking a report that has to be sent up to DC, some of the output is wrong. So that meant, I had to cross-check what I had sent the programmer and, sigh, one part of it was my fault… but the other stuff… I dunno. I don’t have a clue how they coded some of the stuff. So, that’s when I thought that I would go for 10 miles today instead… something a little shorter and more managable for the week… and I will have the weekend to get a good long run in… either 16 or 18. I might even try another “run to work” escapade. It’s just so c-c-c-cold (relative) in the morning.

I have been in the mode to Re-tag my MP3 collection. Or I should say, standardize, my MP3 collection. Directories… Filenames… Tags… all OVER the place. So, I am up to “N” right now with the (almost) final edit. I did find a pretty fast way to Rename the File name using the existing Tag AND using the Filename to Tag the MP3 file. I know… pretty crazy… but since I took the time to make the directory structure the same through out my library, this part of the project is pretty easy.

Oh… and I need to update to WordPress 2.7.1. I really just need to upload the files at this point. Yes, I KNOW that you can do it automatically, but I had some stuff that got “overwritten” and so now I need to make some manual changes and some mental notes that if I do the automatic update in the future, there are some files that I need to upload so that all my plugins work.

Well, off to run.

There is 16 miles on the calendar

My Running Calendar has me down for 16 miles today. I don’t believe that is going to happen today. I think what will be more in line will be 6.3 or 8.4 depending on how many laps of Lakeshore Greenway that I will do. I only had some mild soreness yesterday morning and I tried to drink a bunch yesterday. What is humorous, in a cynical kind of way, is that now that my Kidneys are feeling better, my throat is very scratchy. As in “Dare me, Runner! You Run, I will hurt you.”

Since I am a Jedi, I decided to take some meds yesterday at the first signs of some chest congestion. And well, I think that I have made a good stand at keeping this illness that is trying to take me down and take out my kidneys and sell them on eBay. I probably need to sit down and give my training that good look see.

In other running related items that I saw yesterday, Palm is going to come out with a Smarter phone than the Treo and Centro and it has a Runner written ALL over it. It’s called the Pre. I will be naming mine Fontaine. When I get mine in 2015. It’s going to have the fancy-schmancy stuff of the Blackberry and iPhone together, but with some pretty neat features: Magnetic Charging, 3MP Camera, REmovable Battery (if needed), GPL which means that people can write their own applications… kinda like FireFox of SmartPhones.

Off to go get some more water for the kidneys.