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Back to the Fact, I’m the Mack

We made it back from Dallas without incident. I am back at work with most of it under control, so I can move on to more productive things… like blogging.

I do have some content specific posts on our experiences in Dallas, along with pictures, but those blog posts have not been written yet.

Monday started my Fall Marathon Training for the Harpeth Hills Marathon with the stop the week before to the Rutledge Marathon. Huge thanks to Sam for getting me signed up for the Harpeth Hills Marathon right when registration opened up while I was busy in Dallas. All the spots are now filled and registration is closed!

For Monday’s workout, I ran on our treadmill, which was a mind numbing experience. I did make it for the interval, 3 mile workout. Thankfully, my run WAS intervals, so the change in pace was enough to keep me on the treadmill. Not sure how much of the treadmill I will be able to manage, but once a week should be pretty good.

Tuesday was a long run day and I realized that as I was out running that I hadn’t set my paces yet. That is, figure out what my goal marathon pace is going to be and then set my training paces accordingly. I typically use the free pace calculator over at MacMillian to figure out what pace I should be running.

My run yesterday did not fare too well. Not only was I getting back into the longer run distances, I still had to deal with the 90+ degree heat as well. I took water along with me and filled up at the turn around. Despite that, I was pretty dead at the end. See:


And I made a stir at the Pilot Gas Station because I bought 2 liters of water plus a 20oz of Aquafina water to drink right away. People thought I was crazy to be running at that time of the day. I told them, I could have run at High Noon with no shade. After that, running in the afternoon and in mostly shade didn’t seem so foolish.

So, what’s a boy to do after getting really sweaty during running? Go clothes shopping of course. Well, not really… but sorta. I went on my Terry Day errand run, one of which was to go to Target to check out their selection of Watermelons. Now, I can’t go into Target without scanning the 30%-50%-70% off clothing racks. On the 70% racks, there were some Sport Jackets. Nice Sport Jackets that had light blue stripes, just the same color as the Tech Tee that I ran in earlier that day (I forgot to bring a change of clothes)… I couldn’t resist:

oh... nice

It actually doesn’t look that bad, except my hair looks like I ran 5 miles in 90 degree heat and didn’t comb it afterwards… oh wait.

Now on Wednesday, a cross train (or rest) day, my Quads are a little sore, which is to be expected. I even have some soreness in my Hamstrings as well, that too is not to out of the ordinary. After all, I hadn’t run in 31 days. I am going to pay closer attention to stretching this training cycle and see about improving my flexibility some.

So, it feels SO good to be back in the game… in a training program with a goal to work toward!

I do have more posts (plus pictures) about our trip to Dallas that I still need to write, so hopefully, I will have some quality content for you to read!

Almost 7

I had a decent week of running and working out, now that I look back on. I was trying for 7 consectutive days of working out, but due my foregetful nature, must be my… uh…. my uh….

oh, where was I? Yes, working out. I was trying to get 7 days of working out in some fashion. Something that I have not done in a LONG time. Last Monday I had my speed work, then followed by a Tempo run on Tuesday, I saw on Wednesday and lifted weights on Thursday. Friday I swam/ran while on Saturday I biked (sorta)/ran. My plans were to lift weights on Sunday, but I forgot until after I showered at night… so the streak was broken.

This coming up week I will be in Atlanta and so I am not sure that I will be able to workout on Tues/Wed. The hotel that I am staying at does have a workout facility, so maybe I can get some exercise in while I am away. I have a whole post to talk about my weight.

So, Saturday our Reliable and Resourceful Au Pair had the kids in the afternoon, so with My Lovely and Talented Wife away doing a class, I had a mini-Terry day. So, I wanted to get some biking in since I do have a Triathlon this weekend and I haven’t done all that much biking. Should result in a slow time and a sore ass.

It was the middle of the day, so I decided instead of taking the road bike to 3rd Creek Greenway, I would get the Mountain Bike out and go to Concord Park and do some brick (mountain bike/trail run) work. It would keep me in the shade.

Concord Park, however, is really too technical for me right now. There are too many turns on the (very) single track, plus the inclines are not friendly to runner or biker. Regardless, I was out to get some biking in, even if I toppled over into the Tennessee River. 15 minutes into my bike, I was having a really hard time riding. The bike felt sluggish and I kept sliding in the turns. I look back and see that my rear tire is flat.

Oi! I must of have done something when I replaced the inner tube (or the tubing is bad). I had to walk my bike about 1/2 mile or so back to the beginning of the trail where I left my running stuff. I put on my running shoes and Camelbak and headed out to the trails.

And answering a question that ShirleyPerly had about wearing street shoes out on the trail: I only do it out of necessity. I just don’t have the capital to buy running specific shoes like I used to. At one of my Big South Fork Races when I did have trail shoes (New Balance 801s I think), they save my foot. The toe of the shoes were covered with an extension of the sole of the shoe that came up and wrapped around. I think it was there for mud protection, but while running, my foot had a direct hit with a small tree that had been cut and the stump was about 2″ protruding from the ground. Had I been wearing street shoes that have softer Toe Boxes, I would have done some damage. Instead, the extra rubber saved my little piggies for another day. So, until my running budget increases, I am stuck with regular running shoes… which they work fine for about 80% of the time.

Since I am not familiar with the distance on the trails, I just go to run the hills, I have set my average pace at 10:00 min miles.This makes the Math really easy and I am typically satisfied with the results. So, while I only biked 1/10 of what I wanted to, I did get my 3 miles done.

Today, Monday, I had decided not to do any speed work because I have a race this coming up weekend. However, I was not very motivated today to any type of distance and with my probable sloth days on the road, I decided to go with speed work today. I only did 2/3 of my normal speed distance but instead of doing 800 (1/2 mile) repeats, I did 400m repeats on the track. My last repeat was a 1:34, which correlates to a 6:19 mile, I was kinda surprised I had gone that fast because it felt ALOT slower!

Heat and the workout

From my last workout post, I left saying that I was going to Fork of the River to do some trail running. And that’s exactly what I did. I brought along the fledgling map of the area that I have and a Sharpie and went to town. I started on the path that terminates at the parking lot. Had I not gotten lost, I would have finished in this route. FotR is still pretty wild. The single track is very single and alot of the tree hang low, so there’s a lot of dodging.

I first ran up the hill that I named (in honor of Calvin and Hobbes) Pallbearer Peak. It’s a doosy and I am not sure that running down it would be any less stressful. There’s a number of small tracks at the top of the hill and it took me a couple of times to figure out that most of them do connect to each other some how. So of the trails were made around fallen trees…very confusing.

I headed East on the trail until I came to a big junction, I thought that I would take the trail, again up a hill, and map that out. I ended up coming to a road, with a mobile home, and an RV/Camper. I named this hill Red Neck Ascent. Coming down from Red Neck Ascent, I found another trail… and yes, I went on this trail.

Fungi Fungi Bungi Wungi Wungi

This trail had one wild flower and some weird looking Fungi (see above) and there were quite a bit of curves too, so I named it Fungi Curves. I had to double back on a few of these trails to try to get the mapping part right. I am not exactly sure how they are all connected yet, but I think I found part of the trail that I ran on when I got lost.

I was out there for about an hour or so, but really on clocked 30 minutes of running. I’ll go back in a couple of weeks for more mapping and stuff.

Wednesday, I went out to go swim at lunchtime, but all the lanes were taken up. So, I sat down on one of the pool chairs. Man did I feel tired, this breeze feels good, the sun’s just barely coming out-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ- oh, I must of fallen asleep, wonder what time it is? 12:50! AAAAA

So, I went to go swim at the pool and this is all I got to show for it:


Luckily, I have my own Beauty Consultant in the house, so she had the perfect After-Sun product to make the redness feel better.

Friday, I made my way up to the pool for a Brickin’ Friday Workout… this time a Swim/Run combo. I wasn’t too motivated to workout, I think because I needed more sleep. Plus is was damn hot outside. I only made it 400m in the pool and only 1.1 miles out on the road. I could have ran longer, but I didn’t feel hydrated enough and I didn’t want to over heat.

Sunday, we went to the pool with the kids. I was in the water about 98% of the time. I tried to do laps, but the goggles that I had were giving me problems. So I just swam along with The Elder on my back.

Monday was the start of another workout week. However, some turned up the heat. Typically, here in East Tennessee we don’t start hitting mid 90s until late July or August. But Monday was an inferno… on Speed Day none the less *sigh*. I tried to pace myself better given the heat, but it still got to me. I ran 1/2 mile repeats… the only thing was that I was semi conscious at the end. I feel like I have phlegm that is in my throat but nothing comes up when I hack and cough. Seems like I can’t quite get a full clean breath, but I survived. It could be the last pollen session, which should be over soon.

Today (Tuesday), I’ll be in Chattanooga in the evening for a Trading meeting, so lunchtime was going to be my only workout for the day. Seeing that it was only 80 degrees outside at noon, I thought that I would run 5 miles. I brought my MP3 player to keep my mind off the heat and water to keep me hydrated. I did stop a few times along the run to drink some water, but I was very pleased at my overall time. I even had enough in the tank at the end for a fast finish.

Now it’s off to Chattanooga to talk about what I learned in Utah last month and hopefully get some good stock picks… not that this week hasn’t been pretty good as is.

It’s Race Week!

[My Lovely and Talented Wife, this post is about running… this is not the post you are looking for]

So tomorrow is the Expo 10k, it’s not too late to enter my Guess My Time, Win Crap Contest, and what a wicked horrible person I am! I never took a picture of the bag. Oh well, surprise on the winner! Well maybe I will take it to the race and use the remote for Stella to take a picture.

As you may already know, I am volunteering for the race in the morning. I get to be there around 6:15 for pre-race activities. Sounds like I am going to be a set-up dude for some of the vendors that are going to be there… Not a big deal. That’ll mean I will have more time to warm up.

So, recapping on my running… taking you back to last week, when I was training at Altitude in Draper, UT. I somehow managed to run some 800m repeats (okay, they were “technically” 1/2 mile repeats…) with increasing speed. I only made it 3 miles (or 6 repeats) but I significantly increase the pace (by 30 seconds) each time. I did take the last 0.1 of mile and cranked it up to a 6 minute mile… I can do THAT for 0.1 of a mile.

Then on that Tuesday, the next day, I ran shy of 5miles out on the road. It was a fairly gradual up hill to the turnaround point and then back down. Some of the hills were reminding me of Knoxville but the view was breathtaking… check out my last post for the album pictures.

I then did nothing until Saturday as my legs were tired from the speed work, then hill work (at altitude) and then traveling on Thursday. Saturday, I took the kids out in the double stroller and ran 5.24 miles with the kids. I think their favorite part, after the train tracks and playground is holding on to the camelback (that Petra gave me) and drinking ALL of my drink! Oh well. I let the kids play for about 20 minutes and then it’s back in the stroller. It’s a nice strengthening workout for the legs, something that I owe my marathon PR last November to.

Then came Tuesday, were I ran the exact same course, except instead of running 5.24 miles, I made it an even 7 (which is really odd). Not only was I able to crank out the 7 miles, but with the new quarter mile markers, I was able to record that I ran 1/2 splits pretty consistently. I’m not where I want to be speed wise, but I am getting there. I ran an average 8:38 per mile pace. I’d like to get that down to 8:00 per mile if I could.

Macgyver with a BOMBOh, I did want to share a Running MacGyver Trick… if you are out running and you have absolutely NO water and the stream that your running next to has signs that say “Failed bacterial Standards” and you are so thirsty you feel like you have a mouthful of sand… look to Mother Nature. I was out on the run on Tuesday with about 1 mile to go, extremely thirsty and no water. I then thought what would MacGyver do? I dunno what he would do… I didn’t have duct tape and a paper clip… but I did see the honeysuckle bushes off to the side. I used the honeysuckle to just get barely enough taste in my mouth (and you had to get alot) to curb the dryness. It wasn’t a cureall but it worked long enough for me to get to the car!

Wednesday my legs were beat, so I took the day off. They were sore on Thursday too… so I decided to swim instead of run, with the race looming on Saturday. Even my swim times were alot faster than earlier. After my swim, I convinced myself that I am going to do the Tellico Sprint Triathlon on June 22nd. More on that at a later date.

I feel like I am ready for the race… my legs aren’t 100% but they are 90%+ and by race start I should be doing just fine! Not PR shape, but judging by the times submitted so far, I think their good ones! Remember, you can submit your guess on what my time is going to be and win crap prizes! If you miss this time, you’ll definitely be able to guess for the Tellico Sprint.

The Pain of Speed

This is going to be a week in review for my running. It’ll be short and sweet and riddled with injury and other pain-like experience that I had… some good, some not-so-good.

So join me…

Last Tuesday, in the morning, I had one of my Nature’s Do Not Call Episodes and in the house of all places. However, I was in the kitchen and wasn’t sure that I would make to the bathroom without calling out “Pilot to Bombardier, Pilot to Bombardier, BOMBS AWAY!” So, I am moving quickly, but not too quickly (if you know what I mean). Well, I swing around our sofa in the living room and the Piano bench is out away from the piano and my left pinky toe WHACKS the bench. I wanted to scream but if I had screamed, I would have lost bowel control… that would not be good (but at least I would be in the house and not running somewhere).

So, I am in excruciating pain, but nothing appears to be broken. It’s red and scraped, but I can walk on it. In fact, I get finished sending the kids to the pool that I sorta “forget” about my foot. In fact, I kinda forget enough not even tell My Lovely and Talented Wife about… after all nothing is broken and if it was, what could anyone do?

I skipped running at work that day because it was Terry Day and I figured that I would let whatever damage heal a little before I ran on it. During the day, it wasn’t all that bad. It was sore, but not making me limp. So, I decided to run on it that evening at Lakeshore. I could do a 2.1 mile loop and bail if I needed.

When I took my shoe off in the car at Lakeshore, my toe was swollen. It wasn’t tender and I could more my toe around okay, but I ended up taping the pinky toe with some packaging tape that was in the car. I did run one loop in 20:32 with little to no discomfort. I ended up only running one loop because I was running late and I felt lazy.



and my make shift first aid job


taped toe


So after the Tuesday run I tried to run over the weekend, but I couldn’t get out of the house. I was trying to aim for a run with the dog at the trail park near my house, but our Au Pair wasn’t working this past weekend, so no such luck and it did give the more time for my foot to heal.

My foot had healed enough over the weekend, that i felt comfortable attempting some speed work. After all, I have officially dubbed Monday Speedwork day and I wanted to keep that going. It was kind of cold, so I decided to run at the track just in case something did go wrong, I wouldn’t have far to limp.

I chose to do 400 meter repeats with a 200 meter recovery in between. I was about to run a total of 4 intervals with the final being at 1:31 or a 6 minute pace. I can tell you that I was hurting at the end and just trying to will myself to the finish line.

However, last night and today, I was starting to feel the pain from the speed workout. I’m not talking about sore muscles. I am talking about my left ankle being sore, enough to remind me it’s there but not enough to debilitate me. In fact, I ran today at lunch. Today’s run was with a Heart Rate Monitor and it was about the most perfect easy run I have done in a long time. The HRM was really useful to keep me from slipping into my Tempo pace, and thus in essence doing 2 speed days in a row and wearing my myself down and leaving me prone to injury more than what I am I capable of just by breathing.

Today’s 4 miler was done in 38:09 and where I to guess my 10k and 5k time, I would have to say that my 10k time would be near a 54:15 (8:45 pace) and my 5k time would be near 25 minutes. I still have 20 days until the Spring Racing Season’s first 5k Race, the Spring Sprint (you can get information on my left sidebar <—- )

I will make today a 2-fer and run again after work. I would like to do another 4 at a super easy pace. Depending on how it works out I might go on 3rd Creek. If I wasn’t such a slacker and a horrible friend, I would have thought before NOW to ask Soon-To-Be-Dr. David to run with me.

Speed, Interupted

I hate it when I get off on internet Tangents… I went to Google Latin Translations for “speed and interrupt” and then realized that it was getting late in the afternoon… *sigh*

So let me catch you up on my running. I got a weekend run in! I know! Usually, the running on the weekend is limited to races, but this Saturday, due to scheduling, I was able to run. And I wasn’t alone either. I had two running buddies with me who traveled as fast as I did!

Yes, I said traveled and not ‘ran’. That’s because my running buddies were none other than The Elder and The Younger in our double stroller. My Lovely and Talented Wife went to the Women’s Expo to check out all the free (and not so free) stuff that they had. As a result, I had the kids to myself in the morning and with a window of oppurtunity to get a run in before the rain, I took the kids out.

Now, with the Kids, they love 3rd Creek Greenway. 1) There is a playground (Tyson Park) about 2.6 miles from the Parking Lot. 2) There is a train track that runs parallel to the Greenway. 3)There are bridges. 4) There are underpasses and finally 5) There is a train track that runs parallel to the Greenway.

The Reader’s Digest of the Saturday run was that I ran in about 50:50 (I do stop my watch when I have to tend to the kids). It was fairly easy and I wasn’t totally sore on Sunday. We did get to see a train (we’re about 50 feet from the track) and play at the Park, so they were accomodating for the most part to Daddy. Only bad thing was that 1) I forgot my Heart Rate Monitor in the van and 2) I left my iRiver in the van as well.

Today (Monday) I decided to some speed work. I actually have dubbed Monday as speedwork day. My intention was to rnu 400m intervals. But unfortuantely, I don’t know my 400m (~1/4 mile) splits very well, so I would have to do a 400m, 400m, 800m, 800m, 800m, 800m, 400m, 400m run with a speed interval follow by a recovery interval. I made it to the 2 mile (out of 3 mile) mark when all of sudden I had that “Nature’s Do Not Call” phenomenon again. If you check out my Buckeye Outdoor running log, you’ll see my last mile is at a 13:43 pace. Oi!

I am looking at tomorrow to be a long run day with a long run of 6-8 miles in a 2-fer configuration.

I got more to post but I have no more time right now… ending transmission. Over.

Not lacking Motivation, lacking Focus

I’m sitting here at work, at little aloof on what I need to do or what I need to focus on. There’s an hour before the Stock Market closes, so there’s not much to do in that arena, I’ve blown an hour surfing on StumbleUpon – only to find a few funny things and no real content. My email is slow today. I figured that if I concentrated on something here that would jumpstart me and send me off into the right orbit – the orbit of productivity.

Today at lunchtime I ran a speed interval in preparation for Sunday’s 5k race. I wanted to see how well I could handle the rigors of speed especially since I had such a good pace for Autumnfest. I ran a fast 1st mile, then a recovery 1/2 mile, a speed 1/2 mile, repeat and then a cool down mile. Seeing that I don’t have a lot of time to really work on speed, I’ll take what I can get.

In my first 1/2 mile, I got a PR for that distance. Technically, I keep track of my PR time for less than a mile in meters since it’s a little more accurate to monitor this on a track than out on the street. However, I am very familiar with my Gmap course of my Market Square Fab 4 miler, so I clocked my 1/2 mile time at 3:12.09. My current 800 meter PR time is 3:13.99 and since 800meters is only 0.497 miles, I can conclude that my time for the 800 meters on the 1/2 course is faster than 3:13.99. I will use the 1/2 mile time for my 800 meter time, since “technically” none of it certified, other than I said so (and so I say it). Oh, let me make that more official sounding. By the power granted to me by myself, the time ran by Terry on this the 26th day of November in the year 2007 of 3:12.09 say now be set as the new personal record for the 800 meter distance in Terry’s personal log book.

Although I have a good amount of speed right now, it will have to be a in-race decision on whether to attempt to break my current 5k PR time of 21:56, yet another 6 year record. I’m not quite as confident that I could break this record, as I am still in the “endurance” phase of training more than the “speed” phase. Plus, the course isn’t PR friendly. However, I know that I could get something under 23 minutes. So we’ll see.


Last night, we watched the movie Amazing Grace which is about William Wilberforce (no, a real guy) a Parliament (not George Clinton Parliament) member in late 18th century, early 19th century that through his passion was able to abolish slavery in England. The reference to Amazing Grace (The Song) is that it was written by the captain of a slave ship who witnessed the atrocities of his trade, repented and later used his knowledge to help Wilberforce. It wasn’t action packed, all the dying was from illnesses and it’s not a chick-flick (although one couple does fall in love and marry) but it’s a clever portrayal of political activists and political passions.


yeah, I don’t have much today…

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The Week in Running

It has been a busy week of running for me. I was able to run 4 out of the 5 lunch day runs, which usually is just 3, so that was pretty nice.

I only had one rest day from my 20 miler and took Monday as an easy run day. However, my 9:07 average pace was not something I would consider easy. It felt easy enough but I was really thinking that 9:45 would be a lot easier.

Rest Day.

I could tell from the start that this was going to be a speedy day. My legs weren’t sore anymore from the 20 miler and I went out with a fury. Although the fury didn’t last very long my 8:01 average pace over the 4 mile course was enough to please the inner speed demon

I was hoping to get around 13 miles in for the day. Soon-To-Be-Doctor David had to cancel on me and other things came up so I didn’t run after work. I was able to get in a 5 mile Tempo session (8:17 average pace). I wasn’t happy with the speed. Let me clarify, I was happy with the numbers, but I was not happy that I ran that fast. I came off a long run the Saturday before and now my body thinks that it can runs these excessive speeds everyday. That only leads to one thing my friends, injury.

Not too sure if I was going to get any longer distances for the week and so I was eyeing my 5 mile course. However, I didn’t give myself enough time and had to settle for my 4.32 mile course. I did try to slow down this run. After my sub-9 (8:52) first mile, I tried to slow down and that worked, kind of. I had an 9:03 average pace for the run, still not slow enough.

I do need to decide on whether to commit to November or December marathon or just not run one this fall. I have a feeling that I am more of a Fall Marathon kind of guy. Actually I am an Anytime Marathon kind of guy. I would run any and all marathons I could get to the starting line regardless of time. Now that I know how to survive a marathon with little to no training (but with an okay running base, ref: 2002 Mardi Gras Marathon), I would run them if could be there. However, I think that the weather/sickness variables are more in my favor in the fall and that if I try to train for a marathon in early spring (such as March/April) that I set myself up (but not guarantee) getting sick.

So now… I have to sit down and give a little think about what to run.

Change Up

The whole Chickamauga craziness has mandated that I change up my normal routine in order that I might be in good shape (but not peaking) for next Thursday's Autumnfest on the UT campus. It is my goal to run a 37:30 for the 5 miles (7:30 pace) which is something that I think I can accomplish. Of course, the East Tennessee weather is usually blustery cold on Thanksgiving morning from 6am until Noon and then becomes mild until the mid part of January. Don't get me wrong we still get a cold day and a threat of snow for elevations not in the Smoky Mountains, but for the most part the weather is in the mid 40s throughout winter. The great stuff is when they forecast ice in these there parts… we have so many mountainous back country roads that calling for ice is what calling for snow in a city causes… pandemonium and school closures. Anyway, back to the story…

So, I decided that this week, I would move my speed work to later in the week and shorten it a bit to prevent injury. Plus, I didn't think with the extra 8.75 miles on Saturday that I would be very spry for a good speed workout. So much for that silly 10% rule… I don't think I have EVER followed it, but it makes complete sense. The 10% rule is actually a 3 part “rule of thumb.” Unlike Newton's laws that are agreed upon by great scientific minds, this rule is more of a nice rule to follow, but you won't go to jail or stop being a runner if you do break it. The rule is as follows: a) Weekly mileage that includes running classified as speed or intervals shall not be more than one tenth of the sum of the weekly mileage inclusive. b) Weekly miles shall not be increased by more than one tenth of the previous week's total mileage. c) Long runs should not be increase by more than one tenth of previous week's long run distance.

Reads like a Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) huh? In real person terms… your speedwork should be less than or equal to 10% of your total weekly mileage and you shouldn't increase next week's total mileage by more than 10% of what you did this week. Also, next week's long run should be about 10% more than this week's long run (Recovery runs excluded).

So let's just examine some of my running this month:
Week beginning 10-31 I ran 12.2; This means that last week, I should have only done speedwork of 1.2 miles (I did 3.15 – 260% what I should have) and I should have only ran about 13 miles last week (I did 30.3 – 225% what I should have run). So what does all this mean other than me following the 200% rule??? It means that I need to watch what I am doing because I am exceeding the 10% rule and even though I am more than capable to running despite my departure from this rule, I am putting extra strain on my body and that only a smart runner will take extra time off to NOT run, enabling them to run faster. Crazy huh… but it is the truth. If you do not rest, your body will break and then you won't be running. If you take rest days, your body will strengthen and you will run faster, longer.

The reason why this came to mind was that I was listening to Phedippidations podcast #5 and he was mentioning the 10% rule. I was listening to a podcast about running while I was doing 800 meter repeats today at lunch. I must say that I am an addicted to running and now I have an escape from the mindless Sports Talk around here about the stumbling Vols. Granted, I love hearing about and watching College Football (and NFL) but my goodness, it has been crazy this season. It's nice to hear about running except when the UT Track and Field does well and makes their way on a small spot between Football and Basketball updates.

Since I am a fledgling in this podcasting realm, I am up to #5 out of currently 18 episodes. Now I want an MP3 player that I can sync up with iPodder so that I can have the podcasts with me when I have a chance to listen… bastard! I just got an MP3 player for myself for my birthday… maybe Santa will get me one. Oh crap, that means I have to be nice!

So what did I do today? Here are the splits:

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Overall Pace Comments
1 0.25 0.25 2:13 2:13 Warm up lap
2 0.25 0.5 1:46 7:04 3:59 &nbsp
3 0.25 0.75 1:42 6:48 5:41 &nbsp
4 0.25 1.0 2:15 7:57 Recovery Lap
5 0.25 1.25 1:42 6:48 9:39 &nbsp
6 0.25 1.5 1:45 7:00 11:24 &nbsp
7 0.25 1.75 4:11 15:35 Recovery Lap, walking
8 0.25 2.0 1:37 6:28 17:12 I had no idea I was going this fast
9 0.25 2.25 1:45 7:00 18:57 &nbsp
10 0.25 2.5 2.13 21:10 Recovery Lap
11 0.25 2.75 1:44 6:56 22:54 &nbsp
12 0.25 3.0 1:47 7:08 24:41 &nbsp

Upcoming Races:
11/24 Autumnfest 8k (Knoxville, TN), Goal time 37:30
12/04 Reindeer Run 5k (Maryville, TN), Goal time 21:55
(indicates potential Personal Record for distance)


Well, I screwed today's normal swim day to a run day. And remember yesterday when I said that I didn't need to run fast…yeah, I screwed that up too… oh well. But check out my first mile time. Yes, sir or ma'am that is an official PR time for the mile on an unofficial course!

I thought for sure that it was going to be one of those days where you think you are running fast only to realize you aren't. Well, today was NOT one of those days… I knew I was running fast and I thought, what the hell. So hence the PR time, but I paid for it in the last mile. I didn't have enough steam to make that mile count.

This tells me that I am not quite where I want to be for my December 5k but it does tell me that I am getting faster and more endurance at a faster speed. I have 3 weeks until the 5k, so I probably have 15 days of effective speed training or rather 2 speed sessions left. Next week, I'll do a track workout, hopefully around a 7 min mile but not as fast as today. I can already tell that my legs are sore, but I will run a slow 4 tomorrow and swim on Thursday and take Friday off before the race on Saturday Morning.

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Overall Pace Comments
1 1.0 1.0 6:45 6:45 It's a PR
2 1.0 2.0 7:34 14:19 7:10 &nbsp
3 1.0 3.0 9:11 23:30 7:50 &nbsp

Upcoming Races:
11/12 Chickamauga 10 miler (Chickamauga, Ga), Goal time: 1:26:00
11/24 Autumnfest 8k (Knoxville, TN), Goal time 37:30
12/04 Reindeer Run 5k (Maryville, TN), Goal time 21:55
(indicates potential Personal Record for distance)