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2013 Running Yearly Recap

I don’t believe that I have shared my annual running totals in a couple of years but I am including my Running Numbers for 2013

Using my running history from 1999-2012, 2013 was an average year
Average Mileage (1999-2012): 467.9 miles
Total Mileage for 2013: 471.8 miles

Break it down (Hit It) by Month:

March………. 20
October……… 31.75

Other Tidbits:

I ran a total of 93 times

24 of the runs were on my ‘Market Square Fab 4 miler‘ course that I frequent during my lunch time run

6 of them were races
Date – Race – Finishing Time – Overall Place
Jan-1-2013 –  Prediction Run 5k – 24:02 – 0038|0193
Feb-9-2013 – Strawberry Plains Half Marathon – 1:54:25 – 0124|0342
Apr-7-2013 – Knoxville Half Marathon – 3:11:57 – 2225|2433
May-25-2013 – Expo 10k – 54:48 – 0236|0463
Sep-28-2013 – Darlington Marathon – 4:29:03 – 0067|0155
Nov-24-2013 – Flying Monkey Marathon – 4:46:02 – 0167|0311

I ran the most number of times in August with 11.

My fastest recorded mile was 7:26 on 6-4-13 during a 2 mile lunch speed workout


Monthly Running Recap: May 2012 Edition

I wonder when the last time that I actually posted a monthly recap. Given the fact that my Race Reports are either none existent (i.e. 2012 Prediction Run, Calhoun’s 10 miler, Strawplains Half Marathon, Whitestone 30k and Expo 10k) or they take forever to post (i.e Georgia Marathon and Knoxville Marathon), I would venture to guess somewhere back in early 2009.

Ha. You see? So what are you going to do?
"It doesn't matter. It's in the past."

But there is no need to worry about the past. So let’s see what the descriptive statistics say about the month of May in 2012:

Total Mileage: 37.2 miles over 9 running excursions (average month of May from 1999-2011 is 26.6 miles)
Mileage Year to Date: 325.43

Types of Runs:
4 – EASY 8:41 min/mile Average pace
4 – TEMPO 8:32 min/mile Average pace
1 – RACE (Expo 10k – 8:28 min/mile Average Pace)

Fastest May Mile Split: 7:21
Fastest Split Interval: 1:12 (Last 0.2 of Expo 10k equivalent to 6:00 min/mile pace)

I’m anticipating June and July to be about the same mileage. Fall Marathon Training starts in August and to battle the heat in June and July, I’ll do more speed work. That’ll be more sessions, but shorter. I don’t have any planned Races in June and July, but you never know.

Closing the Books

I hadn’t done the oblitory post by runners of the end results of the previous year of running and then onto the next year’s goals. The main reason for this is that given my last post… I hadn’t finished logging in my numbers. I use two places… Buckeye Outdoors and an offline Trusty Rusty spreadsheet. But now that I have finished putting in December 2008 into my spreadsheet, I can break down some of what I did in RY08 (Running Year).

Mileage By Month:

January 39.32 (in 10 runs)
February 13.68 (in 5 runs)
March 40.83 (in 12 runs)
April 30.2 (in 10 runs)
May 45.09 (in 10 runs)
June 25.84 (in 10 runs)
July 7.41 (in 3 runs)
August 69.3 (in 14 runs)
September 87.85 (in 13 runs)
October 104.2 (in 11 runs)
November 79.95 (in 7 runs)
December 13 (in 2 runs)
Total 556.7


Calhoun’s 10 mi
Spring Sprint 5k
Ribbon Run 5k
Trideltathon (400 m swim, 6 m-bike, 3.0 m)
Run for the Deaf 5k
Expo 10 k
Fireball Classic 5k
Scholar’s Run 5k
Big South Fork Trail Run 17.5 mi

Worldwide Festival of Races Half Marathon
Rutledge Marathon
Flying Monkey Marathon

Other Notes:

  • November at 79.95 miles was a record November since I started recording my runs in 1999
  • In Terms of overall mileage, 2008 was 5th out of 10 years of data and higher than the yearly average of the previous years (507 miles) of running.
  • Sometime in Late October, I crossed the 5,000 mile mark of logged miles
  • And if this isn’t one of those “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” cases: When I ran my two marathons in November, I only had two weeks in which my weekly mileage was over 30 miles (Sept 15th week – 30.90 miles and Oct 6th week – 31.40 miles) all the other weeks were mid-20s. Imagine if I ever really trained for a marathon… like stuck to schedule…

Lunchtime Sit

I decided today that I would sit during lunch and catch up on some stock stuff. Seeing if there is anything I want to consider, or not. I am anticipating closing out my Kohls (KSS) option today, that will have gotten me about 5% in 2 months. I can’t say that it was the smartest pick seeing that for a while there it was a 38% LOSS for a number of days. Not until the past 10 days did it come back to break even and just today it has been in the green pretty much all day (something new). I hoping the same for my Home Depot (HD) option, another correct trend pick, BUT poor timing. This to was another huge huge loss plays, but now things are starting to get better. Now it’s just a 4% LOSS. I thought I would “stick it” to my Mortgage Company Countrywide (CFC) and make some money… which I did, for a day… before the earning announcement and I got smack! The company says that we lost a lot more money than we were expecting but we have ways to cash in some liquid assets and next quarter is going to be better. And that makes the stock go UP 4 points. I betting that it comes right back down… which it has today, some.

I’m also working at making my running log a little more user friendly and more complete. I never really kept a running journal at all until I started training for my first marathon. That’s almost a year and a half of the only record of my running was my finishing times at road races. Then I started keeping track of my mileage for the day. Then after a while of doing this, I started adding what shoes I was wearing when I was running. I did just miles and shoes until mid 2005, when I switched to a dedicated Excel spreadsheet as my log and then I started tracking average pace per workout. I even expanded to have a comment section that told me where I ran.

I then went to add on a Basic shoe tracker, that keeps me up to date with my shoes and their life expectancy. I added a weather column, just for giggles. If you have ever noticed the picture on the side of the blog that is linked to my Buckeye Outdoor account, this is my online running log. Here I can track individual split times when I record them, something my Excel spreadsheet isn’t set to do. So, I have been slowly adding the unformatted data to the Excel Running Log and then I will have Ben upload my past data to Buckeye Outdoors and I will have everything online. I just have 1999 and 1998 to add and I will be ready for upload to the mother ship!