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Failure to Launch

Back in December, I laid out my plans for my running year 2015. I’m working on taking my planning capability for running and apply it to other aspects of my life, because I can plan out running in a year, yet I find myself asking, “What do we have to eat?”.

2015 was supposed to be THE year that I (finally) broke the 4-hour mark. I was going to finish a marathon in less than 4 hours. It didn’t matter if it was 3:59:59, it was going to happen. The plan was to run Flying Monkey at the end of November (as a training run) and then 3 weeks later, run Rocket City. Then in April, things changed. Other things broke instead, unfortunately is was Jen’s knee and priorities changed.

I ended up not running the Expo 10k (May) or Fireball 5k (July). I did work the Fireball 5k at the water stop and was able to run before and after the event, it just wasn’t a race for me. I missed the early registration for the Farragut Half Marathon (Oct 31), so that makes it a little too expensive to do that race plus the Foothills Half Marathon (Nov 1) in the same weekend.


Running Rocket City this year isn’t going to happen. Financially, it’s not a smart move for us to head to Huntsville, AL for the weekend. So, I’ll have to put on hold taking a shot at under 4 hours. 

2015 Running Schedule

Since finishing the Quad Cities Marathon back on September 28th, I have been like a rocket ship with one of its engines not working.

Running is one of my rocket engines. I will confess it is one of my larger engines where it should have a more proportional size to other aspects of my life. So for over 2 months now, I have been “drifting” because I have not had any specific race to train for. On one hand, it gives me time with the family, time to recuperate, time to focus on other endeavors. However, on the other hand, being known as a “Runner”, the first (and easiest) thing way to start a conversation is for someone to ask “So, are you training for anything?”.  When you are not training, the conversation generally stops abruptly at “No”.  Enter the ‘Runner With No Race’.

To help illustrate the ‘Runner With No Race’, I extracted some song lyrics to illustrate. [After finishing this post, I could write “Runner Without A Race”, a parody of Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without A Face”]

from “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugar Hill Gang:

“Like a millionaire that has no money
Like a rainy day that is not wet,
Like a gamblin’ fiend that does not bet
Like Dracula without his fangs,
Like the boogie to the boogie without the boogie bang
Like collard greens that don’t taste good,
Like a tree that’s not made out of wood
Like goin’ up and not comin’ down,
Is just like the beat without the sound, no sound”

and selected lyrics from “What?” by A Tribe Called Quest:

“What’s Alex Haley if it doesn’t have roots?
What’s a weekend if you ain’t knockin boots?

What is a glock if you don’t have a clip?
What’s a lollipop without the Good Ship?

What is a paper without a president?
What is a compound without an element?”

So, hopefully that makes it clear about a runner who has no race to run. I’m getting ready to reignite my engine, here’s my running schedule for 2015:

Calhoun’s 10 miler – Jan 24 – Part of the KTC Winter Long Distance Series and training run for the Knoxville Marathon. It is quite possible that I could try to break my 10 miler PR time of 1:25:55 Possible

Strawplains Half Marathon – Feb 7 – Part of the KTC Winter Long Distance Series

Whitestone 30k – Mar 1  – Part of the KTC Winter Long Distance Series

Knoxville Marathon – Mar 29 – I’m the Pacer Captain for this race and plan on filling a spot

Expo 10k – Late-May – One of my fave races, possible attempt at 10k PR time of 48:06

Fireball 5k – Early July – I usually work the Water Stop at this iconic Independence Day race

Big South Fork 17.5 mile Trail Run – Late Sept – Close to my Birthday and we usually go camping at the campground where the race starts/finishs. Trail Running is Awesome!

Farragut Half Marathon – Oct 31 – Going for the “Half Double” (two Half Marathons in two consecutive days), if the 2 races are scheduled back-to-back. One of my marathon goals is to run a Full Double (two Marathons in two consecutive days) but logistically, there’s not too many Sat/Sun races for me to choose. Right now, the least crazy option is the Chickamauga/Outer Banks combination. So for now, I will settle for a Half Double.

Foothills Half Marathon – Early November – 2nd Leg of the “Half Double”, if the schedule remains the same.

Flying Monkey Marathon – Mid-November – If the schedule holds and get an entry to the race, this will be marathon #25! I had Monkey Lament this year for not running this year. [Holding up my hand] I do solemnly promise not to miss another Flying Monkey.

Rocket City Marathon – Early December – This will be my Premier Race. Running the ‘challenging’ Flying Monkey course about 2 weeks prior to Rocket City will set me up well to shoot for a sub 4 hour marathon finishing time. Finishing under 4 hours is my highest Marathon goal, and I was only 5 minutes away at Quad Cities this September.

Pistol 50k – Early January 2016 – This is  well managed race that puts the runner first! I look forward to running it again and I can use Rocket City to piggyback with training.



It’s almost March

For someone who loves to manipulate numbers, I sure have slacked on my Running Log numbers. I have a bunch to enter into BuckeyeOutdoors (the web’s premier Workout Log Website) and I am not even sure what I actually ran in January, much less most of 2009. Perhaps I can find it before the end of this post.

My last blog entry was the calendar for 2010 of what I want to run, what I may run and the things that I plan on running. Obvious I can’t do it all… there’s just not enough of me to go around. Plus, the cost for all of this would be outrageous!

I wasn’t sure, at first, what I wanted to do for a Spring Race. I am once again volunteering for the Knoxville Marathon and am staying as a course monitor this time and not a pacer. Perhaps in the future I might be ready to be a pacer again, but I’m going to be on the course this year. Without a clear Marathon to choose from, I looked toward a shorter distance… I thought perhaps I could work on the shorter distances, maybe even go for a new 5k PR time. I wasn’t quite exited about that, at least not in the spring, perhaps summer/autumn time. So that left me, with what to run?

The local racing scene here has a Winter series that culminates with the Knoxville Marathon distance. The first race is the Calhoun’s 10 miler, then Strawplains 1/2 marathon and then late-late February/Early March is the Whitestone 30k. So, it seemed to make sense to shoot for a goal race with some distance to it. And looking at the calendar, the Rittenhouse/Emory River Half-Marathon (don’t have an event URL yet) on 4/24 seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It’s far enough in the future to get some good workouts on my feet and it’s a (relatively) short enough distance to build up speed during that time.

The Summer months will be a periodization of shorter but faster work-outs. One, the weather is much too hot for the longer distances and the shorter workouts will also keep things interesting (I love the Ladders!). As the fall approaches, the race that I love to do is the Quad Cities Marathon… one, it’s really close to my birthday at the end September, plus I have a lot of family in the Quad Cities on my Late Biological father’s side. They know that I run and I am sure that I am a maniac… and they would be correct! The marathon runs through Moline, Il and Davenport/Bettendorf IA and Mile 20 is on Rock Island Arsenal… in fact its’ really close to the cemetery that Bob Tripp is buried. So this race has some very unique ties to it… but it doesn’t sit well with the school schedule and traveling to it, etc.

I have every intention of Running the Flying Monkey Marathon again this year! This year, I am registering EARLY to avoid having to worry about getting in! I’ll be bib #438 and will be shooting for a time 4hr 38min or faster! It’s not a race for the timid… if the Hills don’t kill you, the Flying Monkey’s sure will!

I could do both marathons, the Quad Cities (Late Sept) and then Flying Monkey (mid-Nov), but if I couldn’t do that combo… then I’d like to do Rocket City in Mid December. It’s 4hrs away and a little easier on the logistics. Where as a marathon PR at Flying Monkey would be difficult, I think a PR time at ROcket City would be doable, especially, if I could get serious about training in the Fall.

The other marathons highlighted are ones that might be able to make, if the timing works out.

On the morn of the day after I write this, I have the Whitestone 30k… a 18.7 mile run around some non-so-friendly hills around these parts. Should be fun… wonder how far I’ll get before I wear out. Maybe mile 11, maybe mile 18.6… who knows? To make things even more exciting, I had a stomach bug on Friday, that purged my system… which is nice because that’s less weight that I’ll have to carry, but it tends to dehydrate an individual. So we’ll see… I was going to have a Guess My Time, Win Crap contest, but honestly, I don’t think it would be fair to anyone right now… I’ll have it for some of the races this spring though… don’t you worry…

2010 Running Calendar

This is what I want to run for this year (well, considering that I am FINALLY posting it near the end of February):

Date Event Distance Location
28-Feb-10 Whitestone
Rock, TN
28-Mar-10 Covenant
Health Knoxville Marathon
3-Apr-10 Greenways
17-Apr-10 Spring
17-Apr-10 Breakthrough
Ribbon Run
18-Apr-10 Trideltathon
Sprint Triathlon
Distance Tri
24-Apr-10 Rittenhouse/Emory
River Half-Marathon
Half-Marathon Harriman,
1-May-10 Run
for the Deaf
15-May-10 The
Trail That Can’t Be Concord
Trail Race
29-May-10 TN Sport Med EXPO 10,000k 10k/5k Races Knoxville,
31-May-10 Foothills
Sprint Triathlon
Distance Triathlon
5-Jun-10 Rigde
Runner Races
Marathon Cairo,
12-Jun-10 Ijams
Wilderness 10k Trail Run
Trail Race
12-Jun-10 Magnum
Track Club Boogie
Marathon Ellerbe,
19-Jun-10 Summer
Solstice 8k
8k Race Walland,
20-Jun-10 Knoxville
Volunteer Olympic Triathlon
Swim / 40K Bike / 10K Run
3-Jul-10 Pilot
Fireball Classic 5k
Race and 1-Mile Walk
18-Jul-10 Tellico
Sprint Triathlon
mi./ 16 mile/ 3.1 mile
City , TN
6-Aug-10 Haw
Ridge Trail Race
Trail Race
Ridge, TN
14-Aug-10 Scholars Run 5k Race Maryville,
5-Sep-10 Norris
Dam Hard Trail Race
Trail Race
12-Sep-10 Wears
Valley 15k
18-Sep-10 Arkansas
Marathon Benton,
25-Sep-10 Big
South Fork 17.5 Mile Trail Race
Trail Race
26-Sep-10 Quad
Cities Marathon
Marathon Moline,
3-Oct-10 OFF’N
RUNNING Triple Lake Trail Race
Marathon Greensboro,
10-Oct-10 Cross
Knox 15k
10-Oct-10 Mystery
Mountain Marathon
Marathon Chatworth,
16-Oct-10 Townsend
30-Oct-10 Halloween
Howl 10k
30-Oct-10 Ridge
to Bridge Marathon
Marathon Morganton,
7-Nov-10 Mill
House Classic 15k
13-Nov-10 Chickamauga
Marathon Chickamauga,
21-Nov-10 Flying Monkey Marathon Marathon Nashville,
25-Nov-10 BlueCross
Autumnfest 8k
Race & 2 mile Walk
5-Dec-10 Reindeer Run 5k 5k Race Alcoa, TN
9-Dec-10 Rocket
City Marathon
Marathon Huntsville,

The Races in BOLD are the ones that I have every intention on doing
The Races in GREEN are ones where I have a Time Goal in mind for that race
The Races in YELLOW are Marathons that I would contemplate doing if the logistics worked out
The other Races are ones that I would like to do, but I probably won’t because of time & cost, but I may volunteer at them

Local Knoxville area races can be found at the KTC Website
US Marathons can be found in a number of places, I usually go to Marathon Guide.com

2009 – Running Schedule

Finally, my 2009 Running Schedule is ready! It has taken me all of January just to get it together, but it’s here and now YOU get to read it…

Nothing, other than maintenance runs and beginning training for the Knoxville Marathon

02/14 Strawplains Marathon (Strawplains, TN)

03/01 Whitestone 30k (Paint Rock, TN)
03/14 XTERRA Forks of the River 10k Trail Run (Forks of the River Management Area, TN)
03/15 Smoky Mountain Left Turn Marathon (Oak Ridge, TN) (tentative training run)
03/29 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon (Knoxville, TN) (Run as Pacer for the X:XX pace group)

04/18 Spring Sprint 5k (Alcoa, TN) 1st Race in Ruby Tuesday’s Triple Crown of Racing
04/19 Trideltathon Sprint Triathlon (Knoxville, TN)

05/03 Flying Pig Marathon (Cincinnati, OH) Goal to break 4 hrs
05/17 Forks of the River 6m Trail Run (Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area, TN)
05/23 Expo 10k (Knoxville, TN)

06/14 The Trail That Can’t Be Concord [Off Road Trail Series](Farragut, TN)
06/21 Tellico Sprint Triathlon (Lenoir City, TN)

07/03 Fireball Classic 5k (Knoxville, TN)
07/19 I.C. King Trail Run [Off Road Trail Series] (Knoxville, TN)

08/01 Panther Creek 10k (Morristown,TN) May include Camping with the Family
08/15 Scholar’s Run 5k (Maryville, TN) 2nd Race in Ruby Tuesday’s Triple Crown of Racing
08/16 tentative Tri Falls Creek Falls Triathlon [Olympic Distance] ( Pikeville,TN)May include Camping with the Family

09/26 Big South Fork 17.5m Trail Run (Big South Fork National Recreation Area, TN) Camping

10/10 tentative Dupont Trail Marathon (Hendersonville, NC) May be training run for Flying Monkey
10/17 Townsend 10k (Townsend, TN) Birthplace of Terry’s Running Passion
10/25 Halloween Howl 10k

11/21 Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon (Nashville, TN) Beat 4:38 (my bib #)
11/26 Autumnfest 8k (Knoxville, TN)

12/06 Reindeer Run 5k (Maryville, TN) 3rd Race in Ruby Tuesday’s Triple Crown of Racing