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A few Things

Today is cold and rainy. Well, it’s not all that cold, but it is rainy. I wasn’t as sore today even though I had a fairly difficult session yesterday trying to cope with why a 9:20 mile was kicking my butt. I am not worried, just a little inquisitive why it would be that difficult. By the end of the run, I was feeling better, so another 3 miles in for February. March Mileage should be much better.


I’ve picked up Show Girls now to add to my POT. Of course when I picked up some Las Vegas Sands (LVS), they decided to rally a bit and so those gold diggas sweated me out of about $100 today. Oh and POT was down for me too… 300 bones. Oi! However, I made some of my money back from ICE (ice baby) which is now moving in my direction. I love it when a plan comes together… too bad it took a side detour and $2000! HA! I’m back to under a grand and I haven’t lost it if I don’t sell it. This was a case of improper position sizing. So as any woman who contest too… SIZE does matter… and as men try to come back with… PERFORMANCE is crucial. So lessoned learned and I don’t planned on getting burned, might be a few days before I get my money back.


I’ve lost my MP3 player that I use in my car to listen to podcasts… it has the pause feature so that if I turn the unit off it knows right where I left off and I don’t have to rewind/fast forward to get to where I was. I’ve been without for about 10 days and I have looked EVERYWHERE! It must have fallen somewhere I don’t usually go or worse… accidentally in the trash. Anyway, I have been wandering around letting podcasts build up. I typically listen to podcasts in the car, as to avoid having to listen about sports for the entire trip. Here in Tennessee it’s UT this and UT that and after about 15 minutes, you know what the deal is.

Well, I had an epiphany yesterday that I could use my Palm T|X as a MP3 player… DUH! So, I’ve loaded up the Palm and will now get back to the regularly scheduled listening.


Speaking of podcasts, Gravity@1053 will be recorded this weekend. I need to refine my material and script for the show, but it should be out on Monday at the latest.

Perpetual Plague

I am going to split open my face and scrap out my sinus cavity… there is something up there that won’t go away! Chalk up another “Zero” in the Run Column for today.

My running has been SOOO lean. How lean is it? It’s so lean that you couldn’t even have a piece a bacon for Eggs, Spam, Bacon, and Spam breakfast. It’s that lean. Actually, I know that I ran on the 7th and 8th of this month, but I have not logged the miles into my Buckeye Outdoors account. I just hope that I blogged about it so that I remember what the hell I ran.

This means, in essence, that the Whitestone 30k is now mothballed and for all practical purposes, the Marathon Relay that I wanted to do with some people in my Sunday School Class will be lined out. At least with the Marathon, I can still volunteer… I was asked by name to man one of the last intersections of the course. And when you ask The Planet3rry to volunteer for something… He loves to dismiss the Darkness and Chaos.

What this does mean is that the monies budgeted to these races can go for some more smaller races and thus I can work on some of my speedwork. So, a little detour… granted that I get rid of this residual cold. I should go run so that the cold air forces out all the mucus and dries it up.


My Lovely and Talented Wife had found a WordPress plugin that let you had a glossary of terms… basically a marketing tool. I just got an email from the Photo Hunter Hostess, TN Chick with her visual plugin glossary. SO maybe I can put that up soon.


Hats off to my Mom who has been a recent contributor to the Dumpster Diving phenomenon that has been sweeping the MyCokeRewards points land. She already knows that her son is weird and loves him anyway. Coke is starting to roll in some better prizes. I want to see the goods before I pull the trigger on the lower priced items.


Upcoming Blog Subjects:

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Another Contest in the making

and that’s a wrap… hit it!

X of all

Zoinks! Things around here have been busy. It seems that if I am not going 100 mph then I’m going to slow. So where should I start?

Once a upon a time, not too long ago…

First of all, I got a new phone. I went ahead and got the Katana II for me to upgrade to it was only $30 and to upgrade to the Katana DLX was $130. So for a savings of $100, I’d go for the lower tech. It’s pretty sleek, but I have yet to activate it yet. I think am admiring it in all of it’s glory that I don’t want to do anything. Well, I should figure out how to get it activated. What’s great is that now I will be able to Mobile Blog and show you pictures of what’s happening with me… or see my observations that a picture add to the entertainment value… so that I don’t have to go BACK to the place to get the shot… such as the picture in Meth Heads Prefer Grape post.

Second of all, I think I am going to add a “Goals” section on the Sidebar so that you can track how successful I am with my trading. Instead of the goal “Make Large Bags of Cash”, I am going to put it “$1,000 for Seminar Trip in July”. By using that whole Law of Attraction thing. So, look for that in days to come… if I knew Ajax… I’d write me a fancy plug-in for WordPress. I’m really digging the whole 2 sidebar theme.

Third of all, I am thinking of another contest. But I think this one will be more aimed toward runners as I am thinking of having the prize 26.2 Marathon Stories. Non-runners would probably like some of the (i’m assuming because I haven’t read it) stories in there or maybe they’d like it as a coffee table book. Maybe they even have a lunatic runner friend and have no idea of what to give them as a gift.

Fourth of all, We tried a new Gluten Free Bread last night… Pamela’s Products Wheat-Free Amazing Bread Mix. If I hadn’t have underbaked it, I think it would have turned out awesome. I was recently upset when Amazon shifted their Gluten Free Pantry Favorite bread to another shipper. This meant that I now had to PAY for shipping (YA, I know!) and the cost of it wasn’t any cheaper than what I could buy at the local store. So I thought that I would check out Pamela and her fine assortment of goodies. We have had the Pancake mix from Pamela’s before and that was pretty good. AND the bonus is that you can do a subscription of this from Amazon, so the cost breaks down to $3.26 per 2 lb loaf… that’s almost the same price as regular bread!

Fifth of all, My nose has stopped running and is just slightly congested. Unfortunately, I have NOT started running again. Bleh! I think tomorrow will be the only chance I get to run for the next couple of days. I might be able to run over the weekend at the In-laws house, but I will have the kids.

Sixth of all, I have been selling my stuff on eBay pretty heavy. I had 3 auction end this morning that I will need to get shipped out. I am looking for a good wholesale/niche that I can use to sell stuff and make a profit. I think the anxiety drugs are working because I am much much more comfortable with being entrepreneurial than I ever have been.

So that’s what’s been going on and I just realized that I am late for a meeting…

My Nose is Running Faster

My Nose was running faster than I was this morning. That combined with some lotion in my eye and I was pretty miserable this morning. Our household right now is a germ haven. The Younger was confirmed to have a mild ear infection from the visit to the Doc’s today. We kept The Elder from school yesterday because of flowing green boogies coming out of his nose. Oi!

Anyway, I didn’t run yesterday nor today because of errands. I’m hoping to get something in tomorrow and hopefully, I will feel better by then to get some miles in. The bad thing is that the weather albeit a little windy is very comfortable, so a run would feel awesome. We are going to be getting some wet weather tonight, so who know what tomorrow will bring.

I think…

I am thinking about abandoning running for the rest of the year. Among other things, I have been fighting this cold for a number of days and am at 8 days sans running. I'll miss out on 4 weeks of marathon training but that will still give me 12 training weeks for Knoxville since I am already committed and paid the money to run the race.


I woke up this morning with pressure in my sinuses and a slight head ache. I took some cold medication, the tylenol and sudafed combonation and that did the trick. I also had a bunch of crap in my eyes when I woke so. So I am thinking, yup, I must have had what Ryan had. Oh sucky sucky, but it as at least much much milder than what he had. Thank goodness that he and I shared the abuterol hookah the past week, that have kept me a little more drier than normal to prevent the germies from gathering their forces.

I don't seem to have any after effects from my run yesterday and did get my appetite back in the evening. Ribeye steak, instant potatoes and veggie medley. Guess what is for lunch today?? LEFTOVERS! WOO HOO. I am, going to defer running today as extra time for me to recoperate. I'll probably run tomorrow at lunch, although it will be COLD and WET! We're going to get rain tonight… then probably some snow and then some more rain, fun huh? Don't expect the snow to be significant IF it evens sticks.

I am going to miss the training run for the Knoxville Marathon this weekend and I doubt that I will run on Sunday either, that day is packed. We are going to Chattanooga on Saturday for a debut for one of Jen's new consultants! Debuts are always a blast, I am sorry that I'll be watching the kids during that time.

I have not felt any more pain on my side. This could also be due to the fact that I have been taking tylenol for my cold, so it's doing double duty.

A day of Rest…

and another day of rest and another and another…

I think I am testing whether a longer rest period will make you faster. Today is day 4 of rest since the Autumnfest 8k and probably with some good reason. So, I am listening to installment #20 of Phedippidations when I should be running around 5 or so miles. Oh well, if you don't bring your workout clothes, you can't really workout, can you?

So, I will be doing a little alteration to my training this week. Since I rested today, I will be breaking away from my training mantra of “two days off before a race” and run on Friday. Or, I could run Tues, Wed, Thurs and swim on Friday. Perhaps that will be a better choice. The problem, of course, is for me to stay slow or at least slower than tempo pace because knowing me… I go out for 4 leisurely miles and end up 2 fast miles that leaves me worn out for Sunday's Reindeer Run 5k.

On a side note about Autumnfest 8k, my official time of 37:40 made the 2005 running of the race a Course Record (by more than two minutes) and a Race Record (by 42 seconds). I just noticed, but it also makes it the fastest paced race of the year as well with an average pace of 7:32 minute miles.

If you have been perceptive and noticed that I have taken multiple days off, you might have noticed that I did not run my long run on Saturday. Let me be the first ot admit that the reason why I didn't run was I was lazy. I should have gotten up and ran but instead, I chose to sleep. I am not sure if this is something cyclic or psyhcological, but I have not been able to be motivated in the mornings these past 2 weeks. I should be getting up no later than 5:30am to get my personal stuff done before Eric wakes up, but I have essentially been sleeping UNTIL Eric wakes up. Maybe I'll figure it out someday!

So, Crappy but warm weather for tomorrow's lunch run. Thanks Weather Channel!


After the Chickamauga race, I was pretty exhausted and with good reason. During the race, I could tell that my legs were getting sore, which was one reason why I went into Marathon Survival Mode. It wasn't until today when the residual pain has subsided. It is hell to have to walk down stairs after a long run or marathon. luckily, I wasn't as bad as I have been after a marathon. I was still hurting quite bit but there are things that you can do to speed up recovery. For muscle pain, I try to get a deep tissue massage of my legs after a marathon, this helps recovery by almost 2 days. Also, the night of the marathon, I use one of the back massager on my legs and this also helps speed up the recovery by a day or 2.

After Richmond in 1999, my first, I was still sore a week after the race. Then, in 2001, we were walking through Carolina Pottery in Myrtle Beach (after the MB marathon) and she used one of the massager on my leg. Instant satisfaction! Oh me oh my! Then, after Richmond I used the birthday certificate for a sports/deep tissue massage. It was a little painful at first, but I was ready to go the next day!

If I had planned on doing the marathon, perhaps I would brought the massager, but alas, I did not… so my soreness was compounded with the ride home from Chattanooga (1.5 hours) but I did walk around some and that helped.

What doesn't recovery quickly is trauma to the toes and feet. They take a lot of abuse over the course of a marathon and all the running that you do before the marathon is to toughen up your feet and toes for the whole 26.2 miles. This is similar to a guitarist conditions his fingers to play the guitar. I have lost toenails before from long runs before, that is a common occurrence. I have had regular blisters, blood blisters and tender toes. I could tell while running that I was going to have some toe issues after wards.

When asked “What is the something that a new marathon runner should know before running a marathon that isn't frequently asked?” My first reply is “Toe Nail Maintenance”. You can reduce the toe trauma by making getting your toe nails cut. I wouldn't suggest a pedicure until after the marathon because you want the callous skin to protect you. If you let your toe nail get all scraggly, that over the course of the race, your toe nails can cut through your sock and cut into the tongue of your shoe? It depends on how you carry your toe during your stride…

Below, is a picture of my toe from Saturday. Luckily enough, only one toe was affected. Once I trimmed my nails, it relieved some pressure. The nail was stressed but still seated strongly in the toe, so I know that I won't lose it now. You can tell that I needed to give my piggies a little TLC before the race, but I thought I was only running 10 miles!

4 days

Haven't excerised since Thursday Lunchtime… so it has been 4 days. Life is tough when you can't exercise in 4 days. I am actually going to try to run today after work. I have about 30 min window, to run… if I can get to lakeshor and get two loops (4.4 miles) in and home before 6pm, that would be perfect. Then maybe I can shower.

No workout

I didn't work out today. Jen is going to Florida for the weekend, which leaves the kids with me for the weekend. Well, Tita Angie is here, so there's some help. She'll be home alone with the two this afternoon, so I decided that I would leave work early to rescue her from the wrath of Eric. I worked through lunch to soften the blow on my vacation time. What the hell am I saying… I get 2 days of vacation a month… I just wanted to surf the internet for an extra hour instead of working out. Unfortunately no one was updating their blogs at that time… oh well.

I plan on running tomorrow morning maybe an 8 miler… I am due for a longer distance run and that's not too bad, especially since I getting a 5 miler in once a week. UT plays Ole Miss at Noon, so there is most of the afternoon. That game will be on TV, but the UVA game won't be, so I'll just have to follow the game tracker. Also got some yardwork on the agenda plus resurrect a computer from the dead.. MUHAHAHAHA IT'S ALIVE