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2007 Reindeer Run 5k

The forecast was for some wet weather in the area for today’s race. It never showed up when it was supposed too and good thing too. When it did show up in the evening, it was a monsoon.

At lunch while we were eating our GFCF pizza, My Lovely and Talented Wife asks me, “Are you going for a PR?”

“I dunno, it’s going to be a race time decision.”

“Don’t you think you better decide now?” she asked. And as I thought to myself, “Well, I guess I should decide”, I began to move to the goal that I would go after my PR time for the 5k of 21:56. But, I wasn’t exactly convinced. I needed to see if I got a warm fuzzy at race start.

For some reason, I always have a hard time getting to this race on time. Although I was early enough this year, I have in the past been sprinting to the start only to have the gun go off 10 seconds later. Today, I had enough time to get my bib number and put my ticket in for the Triple Crown Door Prizes. I made it back to the car with about 10 minutes to spare.

I pinned my running bib to my shirt and put on a Breathe Right strip. This was another indication that I was serious about going for a PR. My DNA blueprint for my nose must have not gotten the memo to have widened pathways for air intake. Couple that with some nasal cavity build up, it makes it harder to breathe and if you are needing oxygen at a greater rate, this is not a good thing. I don’t always wear the Breathe Right Strips, but I probably should on races that I want to perform. As soon as I had the strip on my nose, I could feel the extra volume of air, ahhhh… breathing!

We had our pre race instructions. I lined up only about 10 feet away from the starting line. If I am going for a PR it’s best to be as close to front as I can without impeding the fastest runners. Of course, I line up behind 2 girls that aren’t going to run as fast I am, so as soon as the gun goes off and we are 50′ into the race, I find myself have to dodge them as not to run them over.

Although I this was the 3rd time that I was running this particular course layout, I forgot a few things. Mainly, the hills after the first one!

I overheard a couple of people saying that the 1st mile was fast. Seeing that my watch had a split time of 6:40, I would say that was right. And I mapped the course out in Gmap-pedometer and sure enough, the split time was too soon. The second mile split does seem to be right and the course is right at 3.1 miles. Just like with other GPS based tracking system, you really don’t know the path they used to certify the course (and there is allowance for overage and underage). That is, the 3.1 course might be 3.05 or 3.13, who knows. Most race courses (from what I have read), really stay close to corners on turns (where us runners sometimes take the curves wider to avoid slowing down) and take a straighter path (and we may not be able to do that because of traffic)

During the first mile I wasn’t feeling quite “right”. I had had some stomach problems which had me make repeat trips to the bathroom early in the morning. So, early in the first mile, I was serious hoping that the Troops were not heading South. I was shadowing some faster runners for this first mile, since I didn’t get that much warmup before race start, I didn’t want to go out too fast, but since it was a short race, I didn’t want to go too slow either.

My Second Mile Split came in 13:55 (6:58 minute average mile) and I was probably running closer to a 7:00 min mile the first mile. I felt fairly comfortable even though I could tell that I was slowing down a little bit. I hadn’t remembered the mid race hills, just the one at the beginning and one at the end, so I hadn’t planned very well. Regardless, I was running pretty much the best race that I could at this point. Much better than my “Match” race last time, where like a match, I was REALLY hot to start off and then died in the middle of the race.

At Mile 2, I was still on pace for a time close to my PR time. I would have to pick up speed at the end to break it, but this was under the assumption that the 1st mile split was in the right place.

During the last mile, I was no longer worried that the “Troops were heading South”, now I was worried that the “Troops would head North”. Thankfully, I never got the nausea feeling, but I did think that this might be the first race that I would have to stop and puke.

The last 3/4 is flat save for a hill right at the 2.9 mile mark where you turn, go one block (up a hill) then turn again and 0.1 mile and your done. So during this 3/4 I had a younger runner pass me and this other guy and set out about 15′ ahead of us. At some point the other guy drops off and I am following the younger kid still 15-20′ ahead of me. I look ahead and I see a woman and a guy about 25′ ahead of the younger runner.

The woman is still ahead, but the older guy has dropped back and the kid has almost caught him and I am catching on the kid. Then we turn to the last hill. Advantage: Terry.

The last hill wasn’t as big as I had remembered, thankfully. The Kid has overtaken the Older guy and I am about to over take the Older Guy. Halfway up the hill, I pass the Older guy and focus on The Youth ahead of me. Could I beat him? He’s now ahead and the race is about over. So, before I crested the hill, which is also a turn, I go for it. I know that the finish line is around the corner and I am going to beat The Kid. I let everything go… somehow, I still had some extra energy stashed away because I had to sprint the last 0.1 of mile to catch him with about 30′ to go and then stay ahead of him for a 1.2 second margin of victory.

My official finishing time was 22:33, not a PR but I was really pleased at my performance. Given that at one point I though that I was running 10 seconds that my fastest mile, EVER and that I forgot about the hills in the middle of the race. Or that during the race, I thought I was going to purge at one end then, a little later, that I was going to purge from the other end.

I could get a 5k PR right now, or rather in 7-10 days, if I was on the right course, but there’s no 5k races that would support it. There’s a 5k race next weekend but the Day of Race registration is $30 (it’s a charity tie-in) and it’s been crowded before. There is a half marathon, but I am going to go after my Half Marathon PR in the Spring.

Although I was happy about the race, I wasn’t thrilled with time and I physically felt yucky. I went to the car and got my camera. I was not feeling like taking pictures but I did manage to take a few in between finishing the race and the awards.

Reindeer Race Door Prizes Won: None

Triple Crown Door Prizes Won: None

Overall Finish 50/390

Age Group Finish 6/15

Santa and his Reindeer Run

Santa does show up at the Reindeer Run. No really. Apparently the Alcoa High School track coach is Santa “helper” and puts on a “fat” suit and races with his “reindeer”. THe “reindeer” are really “high” school student with “fake” antlers. “Are you ‘tired’ of the qoutes yet?”

Actually in addition to the actual Race, the post race awards, the post race door prizes and the Triple Crown door prizes, there is a Christmas Costume contest. The winner with the best costume or holiday spirit decoration wins something. I forget what it is, but the judging is based on the calibrated ears of one of the race officials. Whoever gets the loudest cheers gets the prizes.

So this guy, I mean coach, dresses up like Santa and the track team put on reindeer gear (antlers, red noses, etc) and hook up with rope so that it appears that Santa and his Reindeer run in the race. Not sure how that messes up the finish line, but it’s pretty interesting.

So Sunday will be my last race of the year and I am feeling pretty good about it. I don’t think that I’ll have an earth shattering race and crush my PR time. However, if you feel an earthquake at 2:21:55pm EST, that would mean that I broke my PR time. I’m actually looking at around a 23:00 minute finish time. So we will see…

I’ll have all the gory details in the race report…

The Holiday Running Season

Now that I have the marathon PR in my back pocket, there is time now to look on the calendar for the rest of the year. On the docket is Autumnfest 8k and the Reindeer Run 5k.

Autumnfest 8k (Thanksgiving Day) – My Lovely and Talented Wife and I run/volunteer at this race every year since 2000 when her grandfather “PaPa” past away and we traveled to Albemarle NC Thanksgiving Day for the viewing. Having some pent up anxiety, she decided that she would run the race with me that Thanksgiving Morning in 2000. Ever since we have both ran or volunteered as a memorial for PaPa. In the past, Autumnfest has been a let-down race for my personal performance when it has followed after a November Marathon (Richmond). I am uncertain how I will fair this year since my recovery from Chickamauga has been nothing less than miraculous. I could have ran at lunch today (Wednesday) if I had wanted and even Tuesday would have been probably fine. I’ll probably have a “Guess My Time” for this race and will post something next week about it.

Reindeer Run 5k (December 2nd) – It’s typically the last Hurrah race of the year. I don’t run the local Jingle Bell Jog because even though it’s for a good cause, the entry free is exorbitant at $25 for a 5k. Sure, I am for the charity thing and all and when I am making hand-over-fist bags of cash, I’ll contribute. But right now, I am having to run cheaply and that means watching my entry fees. I’m taking the no-shirt option on races when I can just for the $5 discount. That and the fact that when it comes to race shirts… I have more than I can donate. So, the Reindeer Run is the 3rd of the Ruby Tuesday Triple Crown of Running (Spring Sprint, Scholar’s Run are the other two). As a runner who has run in both the previous 2 races, I will be eligible for the special Triple Crown Memento (which has been good in the past) and I also qualify for the Triple Crown Drawing. The have a door prize raffle for those at the race and then they have the Triple Crown Door Prize which are prizes that are at least $100 and the grand prize is airfare for two in the continental United States. So, when I win, you might see My Lovely and Talented Wife and Myself at a marathon near you!

I just looked at the Local Racing Calendar and I noticed the Oak Ridge Half Marathon on December 8th. This is a new time for this race, or rather new to me. WHen I ran it back in 2000, it was mid-October. Well… this may mean that I won’t be done yet for the year. It would be dependent on a few other things that aren’t quite inked in the calendar yet, but it is nice to know that there is something else out there that I might be able to do.

Reindeer Run 5k

Sunday afternoon just in front of the World Headquarters for the Ruby Tuesday Restaurant corporation, the third leg in the Ruby Tuesday's Triple Crown of Running began in a flurry of fast runners. My ambition that day was to be part of the fast runner group and maintain a pace that would have me break my current PR for the 5000 meter distance, currently at a 21:56 from the Run for the Pumpkins (10-26-2002).

The night before, Jen and I went to a Sushi Party at the home of Marty (Beer Boy) and Solange and I enlisted Marty to be a “rabbit” for the first mile of the race. In the world of running, the term “rabbit” is used to describe someone who is pacing another runner for some period of time during a race. Some the elite women marathoners use male pacers in races. A pacer allows the runner to concentrate on performance as opposed to what is going on out in the road this conserves overall energy stores. The pacer is responsible for keeping up with traffic, possible problems ahead and of course, the actual pace. Having a pacer is also mentally calming because you don't have to worry about if the person in front of you is going to change speed and you have someone to keep you motivated as you do not want to let them down.

Right before race start, I had to go… and there was too much activity for me to “go” out in nature because… well, just because. So, I waited for the porta-potty and as a result, I was sprinting up the hill to the starting line, just so that I could take a 5 second break before the race started. I took off and with in 100 yards, Beer boy was behind me, but for all practical purposes he was still being my pacer. I knew that I shouldn't let him pass me to keep my pace up.

For most of the first mile, I was actually running to the cadence of “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” since they were playing Christmas Songs at the race registration. Why, I don't know, but it worked… it's not too fast or a weird cadence, just something smooth. I tried to conserve myself up the big hill in the first mile and that seemed to work. I could tell that I was working hard but didn't want to look at my watch as the first mile marker was just up the road. I decided that if my pace was too slow that I would back off and just run with Beer Boy, but if one the other hand it was on target, I would stay the course.

I completed the first mile in a Terry Record Setting 6 minutes 50 seconds! Much faster than my goal mile of 6:56. Most of the second mile was relatively flat and I had decided before hand that I would slow my pace down a little bit so that I keep enough energy to still run a strong race instead of flaming out in the first mile. My second mile was a 7:19, much slower, but I was only 5 seconds slower than my forecasted overall time. It was only about a quarter mile up the road that I got the most excruciating pain in my side.

It hurt so bad, and only on my right side. It was the same pain I had at Autumnfest, only stronger… much much stronger. I contemplated stopping to walk which was probably the sensible thing to do, but I decided that my pain threshold, although exceed the normal limits was still barely bearable and that I would continue. I ended up being past a few times that last mile and it would really make no difference in standing for my age group… super fast elite freaks were there, so there was no chance to take home any hardware even if I had ran a 21:55. I started to feel better with less than a half a mile to go in the race. I knew that I need to conserve whatever I had left so that I could make a sprint for the finish.

A runner passed me who was the noisiest runner in the world. It sounded like he was slapping the ground with each step, so I heard him come from behind and then pass me. Good thing for me was that he was still close enough in my sights that I knew I could pass him in the end. The last 0.2 of the race consists of a small 0.1 hill, followed with a turn and then 0.1 flat to the end. Most spectators stood at that intersection cheering their favorite racer. One racer named, Lauren, had a big and loud group cheering her on and from the sound of them she was somewhat close to me. I wasn't sure from the cheers if Lauren was starting her surge, but I decided that it was time to give it what I had and lay it out all on the table. At the start of the hill, I cranked it up a notice and passed the noisy runner. At the top of the hill, I accelerated into the turn and focused on the time clock… it read 23 something. I then went full board for the finish line for a 23:16 official time.

It was a good thing that I went all out at the end. Lauren was a 11 yo girl with a finishing time of 23:17 and the noisy runner, was George a 50 yo runner with a 23:18 time. So although I didn't get the time that I wanted, the last 0.1 of a mile was an actual race. I did make a PR time for the mile, so that's pretty nice reward as well. I didn't win any of the race door prizes nor any of the Triple Crown door prizes (min value $100). Maybe next year.

I'll be posting some video footage of me as soon as Beer Boy sends me the file.

No Training

I didn't train yesterday due to Ryan's illness and today I was working on a report that was due, so I skipped today. Tomorrow will be a rest day as well since I will be at the house. So we'll see how I fair with the race on Sunday.

I briefly thought about my pace that I will try for the race. I think that I will shoot for the following pace times.

Mile Pace Time
1 6:56 6:56
2 7:07 14:03
3 7:10 21:13
3.1 6:59 21:54

So we will see what I can do! Ran out of time today and hastily put this up…

Upcoming Races:
12/04 Reindeer Run 5k (Maryville, TN), Goal time 21:55
01/28 Calhoun's 10 miler (Loudon, TN)
02/18 Strawplain's 1/2 marathon (Strawberry Plains, TN)
03/26 Covenant Health 2nd Annual Knoxville Marathon,Goal time 3:59:59
(indicates potential Personal Record for distance)