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14 days without action

I have been running celibate for 2 weeks now, until today's indulgence into a 5 mile scamper with Beer Boy. It is amazing how not running for two weeks and then going out at a modest 9:48 pace for the first mile can really affect you. My shoulders were tight and my knees ached, but I knew it was more of my body being lazy than anything else.

Marty was kind enough to help me through the run and we paced off each other, although there were plenty of times that I was struggling to keep his pace. We did run at a pace that we could have a pleasant conversation and were able to catch up on a couple of week's activities of our family.

The weather was cold but not bone chilling. I still wore a LS coolmax shirt, Cotton shirt, hat and gloves. I didn't wear tights, but I did have compression shorts on under my Umbros. Marty got some comments on his tights encased lower section. There were 3 women and a man and at least two of the women made comments to each other at a level that I could hear. I told Marty that they liked he had some fans, he said they were commenting on my legs. I dunno, there is something about those black running tights that make all the right curves the right size.

I didn't have any problem with congestion or anything sickness related. It sucked that I was out of shape to some degree. I had been near optimum running shape just 2 weeks ago, but now I am fighting not to pork out on the delicious candies that are hear at work. The number of calories that I am consuming pale in comparison to those that I expend during the day. This will make Terry a “chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf”.

So, I am not sure when I will run again. I am hoping that it will be Saturday or perhaps Friday, I can get a couple of miles in after work, if we get off work early, although with our company, I will have to make sure that all the cleaning is done, all through the house. I don't want to be on the naughty list quite yet.

Here are the splits for today's run

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 0.95 9:18 9:48 9:18 &nbsp
2 1.0 1.95 9:42 19:00 &nbsp
3 2.0 3.95 18:46 9:23 37:46 I forgot to hit the lap button
4 1.0 4.0 9:01 46:47 This includes Lake Loudon Hill

Sweet 0.7

Today was a leisurely stroll along the waterfront. And when I mean leisurly, I actually mean that I ran fast for the first mile and then went from there. Actually, Marty (aka Beer Boy) and I decided to meet up today for a short jaunt along Volunteer landing. It was very convenient since he actually had to do some Brewmaster duties at the Calhoun's at Volunteer Landing and I could still get the mileage in that I wanted.

I met up with Marty just before the 1.5 mile mark and we ran my normal 5 mile route at Volunteer Landing. The only exception is that at the regular turn around point, we went on to the end of the James White Greenway which added about an extra 0.7 mile. So all in all I ran 5.7 miles, sweet!

I was breaking in a new brand of running shoe that I plan on using at the 5k this weekend. I'll talk more about them later once they are broken in and I can truly evaluate their performance.

So, Here is how it breaks down:

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 1.0 7:08 &nbsp
2 1.0 2.0 8:45 Met up with Marty Here
3 1.2 3.2 11:06 9:15 &nbsp
4 0.5 3.7 4:27 8:54 &nbsp
5 1.0 4.7 8:57 Beer Boy stopped here to get back to work
6 1.0 5.7 8:03 Not too bad up the Loudon Hill

I got a call just a while ago that Beer Boy thinks he might have some yuckiness with his lungs. He was wondering what my symptoms that I had when I had pneumonia earlier this year. Hope all goes well!

Fell apart and rebuilt

I held aloft my scheduling sword and said “I HAVE THE POWER!!!” Eric was at Grandma's for his first overnight with Mommy and Daddy not in (at least) the same building. Hmmm, no phone calls yet, so that is a good sign that all went well. So that left after 5 with me having a free evening until about 8 O'clock or so. I had to run a few errands such as: getting a new espresso carafe (gravity sucks), getting my haircut and getting diapers. Once at Grandma's was secured, I called Party Marty (aka Beer Boy) to arrange some running in the evening. We decided that we would run Cherokee Blvd which has a 5 mile crushed gravel path in Knoxville, a good place to run among $400,000 and $500,000 30 year old homes. So, knowing that I would be working out in the evening, I opted to run a few of the errands at my lunchtime to get them out of the way. Conveniently, Great Clips ($5.99 coupon) and Bed, Bath and Beyond (20% off coupon) are very close to each other. So I ran my errands and finished the rest of the day.

I got a call from Beer Boy at 5 saying that he was late leaving work because of some brewing issues and wanted to know if we wanted to change locations to someplace else as it wouldn't be until 6:00 to make it to Cherokee. We decided to meet at the Alcoa/Maryville Greenway, a nice 6 mile greenway that runs through the two towns. This is when things really started to fall apart. As I was traveling Alcoa Highway, traffic backed up and right at that time the SportsTalk show went to a traffic report. An accident on the southbound side of Aloca Highway (Oh, great) between a Tractor Trailer and a Horse Trailer (uh, oh) had happened at Topside Road (crap, I am 2 miles away from there) and Alcoa was backed up for a good distance. I called Beer Boy back and we decided that we'd meet at Volunteer Landing, because he wouldn't be affected much by the accident if he travelled North on Alcoa but if he went South, he would be stuck like I was.

So I turned around and made my way to Volunteer Landing, would take me 7 minutes… if I had taken the right route. I should have taken the Neyland Dr exit, but like a dummy, took the interstate, got stuck in traffic, got off on the Henley Street Exit only to get caught up in downtown traffic. Then was a victim of the one-way streets and had to pass right in front of Volunteer Landing, go to the campus and turn around. It was about 5:25 when I parked at Volunteer Landing. Ugh.

I figured that Beer Boy would be around in 20 minutes, so I decided to run a mile to get it under my belt. I was were I run during my Lunchtime runs, so I was familiar with the area. I ran a mile, not keeping time, and came back to wait. I decided to take advantage of the time to take pictures of Volunteer Landing, which was a nice break. When it was close to 6 and no Beer Boy, I decided to run another mile, just in case everything fell through, which at this point wasn't totally unbelievable. So I ran another mile, out and back and still no Beer Boy. I decided to run an additional mile to bring the count to 3, that way, if I had to abandon, it would not be all for naught. I run my 3rd mile and get back, at about 6:30, I get a call saying that he is about to Volunteer Landing (sigh) and would be there in about 10-15 minutes. So, I struck out for another mile and finished before he arrived.

Beer Boy finally showed up around 6:45 and we headed out for an out and back course that I mapped this morning to be 2.75 miles. I was late getting home because I still needed diapers, but all in all it was a good run. 6.75 miles, I am not complaining! Here are a few pictures that I took while waiting for Beer Boy, some will be queue for | P | L | A | N | E | T | 3 | R | R | Y |.


I'd be drier if I jumped in the river

That is how I felt after running yesterday. There were some rather powerful storm cells that invaded our area yesterday and left a think blanket of humidity in the region. Despite the extra water in the air, Beer Boy and I were able to crank out a 5 mile jaunt at a 9:30 pace.

We decided to run Cherokee Boulevard out and back and thanks to some Boy Scout's Eagle Scout project, we knew the exact 2.5 mile marker. I felt good the entire run although the entire first leg my legs were hurting from Tuesday. Once we made it to the turn around point, I stretched and my legs felt great since. Not even a twinge of pain today!

Twilight Zone

A funny thing happened today. My goggles disappeared before my very eyes. One moment they were there and the next minute they were gone. I found a lap lane and set my stuff down so that I could put on my swimcap and when I went to put my goggles on, they were gone. Even if they had fallen in the water, they couldn't have gone anywhere that quickly. Thank goodness I have a crappy pair that hurts my nos in my swimbag or else I wouldn't have been able to do many laps. This just means that I will have to shell out some more bucks for a pair of goggles… sigh… working out can be expensive.

I got run yesterday with Beer Boy. We decided since he is recovering from poison ivy, that we would run the Lakeshore Greenway despite the heat. Turned out to be a good run. We ended up running the 2.1 mile loop twice with negative splits on the two laps. I am sore today from the run, since it had been 2 weeks since my last run. Listed below is it the time splits.

Split Distance Time Pace
1 2.5 23:51 9:33
2 2.5 23:38 9:28
Total 5 47:29 9:30
Split Distance Time Pace per Mile
Split 1 1.0 9:11 9:11
Split 2 1.1 10:30 9:33
Split 3 1.0 8:01 8:01
Split 4 1.1 9:57 9:03
Total 4.2 37:40 8:59

Followed by the police

But that is at the end of the entry.

Despite helping a friend with his car, I was able to meet up with Beer Boy (Marty) at Concord Park for a short run even though the temperature was at 89 degrees. Since I got there about 15 minutes early, I decided to run the wide loop (about a mile) and bring my camera to take a few pictures to show how nice it is. I realize now that I should have gotten a few pictures of the single track…duh!

Anyway, the main track was a little wet from previous rain and there was one tree downed that was in the way but still runnable. I made it back to the car and Beer Boy had shown up and was getting ready. I found a pile of keys that had been left probably accidentally on the ground in the lot. It just so happened that one of the County's Finest was sitting in the parking lot underneath the shade, doing what… I don't know. Anyway, I approached him to let him know that I found some keys and that I would leave them on the fence just in case someone showed up while I was running. He wasn't exactly the friendliest of people, I must caught him in his me-time. Well, I hooked the keys up and then met Beer Boy and told him about the course conditions. I wonder now if the officer heard me talking about the course.

Math Boy: “I went around on the course, there is a downed tree in Sector 2 and some slippery spots in Sectors 4,5 and 6”
Beer Boy: “Huh, oh, okay”

So we went off and ran 3.6 miles on the trail. It was a very easy run for me. I felt good for the first half of the run. I started to get a little thirsty and slowed down some. We definitely made better than a 10 minute pace in some parts of the course. I had stashed some water on the course for us since I knew it would be hot, but at least there was plenty of shade. We voted and decided in a unanimous 2-0 decision to cut it early today and get back home instead of running the East Inner Loop.

So we made it back to the car. Muddy and yucky and thirsty. Beer Boy breaks out two bottle of his stuff from work and we start to wind down from the run. Beer Boy is wiping down his poison ivy from gardening last week with rubbing alcohol (I didn't get it). But as we were talking we noticed a police car (the previously mentioned police car was gone) drive up to the new restaurant. Not 2 minutes later, another squad car comes in and combat parks were the previously mentioned police car had parked. When that car pulled up, we discretely concealed our beverages and broke out the water bottle. Then the car from the restaurant pulls in and parks alongside the other police car so that they could conference, I guess.

Beer boy and I talk for another 7-10 minutes, I had to take off my muddy shoes. I stretched a bit. Marty finished wiping off. I pulled out some maps of Concord Park that I had made for him. All things that shady individuals might do. We decided to go ahead and call it a day since we discussed that some law enforcement people might get a little uptight that we had some beverages on property and we also had other things to do. We decided to run again on Thursday, provided that Baby Incognito had not made an appearance yet and we were off.

Now here is where the title comes into play. As SOON as I left the parking lot, one the cops was on my tail. So I played little model citizen and used my turn signals and never really followed the speed limit. I figured that NOBODY follows the speed limit on Northshore or Concord road and that if I did drive THAT cautiously, that it would raise his suspension even more. Right when I turned onto Concord, Marty calls me to find out if the cop had followed me. I said “yep” and he informed me that his partner was behind him as well. So, Beer Boy and Math Boy were under police surveillance!!!! Jen said that when Marty and I get hang around together we do act like we are on drugs…

Here are the pictures of Concord Park

Main Entrance to the Trail

Downed Tree on the wide trail

The misadventures of Beer Boy and Math Boy

Thursday run turned into quite the adventure. We decided that we would meet a Concord Park, a gem of a run nestled in between an expanding subdivision and expanding commercial property. The trail within Concord Park total about 8 miles and are moderately technical single track as it winds up and down the hills with in the park. Some of the trail parallels the Tennessee River (or rather an inlet) although the view is obscured from the number of trees.

The foliage is very nice at Concord Park, as it is fairly dense and even one part that is extremely dense with some dark ground cover making it pretty eerie. But the fact of the matter is that you are covered from the sun making the run a little more enjoyable as we get accumulated to the soon to be summer heat.

At this Link is a portal page where they have pictures of the park, if you are interested.

As you enter the trail from the parking lot you can either head North, which is fairly level, or East which is straight up hill. The advantage of going East is that you hit the trail head sooner, in 0.4 miles as opposed to 0.5-0.6. We had decided after looking at the posted map, to “stay to the right”, this would ensure that we would hit all the loops and give us a good run of about 35 minutes and dump us back out onto the main trail.

I haven't mentioned the poison ivy yet. To describe the poison ivy, would be like detailing that we were running through a carpet of poison ivy with small (maybe 1-2') trails cut in them. With Marty and I both allergic to PI, we knew that it wasn't going to be very comfortable afterward. So we plunged through the woods… for about 30 some minutes live was good. It was very challenging run with lots of hills. It was the workout that I had been craving and it was at the right time.

At about the 25 minute mark, I got “the sensation”, but we were almost done, so I didn't think much about it. That was until Math Boy and Beer Boy were running through the woods lost in the enjoyment of being on the trails. It wasn't so bad holding it in, but the hills made things worse. Then we “may have” taken a wrong turn… once or twice.

For some runners, there is a change in character that is only associated during the actual event of running. Sometimes, it is drinking out of places you would not normally drink or a lowering of modesty to change to dryer clothes even in mixed company or maybe eat the brownest banana because (after all) it has carbs. I have been in (more than one) instances where I could no longer hold it… sometimes it worked out for me sometimes not. This was such a case where my commune with nature was a pleasant one. Did I mention all the poison ivy? Leaving the gruesome details to your imagination, I did find terry-friendly leaves and was able to enjoy the rest of the run back to the car.

We ended up running somewhere around the 53 minute mark. I don't have split times since we didn't have accurate distances to mark off. But we figured that we averaged a 10 min mile given the terrain and so I am logging in 5.3 miles for the day.

Miles for 2005 = 199.3

Thursday Run

It was about a Ba-zillion degrees yesterday, definitely the hottest day of the year to date. But probably won't be the hotest, those days are to come. Knowing that it would be pretty hot that day, Marty V and I decided that we should run Third Creek Greenway as opposed to say Lakeshore where the Water Treatment plant was pretty ripe. Also, the bonus with Third Creek is that a majority of it is sheltered by foliage, a true greenway.

In addition to location, I did not want to be out in the heat for very long today. Since we haven't run in the heat yet, we are not acclimated to the weather yet and could lead to some potential problems, e.g. heat stress. Plus with the heat, I imagined that it would be a harder run than normal of the beautiful weather we have had lately.

We ended up running 4.8 mile in 42:43 (8:54 pace). There were a number of people, mainly bikers on the greenway. I also saw my first snake out on the greenway. It was a black snake with some yellow trim and spots. I'll have to look it up.

I had a great run, I felt fast and had energy until the very end when the unshaded heat got to me. I sure hope that this training pace will translate into a sub 50 10k time, that is my goal.

Here are my splits:

Split Distance Split Time Pace (mile per minute)
1.3 11:25 8:45
1.1 10:10 9:15
1.1 9:57 9:03
1.3 11:11 8:37
4.8 42:43 8:54

After the run we decided to hydrate ourselves with some suds from Calhoun's after all, it is Marty's beer. I'm not sore today that I can tell and will be going swimming today at lunch.

Miles for May = 28.6
Miles for 2005 = 187.6

Thursday workout

Yesterday was a good running day for me. I met up with Marty to do a nice easy run. Although I should have known that since Marty is in better running form that a easy day for him is a tempo day for me, right now. Anyway, we met up at the UT track and was going to run out Third Creek to the Super Bi-Lo and back. Our trip would be around 7.3 miles given our starting point. We cruised out there and had a fairly good and quick run out to the Bi-Lo, I had measured one of our miles and it was a 9:15 pace. It was a little difficult for me but not enough that I couldn't keep talking although I was getting a stitch in my side. we lallygagged in Bi-Lo for a while as we got some water. Marty used his charm to get Angel, bakery person to offer us some of her own personal Coconut Macaroons. Now this is an example that runners will eat anything when they are in the zone because I don't like coconut but I sure ate the macaroon. I noticed on my watch that I had to get back quickly so that I could shower before my tutor session.
I finally got Marty out of the store and we started to cruise back toward campus. I measured one of our miles at a 8:55 and again, it wasn't that bad even though it was faster. We made it back with me have 5 minutes to spare. I ended up only washing my face and extra sweaty as I went to tutor.

Split Times:
Out: 3.7 miles in 36:43 minutes for an average 9:56 pace
Out: 3.6 miles in 34:07 minutes for an average 9:22 pace

Miles for March = 17.4
Miles for 2005 = 151.8

Artic Chill

It was a pretty nice weekend around here, if you were a penguin. We were told in the late part of last week that we would have a significant snow even com the weekend. The forecast was a bunch of rain on Satuday that would turn into snow over night and snow on Sunday. Well, we did get rain and snow, but in quantities much, much less than predicted. Even though it was gloomy for most of Saturday, we did not get any rain until the afternoon/evening and then it was not that much. The snow came in a light form over night and we received a dusting of snow. It was the dry powdery kind that stuck to the road and not the grass. By noon, everything was about gone, but some kids still got out today… due to icy road conditions.

I ran 6.6 miles on Friday afternoon, at a 8:13 pace, 8:56 pace and a 10 min pace for 3 loops of 2.2 miles respectively. It was the first time that I did a mid distance run at any significant speed and I was pleased at the results even though they were not consistent. Seeing that I was scheduled to run 18 this week and with what was the forecast and other variables, I decided that a run on Friday and Sunday would suffice. I was not sore on Saturday, but took the day off, anticipating that I would get to run on the treadmill on Sunday. I was able to run the 6.6 loop again on Sunday with Marty. We ran the first 2 loops (4.4 miles) at a 9:45 pace and being within 4 seconds of our split times between laps. Our last lap we blazed at a 8:10 min pace. I think that we are going to try to run 9:30-9:45 min miles at the marathon, at least that is our goal right now… we still have 8 weeks.

New England and Philadelphia are playing in the Superbowl. My prediction is that New England will get another throphy. Comparing the two teams, NE has more of a complete package than Philly. If Brady is having a bad game, there are plenty of other people on the NE team who can make plays and offset Brady’s Mistakes. Philly, on the other hand, is more symbioticwith McNabb, in that, when McNabb is playing poorly so does the rest of the team. The both are good perennial teams and we probably should have seen this combination years ago, but now we see some powerhouses go at it. I imagine that Terrell Owens will provide plenty of sound bites leading up to the big game and I hope he gets to play. I do not know his status, but the Superbowl deserves the Super Players. So it should be a good game. Also, if Kelly Clarkson has a wardrobemalfunction, that’ll be sweet but I digress. I also look forward to the commercials just like everyone else… also what is the deal with Nike commercial with the tribal/urban head gear. Urlacher with a square barbed wire helmet? What the…

I look forward to the balmy 30 weather this week…