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Marathon Training Week One

My first official week (actually 11 days) went really well. So far I am well under my scheduled training mileage as I missed my first 12 mile run and then had to be on the road for work. Nonetheless, I did get an excellent Interval run (fartlek for you fellow runners) on the treadmill while I was in Columbia, Mo. So for Week One tally up 13.2 miles, which is 21.8 miles below of what I had scheduled! Yikes.

Bernie, Elba, Tita Angie, Victoria and Brian visited us this past weekend and we had lots of fun. I think Jen and Victoria had the most fun since they shopped for hours and hours. Skip was pretty happy because of all the attention he received, it was the “never ending fetch day”. We’ll be going to Loris this weekend for Will’s first birthday, which means we will return with pictures and be able to show everyone how grown he is.

Another Degree

That’s right folks, I am going back to school. Full time school at that! I will be leaving Chase in middle of August, as my current position requires an abundant amount of traveling which I would not be able to handle with schooling. I will be pursuing my Masters in Statistics, the same degree that Jen P has, and will take me two years to complete. I will be required to get an internship in the summer of 2003 with a company somewhere. Hopefully, I can get on at TVA here in Knoxville, that would make it very convenient.

Last week was pretty hectic, as I was in Oklahoma City and Cincinnati. While in OKC I stopped by the memorial there for the bombing back in 1995. It was very moving, I would recommend that if you are in the area, to stop by. I was only able to go for about 20 minutes, but I am really glad that I did. I wish I had had a camera. Cincinnati was easy, the work part last for a good 4 hours and then I was out of there!

Howdy All, it has been a while since I have had a chance to update my website. I have been quite the busy body at work these past few weeks. Last week I was in Huntsville Alabama at NASA for a short 3 day project. Then on the 3rd, we had a bunch of limbs break off of our big maple trees and crash into the yard and house. So for the entire 4th, I did nothing but clean up the yard.

I did run the Fireball Classic 5k on the evening of the 3rd, it was still held despite the all of the weather activity that evening. On Sunday, I did the Tellico Triathlon which consisted of a 800m swim, a 17 mile bike, and a 3 mile run. I was very tired after the ordeal but was pleased with my time of 1:57:30. I didn’t win any awards but I was the first winner in the door prize category! YAY!

This coming up week, I will be in Oklahoma and I will be in Ohio, not at the same time of course, but I do have two projects going on.

Oh yeah, and the biggest news I have to share is that I am going to University of Tennessee in the fall to pursue another Masters degree… I will go further into detail at a later time.

Ivy the poison kind

I have Poison Ivy. And for those of you who know me and Poison ivy, we don’t get along very well. I have been taking Zyrtek and that has been doing a great job. Congratulations to the USA soccer team yesterday morning in their 2-0 defeat of Mexico, I hope that they bring their best game to the pitch on Friday against Germany.
Work, work, work. I will be in Oklahoma at least twice in July along with a another project scheduled for the end of the month. So, I will be out of town for most of July… YUCK YUCK YUCK. I need to stop all this traveling crap

Change in Plans

Change in plans, I am now going to Pennsylvania for 2 and 1/2 weeks and I will be back on June 28th. This is better for my racing season because even though I will be missing the big triathlon I wanted to do, I will be able to make it to the 5k that I want to PR. So, I will have plenty of time in PA to train for the race. We did get a treadmill, so if all goes well I will be doing a BUNCH of speedwork for Richmond marathon with the goal of making it Sub-4 hours.

Worester and Orlando

Last week was in Worcester, MA for four days doing some brokering work there. Then, ran 19 miles with Solange (the twin’s mom) on Saturday for her last long run before the Rock n Roll marathon on June 2nd. Now Jen P and I are going to Orlando for most of the Memorial Day weekend to visit family and maybe make it to Disney World. Just hope the weather is nice while we are there… please.


I was in Chicago Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday trying to save the world. Actually we had a small project there that was very easy, so it was pretty nice not to still be there. Chicago was a crazy town, traffic was NUTS! I did get to see my brother Chris will I was there and that was pretty darn fun. No other big news to report…

Project Continues…

I am still in Louisiana as of this last update… this is the project from hell it seems. Just when we get into a groove, something happens. This last time 1250+ gallons of water poured into the underground room that we are surveying. This set us back by 2 days as we pumped the water out and dried the room. Thank goodness for Wet/Dry ShopVacs! I did run another race in New Orleans… the Run on the Bayou 10k.

McNeese State Project

Sorry for the lack of updates. I am in Louisiana, Lake Charles to be exact pulling out some contaminated equipment out of a lab here. What was supposed to be a 5 day project is turning out to be a 15 day project. So needless to say, I am stuck here in La for a while but on good thing is that the Holiday Inn Express has FREE DSL internet here, so I can do all this online for free. Though, we are working some long days and the thought of working on my website seems exhausting.