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It’s a dry heat

We are back from Arizona. We rolled back into our garage this morning around 1am Eastern. We had been gone since Tuesday morning when Knoxville was being pounded (flurries of some substance) with snow and schools were closing (which they do at the mention of “snow”).

Our trip went well and without much trouble either. We had one meeting that was rearranged, which gave us a free day on Wednesday and a meeting on Thursday night. As a result we were able to sleep in and adjust to the time change… AOT which is Arizona Only Time. The heat has gotten to those in Arizona and they don’t change their time for no one… ever. So, no one is ever early or late for church twice a year… well, they can’t use THAT excuse at any rate.

With our free day we went to a county park and took a few pictures. It was absolutely gorgeous and every view was a picture postcard… even the one where I got stuck with a couple of cactus pods… that postcard would say: “Damn, out of towners…”

We even played with some linear perspective and made some funny pictures…

The conference that we attended was Mary Kay Leadership, which is for Director’s only. That’s the top 2% of the company. This year’s theme was Think BIG! and that is what I did! I learn a bunch at these conferences, and so I took lots of notes and am in the process of consolidating them. Also the time allowed me to work on other things…

  • I have most of my Trading Journal edited and will be printing that out to help track my trades from week to week.
  • I have my 2009 Running Schedule penciled together and my Two Main Focus Marathons will be Flying Pig (Cincinnati, OH) and Flying Monkey (Nashville, TN)
  • I worked a little bit more on the ASD Athletes’s paperwork. More importantly, I realized that I did more on the December Cruise than I thought, so I need to consolidate everything and I should be able to send that thing in soon

However, while I was there I didn’t get to do any running like I wanted… but I didn’t eat that unhealthy while I was there, so that’s about the same right?

But now I am back and start back up at work tomorrow… Poor My Lovely and Talented Wife had some gluten yesterday… the infamous Gluten Hangover that we get… she’s been sleeping ALL day. She woke up just briefly to eat some and then back to bed. Talk about messing up your sleep pattern… maybe she’ll be reset of time-zone/jet lag because of it… I dunno.

Oh, about the Au Pair, since there were a few comments about that… her Au Pair program is over and is over the age limit to continue. She changed her Visa to a student’s Visa and is now taking classes, therefore she is a full time student right now and taking classes.

Our Dallas Trip

We made it back from our Dallas trip just fine. Actually, we made it to Dallas just fine and without incident… just like we like it! Our Annual trip to Northern Texas started off with a 3 hour drive West to Nashville. Flying out of TYS is just way too expensive, so we can get tickets for HUNDREDS of dollars cheaper flying out of BNA. Only problem is that sometimes you have to leave at 5am in the morning!

Our stay this year was at the Sheraton instead of the Hyatt, as it had been the past 3 years. What this meant was that walking to and from the Convention Center was impractical given the Dallas Heat and personal Safety issues. This meant that we could take either A) The Provided Shuttle Buses or B) The Dart (the local innercity rail system). Although the Buses would keep us in our own Pink Bubble, the wait and travel time would increase 10 fold. So we went for the local flair.

Actually, I was sorta envious of the Dart, because I wish Knoxville had something like this. I enjoy public transportation, even though it sometimes scares me. It’s an excellent way to experience a city. Knoxville only has a Bus System, which is decent, but Knoxvile is so spread out that coverage where I live to commute to downtown is minimal.

Only a couple of times did we have any problems… one guy came up and started a conversation about why were there and when he found out he said that he was close neighbors to Ross Perot and Mary Kay while growing up, but he was harmless. When dressed to the Nines for awards night, an elderly lady asked where the big fancy party was. I gave a guy $2 to “get peroxide” because he had been turned away from the hospital and had a big abrasion (although not super fresh) on his knee.

Day 0 Checking In
We determined that we need to come in a Day earlier, so we need to fly in Day -1. I pretty much slept all afternoon long of Day 0 and so we missed a number of things because of that. We did get to eat at a nice Mexican Restaurant though and that was good. Mexican restaurants are better places to get Gluten Free items off the regular menu.

Day 1
We were running a little late to the Opening Ceremonies and so we missed the opening performance of the Performing Group, The Friends of Tyme. But apart from that, the Opening Ceremonies were excellent. Another good rule for Seminar is to win as many of the Luncheons as possible. MK runs contests throughout the Seminar Year and one level of awards is to earn a Luncheon. Well, this year My Lovely and Talented Wife won the It’s In The Bag Luncheon and so we ate well! Yummmmmmmy!

In the evening of Day 1 is the Kalicak Awards night. Sylvia (Kalicak) is our National Sales Director and so everyone in her National Area gets together for a catered dinner at the hotel and Awards are given for the people in Sylvia’s area. This one of the couple times a year that I dress up in a Tuxedo. I did get to take a bunch of pictures, of which I need to send to Sylvia. One of the other husbands had a sweet 70-200mm lens with Image Stabilization, but he confessed to always shooting in auto mode. To boot, he had a SpeedLite 430, which is definitely on my list of “To Get”.

So the night was great. I was very please with the 4GB card because I was not worried about the number of pictures that I was taking, and I was even using the Highest Setting mode. Maybe I’ll upgrade to 8GB because, you’ll find out in a paragraph or two that I maxed out my card.

Day 2

Day 2 is the Class Day. This is where the learning portion of the event is taken place. There are general sessions based on where you are and then in the afternoon is the ever entertaining Director’s meeting. This is where alot of the new stuff and technology is showcased. For the husbands, the company has events that they sponsor for those husbands who don’t want to sit in a room.

The husbands in national area where going golfing, in dallas, in morning and middle of the day. Now, they went to the best course in Dallas, so that was nice… but the 105F wasn’t from what I understood. I played paintball again. It’s been a couple weeks removed, from the event, but I went home with ALOT less welts than last year. I was much more efficient in my tactitical maneouvers. I’ll post a picasa album of some pictures that I took.

The evening of Day 2 is the Company Awards Night… another evening of dressing up in a Tuxedo! This event is held in the Convention Center, so while taking the DART to the Center, an eldery lady asked where the fancy party was. One of my favorite parts of the evening is the performances that the Friends of Tyme put on. This year, there was no Broadway Showtune medelly, it was all Music Industry performances. They did a timeline Rock music type monterage followed with an All-Country set.

Day 3

Closing ceremony… it wraps up the event and showcases the theme on the upcoming year. In the past, we’ve usually hit the road right after seminar ends, but this year, we decided to stay an extra day to give us a breather before getting home. Smart Choice. We ate in the West End district of Downtown Dallas for both lunch and dinner… definitely a place to stop at again even if we are at a different hotel.

I tried to meet up with my friend Nick who I went to high school with in Virginia but our schedules couldn’t mesh… poo. At least I know that I will be back next year!

Going Through The Big D and I DO Mean Dallas

Of course, I am making a reference to the Country & Western song:

“Goin’ Through The Big D”
Written by Mark Wright, Ronnie Rogers & Jon Wright
Recorded by Mark Chesnutt

It’s our annual trip to Dallas and once again Marianna (aka Greek Chickie) will not be there this year. Her excuse… this year is: “She out of the country”. Come ON! First weather, then a sudden death, now out of the country (and IRAQ to boot). I’m starting to get the hint… fine! Maybe NEXT year then. But hell you might be in OUTERSPACE or something outlandish like that.

For Past Dallas Trips, you can click the links to see all the fun and excitement we’ll be getting into:

2007 Dallas… in a Nutshell

2006 Dallas in 4 Acts: Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, Act 4

2005 The One With the Baby Bjorn

2004 Jobless in Dallas

This year, the set up is that our Resourceful and Reliable Au Pair will be watching the kids here in Knoxville with help from Grandma while we are in Dallas. So, that’s a cross country stress we don’t have to worry about. However, we are going to be at a different hotel (Sheraton) than before (Hyatt) and so this is going to A) Cause more stress because I have to learn this new hotel and surrounding area and B) Give me a Chance to learn something new because of the new hotel, plus there might be more Stella action in this part of town. But for the most part I should be Upped on MK Enthusiasm, so it should be too big of a problem.

As the unofficial Pro-Am photographer of the Kalicak National area. I was really hoping to have a new lens this year, but a guy can dream, right? I’m just hoping that the lighting is better in this hotel because in the Hyatt’s ball room, the light just Suckity-Sucked with a big fat Suck-a-tude. If you really want to know how I felt about the lighting, I’ll kindly tell you in an email. If you didn’t want the yellow tones of the lights, you had to Flash (and not the naked kind) the hell out of your subject.

So, here’s to hoping!

Also this year, I will be partaking in PAINTBALL again. I am not sure if we are going to be at this place: http://www.gatsplat.com again (probably so). If we are, there is a webcam there that you can see all the action, and even control the webcam as well. I don’t know what I will be wearing this year, but it will be lighter in color. And it’s not like I am going to be totally unconnected while I am in Dallas, so I’ll probably post an update or not.

Mary Kay Leadership

As you know from my previous post (via mobile phone) that The Clan is here in Atlanta! The kids are staying with Jen's old high school friend while Jen and I are downtown Atlanta (I can see the CNN and Phillips Arena from the Hotel room) getting ready for the Conference. We will be here until Wednesday Afternoon and the pick up the boys, have dinner with a College Friend of Jen's and his wife and then back to Knoxville!

I'll get to go to some husband specific classes to help Jen with her business. After all, if she is going to retire me in the next few months so that I can do things such as spend time with the boys, run marathons, photography, learn the guitar, etc then I need to figure out what I can do to help.

With the paid account of LiveJournal, not only can I post from my mobile phone, but I can send in a voice post from any phone! Isn't that cool? So, I may figure that out and post an audio post tomorrow. Sweet!

No running in the month of January yet. I did bring my running shoes, but not sure if I will be able to get down to the fitness center or not.

And as for those who I regularly leave comments, it'll be a couple of days. So, see you then, if not sooner. I'll post when I can!

You wouldn't think

By my actions, you wouldn't think that I am training for a marathon. The last time that I ran was on Christmas Eve for a brisk 6.6 miles. Since then I have done… nothing. I have yet to run a mile this year. Woe is me.

I was going to get a haircut today at lunch, but ended up deciding that my current configuration works well. I just need to trim around the ears to give a more polished look. After all, appearance, although shouldn't be a factor, actually is in alot of instances. So, if I look like $100 I feel like $100 but if I look like 1.2 Million dollars, I feel like 1.2 million! So, I am getting the $100,000 haircut at home. Not necessarily Lottery winnings, but not pocket change either. The whole clan is going to Atlanta, GA this week for the Mary Kay Leadership Conference this coming Sun-Wed. The kids are going to stay with a friend while Jen and I attend the conference. Last year, when Leadership was in New Orleans, I had to stay with Eric… which wasn't a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination but I didn't get to attend the conference. And I love every MK event that I can go to. How bad can it be when you are outnumbered by BEAUTIFUL women like 500:1!!!

So, that means that running will probably not happen those days. My next chance to run is Friday at lunch. I might do then. Technically, I could run Saturday morning, but our household doesn't do packing for trips very well and I will need the time. As for training for the marathon… I have run marathons with not a lot of training, but they were train wrecks. I will have to buckle down and get the mileage. Plus I need to stop eating this damned fudge I made! Grrrr… but peanut butter fudge is yummy…

Home Alone

Well, Jen is en route to Puerto Vallarta Mexico on her free vacation that she won for achieving Honor's Society this past May. She is accompanied with 3 National Sales Directors (these ladies make the BIG bucks, Jen's Senior National makes around $48,000 – A MONTH!!!) along with other sister directors whom are top performers. Here is a link to where she is staying in Mexico. So, I am here at the house with the two kids. Jen's aunt Angie is here helping me, mainly taking care of Ryan during the day, this leaves me with Eric during the day and Ryan at night. I am trying to coordinate some help in the upcoming week so that I can go to work and not have to take all my vacation/sick time. So we'll have to see what happens! Stay Tuned!

Idle today

As I mentioned a day or two ago, today was going to be a workout-free day at lunch time. The reason for this is that I was going to take my lunch break and go back home so that Jen could pick up her new car.

Her new car is a MK Signature 2006 Silver Pontiac Grand Prix that Jennifer earned a mere two days before giving birth to Ryan back in June. This is her second career car but the first time she took the cash compensation instead of the car. The other car, which she won back in 2004 was the Grand Am (The Vibe is the option now) but we took the $375 cash comp instead. Now this is just temporary, because our goal is to earn the Mary Kay Cadillac CTS by the end of the year! And yes, I will want to drive it!!!

For college football fans, Bob Stoops of Oklahoma's wife Caroyln became a National Sales Director (NSD) this past year at Seminar and when interviewed, he said that he enjoyed driving it and that the players loved to see him in it… I'm sure to give him some crap, but you know what… what is the color of their free car, huh? Well, if they're pro-quality football players with a booster, it may be a black Navigator.

Here is a picture of my lovely and talented wife with her new car. It had -5- miles on it and I took about 100 pictures which I will put up on her MK website probably tomorrow. So today free car, tomorrow swim.


Happy Rest Day

Nothing to report today… no running no swimming no nothing

Well, weights haven't been ruled out for tonight, but you can pretty safe that it won't happen. I have to attack our finances so that I can continue to run. You see, Jen is a Mary Kay director and we are working to grow her business so that one day in the near future, I don't have to drive 30 minutes to work 5 days a week. I am imagining all the road trips that I can take to run races in many different cities!!!!! So, we are making sacrifices right now that will pay off greatly in the future. So for a short while I will have to put a few extra miles on shoes than I normally would retire.

So, if you or anyone else you know who has skin and doesn't already have a Mary Kay Consultant (because MK is founded on the Golden Rule) then send them to my wife's site. You can shop online there and I'll give you a 20% discount on your first order just mention it in the comment section. And as always, all products are 100% guaranteed, but you won't need it… Mary Kay has been #1 for 12 years!!!!

And if you are curious, the answer is YES, I do use the Skin Care Products. We, as runners have to take care of our skin since most of our running is outside often in harsh conditions. We don't want to look like we belong in the 80+ year old age group!

So happy Rest day to me!

Inspired Running

This past week, me and my entire family was at the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, Tx. Seminar is the annual event hosted by the company to acknowledge the past year's accomplishments, offer valuable classes from some of the top directors and give all Mary Kay consultants the tools and inspiration they need to succeed in their business. This was our second year attending, this time with 6 week old Ryan attached to Daddy via a Baby Bjorn. Let me tell you, with 10,000 beautiful women that baby is a magnet. I think we had 1000 offers to babysit in those 4 days. Funny Observation: when I was holding Ryan, the response was “What a great father and husband you are to do this”, when Jen was holding Ryan the response was “How brave of you” Go figure.

Anyway, as one of the director of the Top 3 units of our Seminar, you get the privledge of addressing the entire Seminar. Cindy Machado was one of these directors. I don't have all the facts in their chronological order (yet) since I was on Ryan duty and Ryan had put a little “duty” in his diaper and I had to change it, but the fact of the matter is that her life was not exactly where she wanted it to be. There were demons in her life that were taking control. And one day, she started running and taking back control of her life, just a little at first, but then gradually longer and longer. The running helped her focus on where she was going, what she was doing, where she wanted to be. However, running is not getting her to where she wants to be, leave that to Mary Kay. As a Top 3 unit director for the Pearl Seminar, there is one marathon goal in her sights, National Sales Director, like the Russian Woman of Marathoning.

She completed the NYC Marathon in 2004 in the time of 5:02 (courtesy of marathonguide.com). I am looking to find out more about how running has affected her life and her Mary Kay career, so hopefully there will be more to post in the future. You can read more about Cindy on her website www.cindymachado.com

3 Disciplines – 2 Days

With the Trideltathon looming on Sunday, I thought that it would be a good time to get some triathlete workouts in before the big race. Now, the workouts that I am doing is only to refamiliarize my body with what is involved with competing in triathlons. Triathlons are traditionally, swim then bike then run, but there are some that do it reverse order, such as the old format of the Trideltathon. Triathlons also come in a variety of sizes as well. The Trideltathon is considered a Sprint triathlon since the discipline distances are “short”, a 0.25 mile swim, a 6 mile bike and a 3 mile run. This size of triathlons are very attractive since they do not involve the rigors of longer distance such as the Olympic distance (0.9mile/25mile/6.2mile), Half Ironman (1.2mile/56mile/13.1mile) and Ironman(2.4mile/112mile/26.2mile).

So yesterday, I workout at lunchtime in the pool. I swam about half a mile and estimated my 400m time to be about 9:30 minutes. Well, I put down 9:00 minutes on my entry form, that way I will be seeded a little higher (start earlier) so that I can have some space to myself in the pool. I was a little sore this morning in my arms but no worse for the wear. I'll be going back to the pool tomorrow as well.

Today, I went to the T-Recs building at lunch and got on the bike for the first time in forever. I managed to get in 8.1 miles in 25 minutes. I doubt that my pace will be that good given real terrain on my bike but we will see. I'll be back on the bike Friday at lunch.

Now as a forecast of what I might do at the Trideltathon, I put down some time splits. I would really like to be under an hour this year. In 2004 I was just under 1 hour but in 2003 I had risen to 1hr 2 minutes and given my current training log, I want to keep it under 60 mins. SO here are my proposed split times for me to finish right at one hour:

discipline Time
swim 09:25
transition 01:50 (get out of the pool, put on socks/shoes, shirt & get bike)
bike 20:30
transition 01:00 (ditch bike and hit the road)
run 27:15
total 1:00:00

while I was riding the bike today at lunch, I got to see the excitement about the new pope. I didn't get to see the actual announcement of Pope Benedict XVI, but I caught it as I was leaving the building.

We have a busy week this week. Jen has a Mary kay even in the evening every night (Mon-Thurs) and on Tue/Thur I have tutoring. Plus Chris is crashing for the night on Thursday and then we are having Gray and Lauri in on Friday for the weekend. Saturday Jen has another MK event in the afternoon while gray and I get our race numbers. Sunday is race day, and the All You Can Eat ribs at Calhoun's along with frosty mugs of Marty Beer