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2012 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Race Report

In a previous post, I wrote how I was the marathon Pacer captain. I arranged for all the pacers to arrive well before race start at a central location order for us to have a group picture taken and to take care of any last minute items.

Everyone showed up right on time and not only did we get the group picture taken but we had plenty of time to mill around before the race started. I found the Marathon Manic group and met some of the other maniacs running in the race. The were four of us maniacs who were pacing but a fair number of others running.

As it got closer to race start for the 2012 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, we headed out toward the corrals so that we could line up. I had brought my backpack with some extra stuff that we might need before race start. It was my intention to use the bag check service, something I had never done before at a race. It was painless. Part of the runner’s bib had a tab with my bib number and attached it to my backpack and gave it to the volunteers.

After dropping off my gear, I wandered out into the 5 hour corral and tried to find the middle of it. We didn’t have a 5:45 Pacer so as long as I was behind Lyle the 5:15 Pacer, I would be fine. We had about 10 minutes before the start, so I held up my flag so that people could see me.

I was quite worried leading up to race start, how was I going to know what a 12:36 minute per mile pace felt like? I had no clue and was worried about going out too fast at race start. There would be the Lyle ahead of me and as long as I stayed behind him, that would help gauge my timing but it would not be enough to be accurate.

It wasn’t until I was in the corral and people milling around that I saw the solution to my dilemma. Around me were a large group of people that felt they should run at the speed I was advertising. Ah-Ha, that was the answer. I will pace off these people until Mile 1 then I could adjust accordingly.

The forecast for Knoxville was on the warm side, but there was an early morning fog that blanketed Knoxville. It was an early morning temporary layer of protection for the runners, but the question was “how long would it last?”

Once the gun fired to commence the race, I estimated that it took me about 3 minutes or so to cross the starting line. This was important because for most of the runners, the chip (or net) time constitutes our Official Time. So by starting my watch at the starting line and using the cheat sheet I had pinned to my bib I would know how well I was doing finishing at the to the goal time.

There’s a lot of excitement at the start of the marathon and whether you are running your 1st or 20th, you can get caught up in it. For the more seasoned marathoners, it is a little easier to be aware that you are getting caught in the excitement. I was trying not to be too excited and lose track of my pace and speed up.

During the first mile, I found a groove that seemed to feel decent for those running around me. The question, however, was this the right pace? If I was running too fast, I would have to slow down and that would be more difficult. If I was running too slow, I would have time to make up the time gradually over the rest of the course. At mile 1 my pace was 12:38, just 2 seconds off! It felt good too, so I kept it up.

One thing that worried me at the time was that I could still see the 5:15 pacer in front of me around mile 3. I know now that I should have expected it since our overall paces were pretty close, it would take some time to get some good separation. Also, once we got onto Cherokee Boulevard, there are enough curves and hills that he wouldn’t be visible for long.

Mile 4 (-3 seconds)

At mile 4, going into Cherokee Boulevard, I was 3 seconds faster than the goal time for that mile split. Cherokee Boulevard consists of rolling, twisting hills among some of pricier homes in Knoxville. Nothing too steep but some spots can be challenging, also going through Cherokee Boulevard, you know that the Noelton Hill will be shortly after this section of the course.

At some point during Cherokee Boulevard, I had the urge to “go”. Cherokee Boulevard has some rather expensive houses with manicured yards, something you might find in a fancy home magazine. I had to wait until the park area of the neighborhood before I could deviate from the course and find a tree.

One of the runners in the current group with me, agreed to hold my flag so that I could take care of business. I was a little surprised at how well hydrated I was since it took me longer than I expected. I was forced to actually run at a decent pace to catch back up with the guy who had my flag.

Mile 8 (-1 minute 41 seconds)

Since the Noelton Hill presents a unique challenge. It’s pretty steep for a bit, then a slight reprieve, then goes back to steep again. My Mile 6 and 7 splits were pretty fast, each around 45 seconds faster than average pace. I did this knowing that I could relax on Noelton and not try to push as hard up the hill, I had enough time “banked” that I didn’t have to worry about needing to play catch up.

Usually, I attack hills. I like to eat hills for breakfast. I try to keep my pace up a hill and not relax until I am over the crest. However, because of the size of Noelton, I was running an endurance length race and I was a pacer, I didn’t approach Noelton as if I just landed at Normandy. I slowed down slightly so that I could talk to the runner with me on how to overcome the hill.

It worked out just fine. We made it up the hill and slowed down through the water stop at the top. Going into Third Creek Greenway, I still felt great with both how I was feeling and how the pace felt. The next couple of miles travelled down Third Creek Greenway which was a little crowded, Fort Sander’s Area and then through World’s Fair Park where the 1/2 marathons split off to go to the finish.

Mile 12 (-50 seconds)

As we approached the midway point, the fog that had been protecting us from the sun had all but evaporated away. With the sun higher in the sky, the amount of shade available was dwindling as well. It would now start to get hotter and with the exposure to the sun, the heat would begin to cause havoc among the runners.

I drank something at every stop that I could, not a lot, but enough to ward off dehydrating. I had been alone for a couple of miles until I picked up a runner near mile 14. We talked for most of the time about lots of topics ranging from religion to parenting and of course running. At the Water Stop around Mile 17, she disappeared, I’m guessing that she needed to take a break because when I looked back after passing through the water stop, I didn’t see her.

Mile 20 (+1 minute 19 seconds)

So by Mile 20, all the extra time that I had banked, I spent. I spent it on the effects of the sun on a cloudless day. Now that we were going into the Island Home section of the course, it would be more forgiving. Most of the mileage between 20 and 24 is pretty flat. Also, Island Home has some very mature trees which would provide some shelter from the sun for a short time, plus the crowd support in Island Home is great, so there would be some external motivation from the spectators.

Island Home didn’t disappoint! There were plenty of people out, some cheering more than others. I passed and was passed by some fellow Marathon Maniacs whom are always great to chat with along the course.

The last major challenge on the course is the curvy hill just before mile 24. It brings the road along the river back up to the Gay Street Bridge. It’s not as steep as Noelton, but because of its location late in the course it can be a challenge. Then add that there’s been no shelter from the sun for the last 2 miles, and it makes it really difficult.

Mile 24 (-44 seconds)

During the 4 miles in Island Home, I was able to build back a time buffer so that even though the mile that included the last big hill at Mile 24 was +17 over pace, I still had 44 seconds to spare. I knew that barring some crazy incident, I’d be well within 3 minutes of my goal time.

At some point on Gay Street, I passed one runner who asked “What pace group are you?”

“5:30,” I replied.

“Oh rats, my goal was to beat you,” he said with a defeated tone.

“Well, COME ON! Pace with me and I will get you there. Let me do the work and I’ll talk you through the rest. I’m running a little fast right now, so we have some time to spare.”

I talked with him about what to expect in the last 1/2 mile: Going down 11th Avenue, Going up Estabrook, heading into the stadium, how to attack the finish line and the one most people forget… looking at the Jumbotron to see yourself.

Near the Mile 26 marker, I knew that he would be okay and since I had some time to spare, I turned around to see who else was close that I could help. Just behind me there were 2 runners that could use some extra encouragement. So I waited until they were with me and started running with them. When we rounded the corner, but who did I see but the guy that I had just let go on by himself. He just didn’t have enough to run by himself, so I told him to join the group and we headed into the stadium.

Mile 26.2 (-1 minute 46 seconds)

I pushed all those that were with me to head toward the finish line, reminding them to finish strong because there would be photographers there and you wanted to look like you were having fun (haha), not that you looked like you had just run for 5 hours and 30 minutes.

After the finish, I went to get my backpack from the baggage claim which was easy peasy and then headed over to post race party with two new friends, Barbara and Michael. At the party which had died down some what, I was able to meet up with some of the other pacers that were still hanging around and to get some food. I had overcome my 2009 Knoxville Marathon DNF as a Pacer.





The Current Short List

About a month since my last speculative marathon post, here is the new short list of the spring marathons that I am thinking about running:


3/18/2012 Publix Georgia Marathon Atlanta, GA http://www.georgiamarathon.com/

Currently, there is a contest to WIN a free entry to the race over at 26.2 Quest blog. It’s a $95 dollar value!

4/1/12 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Knoxville, TN http://www.knoxvillemarathon.com

8/1/11 – 11/30/11 $65.00
12/1/11 – 2/15/12 $75.00
2/16/12 – 3/27/12 $85.00

I haven’t inquired about being a pacer yet, mainly waiting to see about Georgia. I think unless I am asked to be a pacer, that I will be a volunteer.

5/6/12 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon Cincinnati, OH http://www.flyingpigmarathon.com

$90.00 registration (11/1 through 1/31)
$105.00 late registration (2/1 through 4/20)

The kids absolutely LOVE Cincinnati, so going there would be like other family going to Disney World, except with lots of pigs… instead of mice.


If I win the Publix Georgia Marathon, then I am going to run that one. My Lovely and Talented Wife has friends and we have family down there, so it would be a good trip for us. If I don’t win then I think I am going to eye The Pig. Oink!

Either way, I plan to use MyCokeReward points to get some “really nice” for my Guess My Time, Win Crap contest. More on how that’s all gonna work when I decide what I am going to do and when.

The Current Suspects

As of right now, here is the short (figuratively and literally) list of marathons for spring 2012:

3/25/12 Virginia Creeper Marathon Abingdon, VA http://www.runtricities.org/creepermarathon

It’s full.

4/1/12 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Knoxville, TN http://www.knoxvillemarathon.com

8/1/11 – 11/30/11 $65.00
12/1/11 – 2/15/12 $75.00
2/16/12 – 3/27/12 $85.00

Now, this is the marathon that I usually volunteer for as a course monitor, since monitoring the course while runners are on it is fun and full of surprises. Now, I could inquire if I could run as a pacer, which is like having your cake and eating it to… just replace “cake” with “energy gel of your choice”.


5/6/12 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon Cincinnati, OH http://www.flyingpigmarathon.com

$75.00 early registration through 10/31
$90.00 registration (11/1 through 1/31)
$105.00 late registration (2/1 through 4/20)

The kids absolutely LOVE Cincinnati, so going there would be like other family going to Disney World, except with lots of pigs… instead of mice.


I’ve run all 3 both of these, there’s a logistics cost involved which may be offset by the Super Happy Fun Factor. I don’t know. Maybe there is an obscure event that hasn’t found their way over to Marathon Guide yet.

The change of plans have been changed part 2

In my relatively recent post titled Marathon Uncertainty, I wrote about 2 different scenarios that dealt directly with my running. One was the lack of funds to register for the Flying Monkey Marathon in November and the other one was on whether I should run the Scholar’s Run 5k to continue the streak of running it every year since 1998 and I had the funds.

In regards to Flying Monkey, I’m sad that I won’t be able to run it this year. I need to contact the race director to see if allowed past runners to register early, because after thinking about it, I never received any emails from him talking about registering for the race, how tough the course is, why training is futile, blah blah blah.

But instead of crying monkey tears, I quickly looked around to see what other possible races I could run. They had to meet some basic criteria. One, I wanted something more than a 1/2 marathon, but would be open to running one if that is all that was available. Two, cheaper the better since there’s no corporate sponsors trying to woo my athletic prowess at the moment. Email me if you are a corporate sponsor looking for a marketing pawn at races. Will Run for Cash (or other shiny things). Three, as close to home as possible. Since we are living by a strict budget (no more slush fund marathons), I have consider costs such as gasoline and lodging (of course, by myself… sleeping in the car at race start is perfectly cool with me. I lived out of my Celica for a month in 1993 when I worked in Nags Head, NC).

So far, nothing has stuck. There’s Chickamauga Marathon, but it’s close to $80 and according to their website, registration is closed. So that one is out. There’s the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL which has been on my list of “Marathons to Run” for a while now. It’s only $50 through Sept and $60 through October, so for a marathon it’s registration cost is reasonable. Only thing is that it’s about a 4 hour drive, so would need to budget for logistics.

I’ve also started looking at the spring marathons. There’s the Knoxville Marathon, which would be pretty darn close. It’s $65 through end of November and I do have a score to settle with the course as the last time I ran it as an Official Pacer, I had my only (but very valuable) DNF.

Another contender is the Myrtle Beach Marathon in February. Although the logistics are much more complicated (i.e. airfare), it’s where most My Lovely and Talented Wife’s side of the family lives. Plus race weekend corresponds with when David-In-Law will be upgrading his eldest son to Version 13.0 (What? Seriously?). It’s $75 through October 17th, then goes up to $95. We can get ridiculously cheap airfare tickets through Allegiant Air from TYS to MYR by jumping through all of their hoops to actually get the cheap seats but we have to act quickly.

As for the Scholar’s Run 5k, I did not run that race thereby ending all the consecutive runnings of any one race since I started running in 1998. And since I didn’t run the Scholar’s Run, the incentive to run the Reindeer Run 5k in December would only be for actual training benefits and not all the cool swag that is offered in the Triple Crown of Racing door prizes.

Falling out of Orbit

I can look back now and the signs that my legs were starting to fail was around 14, but didn’t rear their ugly head until 15. And at 15.5, I flagged down one of the biker course support people to request Medical. However, the problem originated starting 2 days before the marathon gun was even fired.

The marathons that I learned the most from, have been the ones where I have done the worst” – Terry Higgins Mile 4.5 of the 2009 Knoxville Marathon.

Everything seemed right on schedule on Race Morning. I was calm, collected and even early (technically a “little” late) to the race start. The pace group met in the Convention Center where we got our racing flags and last minute instructions. I had everything that I would need during the marathon, plus extra supplies in case I met a needy runner along the way. Needy as in “needs GU” or “needs Food”.

I didn’t have anyone in my group when the gun went off, but in about 0.5 miles, I had a guy who had been running for about 7-8 months and this was his second marathon. He had run St. Judes in December and had a 5:25 finishing time. I should have gotten his name as to try to see how he finished. My pace was slow at first and since we were pacing of guntime, I was about 4 minutes behind at Mile 1 (took me about 1:13 to get to the start line) and there was some congestion at the beginning.

I chatted with the guy for the first few miles and found out that he had “learned” from his first marathon and he was being smart this one. Unfortunately, he picked up the wrong pacer! He did have an athletic background, so the lack of a base (6-8 months running) and the fact that he was his second marathon with the intent to actually improve his running was something that I enjoyed. I was able to give him race tips and pointers that you can only get while running with me. By mile 5, I had found a very comfortable pace of 10:55 and had shortened the time that I was behind to just 4 minutes. Even the hills at that pace were easy.

We made it to the half, still with just a 2 minute deficit, something that would easily be filled in Miles 20-24 where the course was gentler on the runner. I had been having the sensation to use the bathroom off and on during the last few miles and so I had planned that when we passed the 1/2way mark, I would stop to use the bathroom. I had done a decent job of hydrating as I was still clear at Mile 14. But something wasn’t quite right.

I started back up and my shins were tight. They weren’t shin split tight, but they were something different. Not too much longer and my calves were starting to hurt. As much as I had enjoyed the slight rest at the porta-potty, I was beginning to crave a nice walk. Perhaps at the next water stop? That should be somewhere around here, somewhere soon. It also seemed that everywhere I turned there was another hill. And I know that the way they felt was magnified from what my eyes saw. “How could a hill that size be so hard to climb?”

And with a step or two, I could start to feel some twinges in my lower legs, primarily my calves. I thought to myself, “This isn’t good. I won’t even be able to keep this pace. I think I need to find aid.” Just before the water stop… somewhere around 15ish (I think), I found a wheeled course monitor. I told him my dilemma and what I thought might be the case, withholding that I thought that I would need to DNF at this point. He went off and I hit the water stop.

At this point, I think that I was just about 3 minutes behind on my pace, but it was more difficult to hold the pace without wanting or needing to walk. At one corner, my pace flag flew off the pole and I was relieved that I would have to STOP and go get it. I told the others that were in the group, just 3 to go along. Another runner brought me the flag and I walked while putting in on. It was “enough” time, that I could muster enough energy in the legs to get back on the pace and make sometime back.

If you have never had cramps (in the legs) they totally suck. They usually start with uniform ache and then, without warning, they give out. I have had them 2 or 3 times while playing soccer, and if you are running, you usually just crash to the ground because your legs can hold you up. They are too fatigued. Stretching them gets some of the lactic acid out, and they feel good, but this is short lasted and the more that you do this, the shorter the time. Thankfully, my legs never buckled under my weight while running. Close to mile 18, I saw that the 5:00 pacer was behind me, and I so I conceded that the part was over for me. I took off my singlet and lowered my flag, signaling surrender to Lactate Takeover and Poor Planning.

Just before 19, the Cyclist Course Monitor came back. He told me that he talked with the doctor and that I wouldn’t like the news. Given my condition and the cold due to the wind, I would be best to drop out of the race. My initial assumption had just been confirmed by one of the medical profession. I just had to make it to Mile 21 for the aide support to get back to the stadium to drop off my chip.

He did ask if I wanted any energy gels or anything like that. Basically, it was too late for that, the damage was really done over the last 2-3 days and eating a bunch of stuff now, would really only make my stomach sick and make the rest of run uncomfortable. The only thing that I really wanted was a banana with the Potassium that would help with the cramps. I crossed Mile 20, not exactly sure of my time, but not only was it picked up on the timing system, I did hit my watch. It felt like the longest mile making it to 21.

Since I was in survival mode, I did want I needed to do to make it to the aid station. On the course, I passed the 4:15 and the 4:30 pacer, the latter asking me about my condition (he finished in 4:28). I made it to the aid station and a Fire Department van was called for me. I got back to the stadium only to walk in the back entrance listening to the names of the finishers and seeing them in the mylar blankets with the medals around their necks. I took my chip back and turned it in, telling my story to the guy taking the chip. I declined all water and assistance as I was heading back to my car. In the tunnel, I met up with the 4:15 pacer (who is running Cincinnati in May) and then the 4:30 pacer who had a first timer finish in that 4:28 and told me about his DNF at Nashville on year.

Just as I was typing out my mobile message to Facebook and Planet3rry.com, I hear, “DADDY!!!” It was The Younger with Lola. My Lovely and Talented Wife was near the field with The Elder. I had placed my Race Recover Bag in her car, so it was right there for me, which had a much need sweatshirt and a ProMax Protein Bar. I had wanted to stay to see how the guy from Memphis did, but I didn’t want to see the people finish… so we left. Chalk on up for building Character, Learning a Lesson, and adding one to the “marathon story” list.

And today, I am reaffirmed that my plight out on the course was a problem of not enough to eat and improper carbo-loading before race day. My legs are fine today, except for my Quads, which are sore from what would be typical of a 20 mile training run with lots of hills. I think that someone is trying to tell me to stay off the course for the Marathon and volunteer else where. Out of 5 marathons, 2 of them I didn’t “Finish at the 50”, this year was a DNF and in 2005, it was a DNS (Did not Start) due to Pneumonia earlier in the month and I was a course monitor. The Force is Strong with this one

Runner Support Bags Planted

What a busy day! And now I have to start to wind down so that I can get some rest for that thing I am doing tomorrow… what is it again?

I felt very comfortable, even a little aspergian, at the Expo when I was at the Pacer’s table. I could talk about running and the course, with no qualms about thinking that I was boring (but maybe I was) or picking up on clues that they were bored. Okay, maybe that last one I totally overlooked.

I was excited to meet Marathon Maniac #128. He’s here at Knoxville. I am not sure that I put my name in the event calendar on the website. I need to do that for the Pig in May.

I got ALOT of stuff… most of it to carry incase the runners need anything during the race. I am debating HOW I am going to carry it. I stopped using a low rofile fanny pack at a marathon years ago after some post-race stomach distress. I now pin my gels to my shorts and flip them around. That won’t necessarily be prudent for this race for the other runner.

I did plant 2 Race Support Bags out on the course… around mile 21 and again at mile 24. The Mile 21 one, I have a chance to get twice, so that’s good and the Mile 24 bag is right after the “Don’t Be Cruel” Hill at Mile 24, just before crossing the Gay Street Bridge. I was going to put another, slightly different one at Mile 8, just on 3rd Creek, but I ran out of time to plant it. Given what I have to carry now, this will be fine I hope.

So, now it’s time figure out what the weather is going to be like and try to plan my attire.

The lamenting taperer

Yesterday, my stomach was in knots… today, it’s not much better. I have that “I FEEL SO HUNGRYYYYYYY” feeling in my stomach but nothing is appealing. Well, except for comfort food. And comfort food to me is chocolate… LOTS of chocolate. But I know that what comforts me now, will ail me in the future. Woe is me!

So then, at dinner last night… my toe begins to hurt. Not just ache but HURT! I was surprised how much it hurt. Then when I got up from the table to leave, my big toe was SORE and it was tough to put weight on it. Before I left the parking lot, I had to take my shoe and sock off and see what was so wrong. Apart from being a little red, there was nothing of note.

When I got home, I tried to get the kids ready for bed, but at some point, I knew that I had to see what was up with my toe. I could see myself with a short fuse if I was upset that my foot was hurting and the kids were not listening.When I took a good look at my toe, there seemed to be some debris on the side of the toe, which was the focal point of the soreness. The toenail was in good shape, so that was good.

I found a tool that resembled a dentist’s tool that I could use to pry into the toe cuticle. My toe was already sore and I was thinking that getting the debris out would be instant relief. But I was wrong! It was still sore. I dug and scraped as best I could without yanking off the toenail (it’s been a couple of marathons since I have lost one, so there is good chance I will still have this after the race). It was still tender and there wasn’t anything that really stood out as being the culprit of the pain. All I can think is that some yard debris had gotten lodged in the cuticle just from jostling of my feet and such.

It was about 10 minutes later that I had a bacterial type scare. I thought “what if it gets infected before the marathon”… 4 hours and 45 minutes of “OUCH, Ahhh, OUCH, Ahhh, OUCH”. So, I took some hydrogren peroxide and poured it over the toe. If was manic about my toe, I was ready for the rubbing alcohol to do it’s killing, if it meant extra pain… I was going to run.

The amount of reaction with the hydrogen peroxide was underwhelming. Being unimpressed, I put the Hydrogen Peroxide back and started to leave the bathoom, toe still sore. Untill… “AH HA, where is that Melaleuca Oil?”

I took the pure melalueca oil and poured it over the wound. My toe felt better, less sore and within 5 minutes, I could walk without noticing my toe. And there was much rejoicing!

Today (as in Friday, as in 2 days away), I am in a weird state. I’m still nervous, I can’t seem to eat. I feel dehydrated. I am beginning to wonder if I can perform well on Sunday. I am having Taper Anxiety! Which reminds me… I need to go make my pace card, so I know what I need to be running and be prepared…Fin

Final Daze

“Where are you?”

[With the fear that my already altered routine, would yet be rerouted again]

“Just about to get on Pellissippi…”

[My Spidey-sense telling me that a trip to a certain school]

“The School called, The Elder threw up alot in class. He’s with the nurse. Can you go get him? I don’t know how bad it is but they said it was ‘alot.'”

[Had the call been 10 seconds later, the answer would not have been as easy]

“Yep, See you at the house.”


“Come in Houston, this is Planet3rry. I have a change in trajectory. I need coordinate reroute and downloaded to the navigation system”

So, when I got there, he was fine. Probably some post-nasal drip that caused him to gag enough to throw up “alot.” I don’t know, but I brought him back home, and he’ll have to take it easily so that we can, with confidence, send him back to school. He did have a slight fever at the nurse’s but that could be a bodily reaction to hitting the ‘purge the stomach‘ button.

So now I need to worry about whether or not there is a viral presence and should it weild it’s ugly self, will it waylay me. There has been a lack of poop stories on this blog, because there hasn’t been any (of note) for this training cycle. Not like it was last fall when I basically cut my underwear supply in half because I had to leave it as fertilizer somewhere.

And there is this: The Weather Forecast

The Good Thing: Weather here is hard to predict. The Bad Thing: Weather here is hard to predict.

A Picture of the weather

I can’t say that I am all to optimistic about the weather forecast for Sunday. I like that it’s partly cloudy with little chance of rain. But looking at the temperature, that’s a big nose dive. For me, the 50s area is the hardest to dress for during a run. It always seems that just a shred too much clothes and I feel overheated, but one layer too less and I am uncomfortable.

My Awetistic mind has come up with a concept that is already conceived, I am just converting it for marathoning. I’ve had the luxury of having wonderful support crews at many of my marathons (Richmond, Rutledge, Harpeth hills, etc) and so at this race, like in 2006… it’s me and the course (and all the people who I am pacing!). So, I am creating a few “Not Yet Named with a Cool Name” items for the course. I might have to include a pair of gloves in there. I can see it now, some Noob is going to have to get first aid because of frost bite or something. Not on MY watch. We are close enough to the river that if you can’t hack it, you are turning this marathon into a duathlon!

Well, I have some other things to get done. At least being busy has made me “forget” that I am in a taper… madness I tell you! Of course, as soon as Monday rolls around, I will have to be thinking about strategy on “The Pig“… will this MADNESS never end? Oh wait… I signed up for it… my bad. Carry On… Geek Stamp

Guess My Time, Win Crap

It’s race time in the Higgins household and that means… well, lots of things. But for me it’s time to figure out what crap I can find to offer as a prize for the winner of Guess My Time, Win Crap Contest. I don’t have any clue what number this is, but it feels like a million.

I was thinking that this contest would be different seeing that my designated goal time IS 4 hour and 45 minutes. It was kinda not fair to actually have people guess what my time would be… but while I was in room of “rest”, I thought… “It’s hard enough to guess the time, and I will axe (no, not ask) the provision that ‘whatever time is close enough (read: To Get a Winner)‘ and make them get it on the dot”. Now, I was thinking that I would cruel enough to get down to the THOUSANDTHS of a second, but that is too much of making me an a-hole that I thought… eh, I’ll go [HUGE GRIMACE] with only two significant digits.

So, Here are the rules (in no particular order): Click on the Contest Arena of my website. Hint: It’s at the top of the website next to the link to send in your gold to me for hard cash. You’ll see the entry form… wait. IF the entry form is there, you can still play. If it’s not there… I can’t go for that… no can do. You’ll have to wait until later in the month. I’ll make sure that your county public health department puts you on suicide watch until the next contest.

So, you fill in the form. Send it in and wait patiently for the results. My guess is that they will post them later in the day. Of course, if I do that Twitter thing that all the cool kids are doing, then you might find out my time earlier. But, I have been known to be a jokester in the past and could Twitter the “wrong” time. Hehe… that would be funny.

However, as with all of my crappy contests the official race time as published by the race entity or its affiliates will be the end all and be all of the results.

The Race: The 5th Annual Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon on March 29th 2009 at 7:30am AST (Anticipated Start Time)

History: Doesn’t really matter does it? My Goal Time is 4hour 45minutes and 00seconds. However, if you must know, my 2006 time was 4:21:44

Accuracy: Given the clairvoyant nature of my finishing time, you must Guess My Time exactly. Well, I might be persuaded to relax it to within one second… but that’s all the flexibility I am going to give!

Official Entry: Your official entry will be the time stamp on my email of your guess. You may enter more than once, but your most recent time will be your official Guess. IF for some reason you can’t use the comment form, you may use other methods to get to me. Check out Where To Find Me on the right Side Bar, but there is no guarantee that your guess will make it… but I’m a pretty nice guy, I might let it slide.

It’s cRAzCEy Week

Good Morning all you party people out there… this is your host Intergalactic Planet3rry!

This crazy week is just a precursor to the crazy weekend that we are going to have. And by crazy, I mean FUN and Exciting! But very very busy.

Today we have the 1st of 2 TV spots for ASD Athletes’ event this Saturday here in Knoxville. It’s our very first fundraiser and first event and honestly if it wasn’t for My Lovely and Talented Wife, it would probably be super sucky on our part. But since I get to be the “pleasantly eccentric” founding president, she gets to be the smart and sensible Executive Director! She’s my missing Executive Function. The other TV spot will be on Friday leading up to the event… a birthday party for one of The Elder’s former classmates at a place called BoogieDownBaby, a dance party for kids 0 to 8.

Also today, I have some pictures to burn for a friend that we went to a birthday party over the weekend. I got some good picture, but I wasn’t exactly happy with the color balance of the pictures. Most of it was under low light or cloudy conditions. I should check my settings on Stella.

I am also meeting a friend tonight to buy him a drink (which might be two or three) on his recent acquisation of a paying job that doesn’t require 1) dancing in a G-string or 2)having to steal candy from a baby. We haven’t had much time to hang out so, this was the first time that our schedules cleared up (enough) to go to the Irish Pub for an hour. If you hear someone singing (badly) Desire… that’s just me.

Gravity episode is in the editing phase. If the podcasting gods, that would be God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, smile upon me there might be an episode as early as this afternoon. AND I committed to recording my Knoxville Marathon pacer run, so that will be a couple episode worth of stuff. I actually run on the same spot where I fell during Expo 10k when I was recording in my Gravity Episode.

So, I have to run and have face time with the masses… see you after this commerical break: ASD ATHLETES