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Eric is now 13 months! Wow, where has the time gone? We will be posting a boppy picture with him soon over on his site, plus I’ll have some new albums up. I need to reorganize the links a little.

As for the job prospect. I no longer need to worry because I am EMPLOYED! Yay, I start tomorrow, but let me tell you what has gone on this week. My last Blog took me from the interview in Oak Ridge. I had an interview at UT on Monday, which went well. I had a good feeling that they would offer me the job. On Tuesday, I received an offer from UT that was even more money than I had expected, but considerably less than what I imagined Oak Ridge would offer me. On Tuesday, Oak Ridge wanted me to come in on Friday, but I told them that I needed to make a decision by Thursday, so they scheduled me to come in on Thursday morning. This left Wednesday an empty day, with nothing else to do but THINK about which job to take. I really appreciate all those who heard me go on and on about the two jobs. There truely was no clear cut favorite, the Oak Ridge money was nice, but the statistics at UT was also attractive. It eventually came down to “which job would have the most pontential regret, if I didn’t take it.” I ended up choosing UT, because I thought that even though I would be very happy at Oak Ridge, I would regret not taking a job with Statistics since I already had been in the nuclear field. So, I now work at the Construction Industry Research and Policy Center. I’ll up date more later, when I get more information. I do know there might be a trip to the South Pacific…

Marathon training has been going well. Although I am not running my schedule to the letter, I am getting the mileage in. On Friday, there was a 7 mile trail run at Haw Ridge, I was only supposed to do 2 miles that day and 10 on Saturday, but I ran the race with Marty and Solange Velas and took Saturday as a recovery day. I actually needed that day because the course was a little brutal in some places. Although I am going to go out there again, especially before the Big South Fork 17.5 mile race in October.


Thank goodness we have AC now. Yeah Kelly, you rock!

Well, ALOT has happened since my last blog. I’ll try to keep things short and sweet. First of all, we went to Dallas, Texas for Jen’s Mary Kay Seminar. This is the annual event that where they celebrate the accomplishment of the past Mary Kay year.

It is broken up into 5 separate 4 day events because there are so many consultants that attend. The whole production is first class, being a a theatre geek in college, I can only imagine how hectic the crew are for 2 and 1/2 weeks!

We rented a minivan and drove with Diane and David Beshears down to Texas. The weather while we were there was OUTSTANDING. We had one of the coolest days in Texas history, it was cloudy during our driving (so no hot sun), we missed the rain the day we left. So we really lucked out on the weather. We stayed with Jen’s Parents during seminar, the Hyatt had a great setup, I just wish that I had more time to hit the pool and exercise room.

Since we arrived a day early for Diane, we were able to go see Nick and Leslie Rae and their son, Evan. I hadn’t seen Nick and Leslie in forever (since 2000) and this was my first time seeing Evan, who is a monster, and a very cute one at that. I also had the pleasure of seeing Nick’s little sisters Katie and Elaine, although, they are not little anymore. After 12 years, people do change just a little…

We dressed up for two nights of awards, the first for our “area” awards and then for the Mary Kay Corporate awards. Jen won the overall award in our area for recruiting, she was the Area Queen of Recruiting and won special recognition for this achievement. There are pictures on Jen’s Mary Kay Website, jenhiggins .com.

The job prospects have gone from nothing to a bunch! I had an interview on Friday with a company in Oak Ridge, I have an interview with UT on Monday. I have another company who needs to return my call. I got a letter today from the State of TN about a statistics job. Also, The local community college may want me to teach, I have to wait to hear back from them. So things are looking decent at this point. I hope to know something by the 7th or just after.

This month’s running has been pathetic, 6.6 lousy miles. Sheesh. Have a great June and then nothing. On the other hand, training for the Richmond Marathon starts tomorrow. Seeing that we might be in Knoxville, I’m setting my sights on it.


I guess that I should not let another month go by without any blog update. I guess the biggest thing I should update you on is my job search. I still do not have one. Experian told me no, which isn’t too much of a bad thing. I don’t really want to move from the area. I am signed up to be a tutor at UT for the athletic department, so I will be bringing a small amount of money. Unfortunately, I do not have any clients at the time. I guess summer school isn’t as hard… hee hee. I have applied for a number of jobs in the area, some just a short term horizon and some with a little bit longer horizon.

Let’s see now… Let’s go with Eric. Zoom Zoom is now over 1 year old. It is unbelievable how much children grow over a year. It is really phenomenal. Now that he is rugged enough to play with, I am enjoying playing with him and getting him to laugh hysterically. He is really starting to repeat sounds and gestures. For example, he has the wave for “bye-bye” but not the words, but if you make noises, he will try to make those same noises. And he Mobile! He is all over the place. Once he realizes that walking is faster, he will be a mad man. He’s still a good baby, er, toddler in that his demeanor is good when he is alone. He sometimes gets cranky, but that is usually a precursor to either sleep or food.

Now on to Running. Running was going great right up until July. In june I was running twice a week and making some good long runs. Since the Fireball Classic (7-3) I have run not ONCE. If I am going to run the Richmond Marathon, my training would start on August 1st, giving me enough time to get in shape. I would like to start Aug 1st not sucking wind because I am out of shape. With us going to Dallas at the end of the month, I am not sure how that is going to work out. We will see. I also added pictures from the Trideltathon 2004 featuring Gray Lipford and his 2nd consecutive victory. Check it out in my Running section. YAY! I also put up (finally) my Virginia Creeper Marathon blog and some pictures from March 2003!

I have watching the Tour De France religiously the past 11 days. In fact, I even have Jen watching with me and she is learning some biking words, such as Peloton. I am supporting Lance this year, I would like to see him break the record with 6 consecutive wins at The Tour. I am wearing the yellow band as show of support for the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer.


I just realized that I never uploaded new news since the 29th of May, shame on me. Well, you can read my interim news below and I will just update since that one. How is that?

A couple of job notes: Last Friday (6/18) I went to Atlanta and had a job interview with a company called Experian. I have not heard if they want to bring me back down for more interviews or offer me a position. So I am waiting on that. I am trying to secure a position at UT as a tutor for the athletic department. This is just an hourly position, but I will still be able to make some money in the meantime. I was contacted, today as a matter of fact, from Lincoln Memorial University about being an adjunct professor in the fall. This lead is still in the infant stages as she doesn’t know if she will have the class. I do have other applications in at Pellissippi State Community College and at Roane State Community College, but no word on either of them.

Eric is growing like a frickin’ weed. He is growing intellectually the past few days. He is mimicking us more, both in sounds and in action. When you say “Where’s Eric”, he puts his hands over his eyes and then you are supposed to say “Peek-a-BOO”. Also, he will clap when you sing Patty-Cake. It’s just amazing.

Still NO word

I thought that I was going to have no new job news except for a couple of NOs. Well, I have a couple of NOs and I have one company that will probably be calling me in the next two weeks to see if there is any fit for me. The bonus is that it is here in Tennessee, out in Oak Ridge.

In the mean time, the home business that I mention in my 05/29/04 update is with a company called Melaleuca, out of Idaho. They are a Wellness Company with currently 5 lines of products for the home and person. It is based on Consumer Direct Marketing plan which means that I don’t have stock and inventory, distribute any products or collect any money. I enroll people who who want to buy the products or who want to start their own home business. I am planning to use the money that I generate from this business for fun. I’d like to be able run a few more marathons a year, get a road bike, etc.

The three of us here in Tennessee have been sick, we are all getting over some illness, that started with Eric. As a result, I have not ran all week! I plan on doing some of that tomorrow, maybe a nice 10 miler or something of a light stroll.

Expo 10k

Just finished the Knoxville Expo 10k in a time of 51:53. I had really wanted to be less than 51:11 to break my PR for that race. I was running in memoriam of a 3 year old that was killed on 05/19. Hunter was killed in a car wreck and his mom is a Mary Kay consultant who Jen knows. I made a shirt in his honor, I hoped he liked it.

Still no word on the job front, seems like everytime I find something good in Knoxville, it gets taken up. Sheesh. I have started a home business, which will be a supplimental income, after a find a job. More on that later.

I put some pictures up for the Myrtle Beach Marathon and for the Mardi Gras Marathon. You can get to those via the running link above.

No License

I have been unemployed for 3 days now, well 5 if you consider Sat and Sunday.

Jen said that I should share this because she thought it was rather humorous. On Sunday we went to a funeral for one of Jen’s fellow consultant 3 year old who was killed in a car wreck. Well, we were late for funeral and I was hauling Xterra butt to get to the church, right when I passed a cop. I knew that he had me, but , no lights came on and no pursuit in progress.

After the funeral, we went to the grocery store, when I discovered my license was missing, so it was a good thing that I was not stopped, because this is why I did not have it: “Sorry, officer, I know that I was speeding, but we are really late for a funeral. I don’t have my license with me, because I needed it to register online for unemployment.” (By the Way, they denied my unemployment claim).

As for the job search, I just had a phone interview with Experian in Atlanta. I am going to send out my resume to three of the local community colleges for adjunct faculty. Other than that, no real leads.

Degrees and Jobs

I got my grades for the semester and I have 3 As! WOO HOO, another 4.0 semester. Why couldn’t I have done this before? Anyway, I only have a week left here at the SCC before my funding runs out. And actually, the people that are replacing me and my colleague, Julie, will be here on Monday. That means I will no longer have fast access to a computer here on campus.

The job scene is not very fruitful right now. The strongest lead I have right now is for Special Agent with the FBI. If I continue on this path, it would be in August that I would go to Quantico for training (providing I made it that far). It would also mean that we would defnitely have to move. I am hoping that something local will pan out before I have to commit to anything. So pray for me.

That was April

I must say that my April was very busy on all fronts. School was very taxing this month. I had my Master’s project presentation, my Time Series project in addition to normal homework. The few things I have for the next week is to finish writing the paper to my Master’s project and the in-class portion of my Time Series class. That is it! Then I will be graduatin on Friday May 7th at 6pm on campus. I will awarded a Master of Science in Statistics and that should be with one of the Laude’s attached to it.

My time series project was to take a data set and analyze it using the methodologies that we studied in class. The data set that I chose was near and dear to me: it was data on the number of miles that I ran during a month for the time period of Jan 1999 to Mar 2004. What I found out was that the best model was a complicated model that invloved 3 different models. Results of the project suggest that I should run about 200 miles through Sept of this year.

Speaking of running, I completed the Trideltathon on Apr 25th with Gray Lipford. He beat me once again, so he has me 2-1 in overall victories. Maybe next year. I am not sure what my running schedule is going to be since I am looking for a job at the present moment. I figure that I have a few more runs here, if we eventually move. Regardless, I want to do a fall marathon. I think that if we are here that I’ll do the Richmond Marathon. That way everyone in Va will have the oppurtunity to come see Eric.

Since I have been very busy with school, I have not had a lot of job leads. I do have a good lead in Atlanta right now with a UT person who was a year ahead of me. When I get more information, I will pass it on.