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Gravity@1053′ Episode 28: A New Attitude

In this episode I talk about my renewed attitude to running and about the five miles that I ran on Father’s Day. I even toss in a little bit about the fall and my approach for the Flying Monkey Marathon



So, until then Fa’afetai for listening! Remember: “Relax, Look Ahead”

If you don’t already have (or had deleted by “mistake”) the feed for the podcast, you can get it here: Gravity@1053′ Feedburner

The direct download for the show can be found here: Gravity@1053′ Episode 28

Gravity of the Situation

Something strange happened yesterday… okay, something strange happens to me everyday, so maybe this was just a normal occurrence…. who knows. Anyway, I was on The Runner’s Roundtable podcast yesterday on Talkshoe.com as one of the Race Directors of the WORLDWIDE FESTIVAL OF RACES! We are coming up on our 5th running of the event! Holy Schmoly! Hard to believe that it has been that long but time marches on.

So during the intro, Steve Runner (not his “real” name) asked me “So, Terry, what have you been doing running wise” (okay, don’t quote me) and for a split second, I went into another dimension and started to contemplate… “what HAVE I been doing?”

The Short-Short answer is NOT MUCH. The last time that I ran was on June 12, when I went trail running. Since then I haven’t run a mile or even a quarter mile. My last race was early May with the Run for the Deaf 5k where my Spring Racing Season did not turn out as well as I wanted it to. If you believe in the Periodization Theory, that is periods of time are grouped together for a specific goal, I have been in a Rest Period. Probably the longest one of my running career. My first month of basically “not running” was in July 2003 when The Elder was born. I ran once that month, and then came back in August. Usually there is another Rest Period in December/January where there is 3 weeks of little running as I recover from the fall marathon and then ramp up for Calhouns 10miler at the end of January.

So why the big break? Not sure, but I have my theories…

But what Wednesday’s Runner’s Roundtable did was to get a little fire going. I am still planning on running the Flying Monkey Marathon in November, so that means that training would start somewhere around August 1st. But that’s like 5 weeks away… and would result in an approximate 12 week resting period. Good thing you don’t really forget to run… or is that to ride a bike? I just check the calendar and this weekend (June 25th) would be Week 8 of no-racing, no-training. It’s actually kinda Surreal…

But Terry, it’s hotter than the sun out there, what are you thinking? Yes, it is hot out there, maybe not as hot as the sun, or even as hot as in Arizona, but isn’t it the Humidity that really is the clincher?

So yesterday during the Runner’s Roundtable, Steve Runner cornered me and in the deepest, most evil sounding voice… “So… when is the next Gravity@1053′ episode?”, the skies darkened and everything went silent. The next voice I heard was my own subconscious saying, “Dude, you are on Air… internationally, say something with words and try to make it sound good… Lord, please help us…”

Then I remembered that I actually enjoy recording my podcast: Gravity@1053′, what I don’t enjoy is the stretch of time that it takes to get to the computer, edited and all that other podcasting-type stuff. Part of the little fire was, yes, I do like to podcast… and I do have my laptop up and running, so what is stopping me? Basically, just a lack of focus and motivation. Well, make that a significant lack of focus when it comes to the extracurricular stuff in my life, which in turn, lowers my motivation on just about everything.

There’s been a number of factors (as with everyone) which has been contributors. Some of them I have been able to address and not necessarily nullify but at least mitigate it some to where it is manageable. I’ll probably blog about them, which will give me topics to blog about, since blogging has been another casualty of lack of focus… SQUIRREL!

While I don’t have a training program penciled out at this point, there is one in the works. I’ll need a couple of days to work on that to make sure the schedule is manageable for the rest of the summer and the fall. But what I am looking at doing is recording a new episode of Gravity@1053′. And I don’t think that I am going to try to capture the audio exclusively on runs, since that doesn’t always work well for me, but use the Planet3rry Mobile Recording Headquarters instead. I have a smart phone now… it should be smart enough to help me you would think!

My goal is to record the audio and have a show ready for Monday Morning…

Oh, and if you are reading this entry on my blog, you might see that I changed the theme… a new start… a clean pair of underwear… so to speak

Gravity@1053′ Episode 25:World Wide Festival of Races

Gravity In this episode, I capture my running of the 4th annual World Wide Festival of Races where I ran the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon Challenge. Once again, I ran on 3rd Creek Greenway in Knoxville TN, but this time I had to alter my route because I wasn’t sure if I could make it the entire distance! This also began what maybe a train wreck, as I started a training program for a slightly undulating and monkey-infested race at the Harpeth Hills Marathon coming up on November 22nd.

Fall is in the air

Today we were on the Hallerin Hilton Hill Morning Show in WNOX 100.3 for a few minutes this morning in support of ASD Athletes! Special thanks to Legacy Firms for allowing us time while they were the broadcasting location for his show this morning. Even Eric Chessen from Autism Fitness was able to share his involvement with ASD Athletes.

I have had Windows 7 on my computer for about 2-3 weeks now. Most of the known universe got Windows 7 this week. Me Likey! There are just a few things that are a little quirky about it, my biggest complaint being that when a new window is created as a result of an action, it doesn’t automatically show up. The Taskbar flashes. I know that there is an option (somewhere) that will remedy my problem.

My biggest issue has been my iRiver ifp895. It’s an archaic item (in the realm of electronics) and while it played well (most of the time) with Windows XP, it does play well with Windows 7. I have the driver file for the iRiver, but it’s not a *.inf file, it is rather the actual *.sys file. Windows 7 completely ignores the file and so I can’t load the device. I say this because my audio from the World Wide Half marathon is there and I am wanting to download it so that I can create the next episode of Gravity@1053′! This is the 3rd audio that I have recorded for this podcast episode, and yet, the audio seems to be outdated before I can get it downloaded. I think that I will be getting a new device, something that is a little more streamlined when it comes to retrieving the audio.


I was trying to compile my running log on Thursday, since I had something logged in Buckeye Outdoors, but something not. I am surprised at my HUGE LACK of running this year! It’s ridiculous. I did update the Race Results on my site to reflect through this year. It was somewhere stuck in October of 2008… Wah? I haven’t broken any of my PRs this year, so that info is the same. My next “issue” is resolve my shoe mileage. I currently have 2 different Symmetrys in rotation right now, I have to figure out what the mileage is on them. If I need new running shoes before the Flying Monkey Marathon (Nov 22 2009), I need to start breaking them in now!


The leaves are starting to change here and it’s making for some awesome opportunities for me and Stella! Hopefully will be able to get out and about this weekend. I am, if schedule allows, going to do a long run this week… I am looking for something for 15-17 miles. It’s an away game for the Tennessee Volunteers, so that should make getting around town pretty easy. Good luck to all those racing this weekend!

Oh and next week, I think it’s time for a new WordPress theme around these parts!

Gravity@1053′ Episode 24: Prelude to the Flying Pig Marathon

Okay, here we go… if you get the Podcast by the RSS Feed then you got a bonus, because this isn’t going to post until Sunday at Noon, when I am a FINISHER of the Flying Pig Marathon!

Roger THAT!So, until then Fa’afetai for listening!

If you don’t already have (or had deleted by mistake) the feed for the podcast, you can get it here: Gravity@1053′ Feedburner

The direct download for the show can be found here: Gravity@1053′ Episode 24

Gravity@1053′ Episode 23

Marty McFly: Wait a minute, Doc, are you trying to tell me that my mother has got the hots for me?
Dr. Emmett Brown: Precisely.
Marty McFly: Whoa, this is heavy.
Dr. Emmett Brown: There’s that word again; “heavy”. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth’s gravitational pull Gravity@1053′ podcast?

Back to the Future

Uh yeah… that’s right, it IS a Gravity@1053′ podcast… I know, I am speechless too.

Actually, in this episode, I talk about the (at least then) upcoming Knoxville Marathon and some of the potential issues that I was having leading up to the race. It was recorded in one run along the Will Skelton Greenway and parts of the Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area, two of my new fave places to run.

Following this episode, will be the audio OF the marathon, along with some commentary (I am imagining) during the run.

Then in Episode 25 will be audio of a post marathon run that I had with podcast extraordinaire, David Peach during a lunchtime run here in Knoxville.

That should carry me into May, which will be the Flying Pig Marathon, where I run my first “large sized” marathon. So we will see how I do there.


I have changed the format just a tad, it’s a new, easier to make Intro, then the “Core” of the show, I’ll have comments, questions, advertisements, etc, then the Outro. So, all in all, it should be easier to slap together ONCE the audio is edited but really, I plan on doing as little editing as possible and this should help keep Gravity on a less than every 6 month submission.


I am also planning on calling The Extra Mile submission line, so you will be able to catch me on that podcast AND I know that I will be on an upcoming Runner’s Roundtable in June.

Roger THAT!So, until then Fa’afetai for listening!

If you don’t already have (or had deleted by mistake) the feed for the podcast, you can get it here: Gravity@1053′ Feedburner

The direct download for the show can be found here: Gravity@1053′ Episode 23

Inigo Montoya: Offer me money.
Count Rugen: Yes!
Inigo Montoya: Power, too, promise me that.
[He slashes his other cheek]
Count Rugen: All that I have and more. Please…
Inigo Montoya: Offer me anything I ask for.
Count Rugen: Anything you want…
[Rugen knocks Inigo’s sword aside and lunges. But Inigo traps his arm and aims his sword at Rugen’s stomach]
Inigo Montoya Planet3rry: I want my father Monday back, you son of a bitch!

Scene From Princess Bride as told by Planet3rry as the role of Inigo Montoya and Life in General as Count Rugen

I know that Monday April 13th existed, but I don’t really remember much about it. I was only really coherent for about the last 1 hour of work and from there it was basically just going home for Date Night. And while Date Night did include us being in bed, we were totally asleep. There was no dinner… there was no movie, there was nothing. Next thing I knew it was 5am on Tuesday and I was ready to look at the finances.

So, I am scratching my head wondering what I am going to do and now I have more stuff to do today, that I should have done yesterday and I have to plack it in today… which is filling up fast!

Over the weekend, I did not run at all. I had wanted to make last week, the last tough week of training before I started tapering here in the next few days. Now, I have to cram an extra long run in here somewhere and make do. I think what I will do is something that I did LAST year, but I have forgotten about until now… the 2-Fer! That’s right. I think today, I will do a 5 mile at lunch and then a 10 miler after work. I need the extra time tonight with the many errands I have to run, but I HAVE to get the mileage in! I realized that today that I probably have not trained properly to shoot for a sub-4hr marathon given my training to date. I should look back and see what I have run (hence the need for the Trusty Rusty Running Log) and perhaps a sub 4 isn’t really in the cards (unless the planets are aligned and Mercury isn’t in Retrograde) but a PR might be something that I could touch (take that MC Hammer)… 4:06 or so.

AND… there is a NEW episode of Gravity@1053′ just about finished! I PROMISE! I am starting to catch back up on podcasts, but still way back in last year and I have the compulsion to listen to each one, in order, just ANOTHER reason for some long runs. Also, look for a new feature on Planet3rry.com! I am going to roll that out in the next couple of days or maybe hours… let’s see how motivated I can be.

Inigo Montoya Planet3rry: Is very strange. I have been in the revenge business so long, now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life.
Westley: Have you ever considered piracy? You’d make a wonderful Dread Pirate Roberts.

About Next Weekend

Today’s run was a practice run of the last 6.5 miles of the Knoxville Marathon in which I am going to be (WAIT, let me go check… 7 Days Out and STILL 4:45 pacer) the pacer for the 4:45 finish group. It has been 3 years since I ran the race and while I usually run on many parts of the Marathon course, I still wanted the practice. Kinda like a Dress-Rehearsal… except, no pace group, no course monitors, no water stations, no crowd support, no course support and bringing DARKNESS and ChAOs… no volunteers.

It felt great, I ran the entire way, non-stop and with ease. I need to see what my pace was, but it was in the 9-10min range. I’ll have 2-3 more runs in this quasi-Taper before the marathon. I did decide on a few things…

  1. I am going to record the entire marathon: I’ll use it for an episode of Gravity@1053 and I will use it as my first episode for my, yet untitled, ASD Athletes podcast.
  2. I will twitter during the marathon, maybe 3 or 4 times depending on how I can manage it. I am incredibly new at Twitter even though it’s been around forever (in techonology years)… We have a twitter set up for ASD Athletes, so I will use that one. @ASDAthletes
  3. I am going to call the phoneline for The Extra Mile podcast and send in a recording while running of my Knoxville Marathon experience. If you are a podcaster and you would like me to call in and leave a comment for you use on your podcast. Please let me know what the number is and I will “put it on the list”. Use the Contact Me in the Top Menu Bar.

Also in the upcoming week, look for the GUESS MY TIME, WIN CRAP contest for the Knoxville Marathon. I will have to change the rules a little (and I can, because I am the supreme universe ruler of the GUESS MY TIME, WIN CRAP contests) since my time SHOULD be 4:45:00 as a result of my Volunteer Position of being a Pacer. I am thinking that we are going to have some sort of “target” or “percent” type contest. I have to think about. I also have to find some crap to give away too… more on that in a day or two.

Saint of the Day

Let me tell you… things have been busy for me. In fact, write now, I am writing this remotely from the Planet3rry Global Headquarters when I should be home by now. Computer work for a friend…

So, I have a lot to catch everyone up on… all 15 readers! One of the big things is that I ran something around a 19 miler on Sunday with decent results. I have YET the time to map out the course, much less add my workout to my Buckeye Outdoor account. Which, for March shows me as doing NOTHING… but that’s only because I haven’t had the time lately because my 40hr Job has been busy. Not to bore you… although I am already getting sleepy over it… is that the Stimulus Package that President Obama sent out has gotten OFCCP – a Federal Agency to do some more monitoring of the federal funds in construction projects (bored, yet?). Guess who sends them a list of projects for them to inspect in their area each month? You guessed it… ME! And guess who name is on the print out report? Yup… Moi! And who has been fielding calls from the San Fran and NYC office this week? Uh-huh! And guess how much I can help them? Little to none! It’s a contractual issue that may be resolved this week or at least in the step in the right direction. Oh, I talked to long about my 40hr Job AHHHHH COOOOOTIES!!!!

So, if you follow me on Facebook (because I don’t do the twitter thingie… although ASD Athletes is there… so technically, I guess I am with a degree or two from twitter) you’ll see that one of my recent status updates is that I ran today (Tuesday) roughly 6 miles and recorded a little bit of audio for Gravity@1053′ (my podcast). Just a 10 month hiatus… and if work will slow down enough, I am changing the format to a more “record and DUMP” format. It’s a Unformatted, Unscripted and slightly edited format. I am thinking about doing an ASD Athletes podcast… or rather My Lovely and Talented Wife suggested it and since I like podcasting, I thought, maybe that’ll get me in the groove… because if you can do one… you can kinda do two with not much difficulty.

I am sure there are other things that I should blog about… but I gotta get home.