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Apologies to Richard B. Smith (1901-1935)

Running in a Springtime Waterland

Alarm clock rings, are you listening,
In the lane, street is glistening
A horrible sight,
It rained last tonight.
Running in a Springtime waterland.

Gone away is the snowbird,
Here to stay is a blue bird
He sings a love song,
As I contemplate,
Running in a Springtime waterland.

In the greenway creek, we can cross train by swimming
Then pretend that he is Race Director Brown
He’ll say: Are you Trained?
We’ll say: No man,
But we’re trying to get it done
When it’s dry in town.

Later on, we’ll conspire,
As we surf by the notebook
To face unafraid,
The runs that we’ve made,
Running in a Springtime waterland.

On the trail we can trudge through the mud,
And pretend we’re a thoroughbred at The Downs
We’ll have lots of fun going through the woods,
Pretending we win the Triple Crown.

When it rains, ain’t it irritating,
‘Cause your nose gets a sniffle
We’ll visit and pay, our medical co-pay,
Running in a Springtime waterland.

Fave Musician in Town

One of my Fave Musicians is in town this weekend. And No, I don’t have Tickets either. I never put them on my wish list so they never magically appeared. Here’s some of my fave lyrics:

Upgrade my system at least twice a day
I’m strictly plug-and-play, I ain’t afraid of Y2K
I’m down with Bill Gates, I call him “Money” for short
I phone him up at home and I make him do my tech support
And I forgot the next verse
Oh well, I guess it pays to rehearse
The lyric sheet’s so hard to find
What are the words, oh nevermind
Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, ooh no
Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know…
It’s Christmas at ground zero
And if the radiation level’s okay
I’ll go out with you and see all the new
Mutations on New Year’s Day
I’m the pious guy the little Amlettes wanna be like
On my knees day and night scorin’ points for the afterlife
So don’t be vain and don’t be whiny
Or else, my brother, I might have to get medieval on your hiney
And I was singin’
My my this here Anakin guy
May be Vader someday later
Now he’s just a small fry
Don’t play that song
That “Achy Breaky” song
The most annoying song I know
And if you play that song
That “Achy Breaky” song
I might blow up my radio, oooh…
Elmo’s got gun, Elmo’s got a gun.
Big bird’s on the run.
Bernie’s dialin’ 911.
Don’t change the channel
Don’t touch that dial
We got it all on UHF
Kick off your sneakers
Stick around for a while
We got it all on UHF

And if you are still clueless it’s Weird Al Yankovic. He’s here in Knoxville this weekend at the Tennessee Theatre

Halloween in July

There’s the sales that stores put out there to get people off the water and into the stores, the Christmas in July Sales… mainly because there’s not much else to use as a catalyst for sales in between 4th of July (not a big Sales Weekend) and Back to School (which varies from school & state).

So the other day, My Lovely and Talented Wife colored my hair. Well, more specifically she added some highlights to my hair. As I was really bored waiting for the whole process to start, I messed around with my hair and came up with a great Halloween costume. After all, It’s only 104 days (as of the posting of this post) until the Day of Free Candy.

with slightly minor photo-editing, I present a candidate for employment at Wonka this year’s Halloween costume:


Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do

Once Again

Seems that I have not really had any content in this blog in a while and I can tell because my hits and comments reflect it. I might have to resort to some crazy blog marketing such as Cynical Dad’s very popular Chag Libs or the overly redundant “How-Did-People-Find-This-Blog” (which I have done in the past).

SO while you are waiting here in orbit, I have a pictorial post here. Come with me for a short excursion on my shopping trip last night:

For wookies

I wonder how soon this is going to be on clearance? Can we say “Razor… on a stick”? Wow, there is so many directions I could take with this thing. I mean, “essential” or “do it yourself”… come on. And did you see how “BIG” the razor is… it’s just a beard trimmer on a stick. What do you do if you’re say, a werewolf or a wookie?

I wonder if this just endorses the Man Groomer?

Go Irish!

Get yours now for $39.99


What do you get when cross the Fashion Sense of Freddy Krueger?


Mixed with uber coolness of Indiana Jones?


I didn’t know either:


(ignore the display in the background)


So… what do you get when you take George Clooney

and toss in a little Brad Pitt?


It’s not Ocean’s Fourteen…

Something much funnier goofier

flat hat

okay, enough torture, that’s all I got… for NOW! MUHAHAHAHA


Now, I would imagine that most people would rather have sharp sticks poked in their eyes than go through a vocabulary quiz. Especially some of us who have been out of school for an extended length of time. However, if you don’t use your brain, you’ll lose it. That’s why I think it’s important to participate in Recreational Mathematics. Thanks to Sam I Am, here is way that you can participate in, uh, Recreational Spelling. And, it’s for a good cause. Well, it’s a good cause if you don’t like hunger, famine and death.

(Click picture to go to freerice.com)

So really, this is just a “Brains for Food” Marketing ploy, sounds like the works of zombies to me… good work though.

The Other Meme

Here’s one that Roon has tagged me with back at the end of January, which I was going to do but forgot.The rules:
* link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
* share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
* tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
* let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.

1) As a child, when I said ‘Yes’, I always said “Yeah, that my talkin’ I like my say”

2) I thought that when I first got to Grad School that I should start drinking coffee, because all grad students did was read and drink coffee

3) I’ve never broken a bone

4) My First Beer was a warm Budweiser, My first legal beer was a St. Pauli’s Girl

5) So far, every country or place out side of the U.S. I have had the local beer/ micro brew

I’m not going to tag 5 more people but feel free to play, if you want to, so consider yourself tagged.