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Further Behind

You can take that whole thing that I said about having the podcast ready and chuck it out the window. My goodness. If I forget my microphone ONE more time, that’ll be one more time that I forgot my microphone. Okay… going to Plan G.

If I can use my mobile studio tomorrow morning, that should give me most of the content that I need for the podcast. Then at lunch, I can record the rest while I go running and that will cover the audio that I wanted to record this past weekend in the race I didn’t run: Whitestone 30k. Given that we have a meeting tomorrow, I would say that I might have it either early afternoon or Thursday.

But, all I can say is that it is still “on it’s way”… HEY, THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL!


I totally ate a pint of Kung Pao Chicken (and Rice) last night. Talk about a friggin’ oinker. I was in a blah mood and I went out and picked up Chinese for our “date night”. I just couldn’t get enough. Back in the days when I could have Gluten, I would love long time some General Tsao’s cat chicken or Orange horse Beef. Jokes about cats and dogs in Chinese food is funny over used. But I “settled” for Kung Pao. Well, I was in a treat because it was actually spicy hot. Well, not terribly spicy hot but enough that once you got through the whole pint, you were feeling a little tingle in your mouth. However, I don’t know what my fortune is… can’t eat them.


Wordless Wednesday… I have never played this weekly themed post. But tomorrow I will be. It’s set to post in the morning


I would talk about my trading today… put it’ll bore you. It was down for me… by alot. I made a silly noob mistake. But tomorrow is a new day!


On a sports topic, The Immortal Brett Favre has decided to retire from football as the Multi-MVP, ProBowl, Super Bowl Winning Quarter Back of the Green Bay Packers. I have him on my goal poster, not as some icon that I worship, but as a reminder to Do enjoy what you do. If there was anyone that loved playing football, it was the gunslinger Favre. If he was winning or losing (more often when he was winning) you could tell from the smile on his face that he was enjoying himself. THAT’S how I want to work! Working at UT is not that long term piece to the puzzle. Sure it’s fine right now. But I want to work from home, with MLATW and the kids. I don’t want to report to The Man, because I have to or need to. So now Favre rides off into the sunset of his football career into whatever he is going to do next, but you know, whatever that is going to be… it’ll be FUN to Favre.


MLATW posted a very interesting post about the Aspergian Parent/Child relationship. On there there is very basic (you might be an Aspergian if) list of “possible” warning signs. I wanted to bring some attention to this because. Even if you don’t have Aspergers, you may see something about your parent and how it was growing up. Aspergers has been around for a long time but until recently it didn’t have a diagnosis to help explain, why people act a certain way. People around my age (30-sexy) are just now becoming aware that they may have Aspergers (like me) because of diagnosi of kids. We might recognize that “hey, I think my [FILL IN BLANK] may of have (or God rest their souls) had Aspergers or something else.” I dunno… I though it might help.

Home Sweet Home To Meeeeeeeee

Good Ole Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee…

I scored some Football Tickets from one of my coworkers for the Vanderbilt Commodores vs. University of Tennessee Volunteers at Neyland Stadium, Knoxville TN. This was UT’s last home game and came into the game undefeated at home. If UT won against Vanderbilt and then beat Kentucky on 11/24, they would miraculously go to Atlanta on Dec 1st to play for the SEC championship.

Our tickets were in the Upper Deck (XX2), 5 Rows up and near the goal line on the NorthWest Side. These were actually ideal seats. You could see everything that was happening on the field, the Jumbotron and the fireworks.

We arrived 45 minutes to kickoff and were able to see some of the pre game tradition. The Pride of the Southland Marching Band goes through their routine of making the different UT symbols, the fight songs then the “T” that the players run through. Since it was the last home game, it was Senior day and the departing seniors were recognized. It was wierd to hear some of the players named, people you never heard before, like the 7th string quarterback, and then there were the players that were injured at the beginning of the season and you were like “oh, yeah, he got hurt in the first game”. Then the popularity continued until the Senior Quarterback Erik Ainge. The crowd went wild. This was the same kid that got hurt as a freshman, then had a horrible sophomore season, rebounded in his Junior year and has been having a solid senior season.

Now, we actually had a couple of degrees of commonality between the two schools. My Lovely and Talented Wife both have degrees from UT, and when My Lovely and Talented Wife was an undergraduate student at Furman University, she was on the cheerleading squad. The Coach of the Furman University Paladins (and that’s FU 1 time) was no other than Vanderbilt Coach Bobby Johnson. So while the Vols were playing to staying in the championship hunt, the Commodores were trying to become Bowl [game] eligible (that’s to be able to play in the post season for those that are not familiar with Collegiate American Football).

Vanderbilt did a good job to silence the #3 stadium in the country (attendance at the game was 105,000+). At least for a while. Vanderbilt was leading 17-9 at the half and held the Vols through the 3rd quarter. A “roughing the kicker” penalty fired up the Big Orange Fans and UT began to come back. The penalty, plus the fact that Vanderbilt running game was being stifled either by gremlins or the paint on the field for the markers was higher than normal. It’s not too often that a running back, tackles himself in the open field, for a loss.

Phillip Fulmer is known to play conservative and did so by playing for a field goal, but it put the Vols up 25-24 with just a little bit of time left. The porous special teams let Vanderbilt return a punt into Tennessee Territory. The held Vanderbilt from getting any significant yardage and the game rested on the foot of the Vanderbilt kicker. From our angle, we couldn’t tell if the kick was good or not, but when the crowd behind the goal posts went ballistic, we knew that UT had dodged a HUGE Black and Silver bullet and had snapped the Commodore’s winning streak in Neyland Stadium to 1.

One thing that was kick of different was that we didn’t get any of the $500 hot dogs. Since we are on the Gluten Free diet, eating at the stadium was a little bit more difficult, but not impossible. We ended up getting a Box of $250 popcorn and a 20oz soda with a 1000% markup. Most expensive Coke Rewards Points I’ve paid yet!

However in the process of having a good time at the game, I managed to lose My Lovely and Talented Wife’s favorite gloves and NOT buy her the Cracker Jacks that she wanted (she loves surprises).

Slow Tuesday

Today ended up being a rest day. I was going to swim but I am not a chipper puppy right now. I gave blood yesterday and I think I'm a little rundown from that. So, I thought that I would skip the workout in case my immune system isn't up to snuff.

Also, I think I may have strained my diaphragm from Sunday's run. It is still bothering me today and I am unsure what to do to fix it. Maybe'll put a heating pad on it tonight even though I got a ton of things to do at home tonight.

On a good note, I won my second fantasy football game this weekend. I am now 2-11! Way to go Team Incognito, even though Hasselbeck didn't perform all that well, it was enough to beat the Dirty Dog!


Today was the day of all rest. After a not so grueling week, at least on paper, I had to take today off and I can already feel the healing.

Jen mentioned this morning that I might have had a not so perky run yesterday because of the two medicines that were injected into my body. How smart! It definitely could have been a variable in why my run seemed so… arduous. Anyway, a day removed from the shots and exercise is well worth it, rest days make you stronger, which is why most training programs have take 2-3 rest days a week.

So that means that I should make some concerted effort to run tomorrow. Perhaps 4 laps over at Lakeshore for a 8.8 total. Or maybe a trail run at Concord Park where the leaves will be changing. Nah, the photographic opportunities maybe to much of a distraction. We'll see though. Something will come of it.

Tennessee is playing Notre Dame tomorrow at 2:30 on NBC, that should be a fun time. UT's great defense with a stumbling offense makes for some trying time. Just this week after Spurrier handed Fulmer his lunch, the offensive coordinator took a different assistant job and let Phillip with the play calling. So here is the real test on whether it was all Randy's fault or if there is something up with the players and their inability to shine like their supposed to. Virginia is at Temple, so that won't be shown around here. Furman is at Georgia Southern, a typically difficult Southern Conference game. Green Bay is hosting the Steelers and looks like it will be televised here, I guess it depends on when Tennessee is playing Cleveland, so I might be able to watch some of that game as well.

Computress says…

Monday was filled with installing programs back onto the computer at work. Yes, more geekiness by Terry. It seemed that right when I was about to update my blog here, the computer wanted to restart each time. Oh well.

So on Saturday we had a representative from Townecraft come and do a show of their greaseless, waterless cookware. Good Stuff, but very pricey. Not something that I would want right now, but when we can replace what we have with high-end pieces then I might consider it. The pieces use technology to actually heat more evenly and in the clean-up process it easier to clean. A much better investment than purchasing pieces at Wal-mart where you end up eating the non-stick coating over the years.

Also on Saturday, I watched some of the games where UT's hopes of a decent postseason are all but gone. The loss to Georgia has left many of the Vol fans here wondering what they are going to do for the rest of the season. Where is the offense? Why so many penalties? Fulmer makes $5,400 a day… so why the poor performance? The list goes on and on…

UVA lost to Boston College as well. That game was not aired where I could watch it, so I do not know how their performance played in their loss or is BC a good ranked team. Furman (I-AA) beat Appalachian State which is a conference game for them, so that is good!

Sunday we made it back to Sunday School for the first time since Ryan's birth. We also got to meet the New Orleans' Family that our class adopted, The Davises. I don't have all their information, but I think the husband and wife have 4 kids… I'll have to check on that. We then went to a social at our of the class mate's house. Lots and Lots of food. I could have kicked myself since I didn't have any camera with me. Terry feel shame. Anyway, it was a nice social experience even though I was herding Eric most of the time.

Green Bay won easily, breaking their winless streak. Yeah. I still have to check to see if my fantasy team has won yet… I don't think so because I had no players for last night's game.

Didn't get to run either. I actually didn't really try because of the weather Sat/Sun morning. I did want to lift weights but did not get a chance to do that. I was able to get Eric out of the house and play in the yard… so that was fun.

No workout

I didn't work out today. Jen is going to Florida for the weekend, which leaves the kids with me for the weekend. Well, Tita Angie is here, so there's some help. She'll be home alone with the two this afternoon, so I decided that I would leave work early to rescue her from the wrath of Eric. I worked through lunch to soften the blow on my vacation time. What the hell am I saying… I get 2 days of vacation a month… I just wanted to surf the internet for an extra hour instead of working out. Unfortunately no one was updating their blogs at that time… oh well.

I plan on running tomorrow morning maybe an 8 miler… I am due for a longer distance run and that's not too bad, especially since I getting a 5 miler in once a week. UT plays Ole Miss at Noon, so there is most of the afternoon. That game will be on TV, but the UVA game won't be, so I'll just have to follow the game tracker. Also got some yardwork on the agenda plus resurrect a computer from the dead.. MUHAHAHAHA IT'S ALIVE

Uppercut, Uppercut, Body Blow

Seems that Mother Nature has pulled off the gloves and are giving the US a couple black eyes. First there was Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Rita. Only Mother Nature would have the lady storms hit so hard (i.e. Camille)… I am woman, hear me ROAR. But what happens when they run out of names? Do they have alternates? Maybe just cycle over to the Cyclone names?

Here in Knoxville gas prices were 30 cents higher than yesterday. And under advice from Devaney, I went and got gas for the cars just on the safe side. The gas stations were busy but there were not long lines waiting to get to the pumps.

One of the blogs that I follow Off The Top of My Head cited that the Port Lavaca, Texas mayor was doing some drastic scare tactics (but really pre-cataloging) to get people to leave. But no matter what, you will always have those that will stay for whatever reason.

With Rita about to hit in the next day, did our Government learn enough from Katrina and be able to act accordingly? With the President's approval ratings at a very low spot, he needs to come out shining if Rita does major damage. As much as he took the responsibility for Katrina's faults, he can take responsibility for Rita's rights (if there are any).

So let's see what happens. I'll be glued to hear what Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore have to report about Rita and her imprint that she makes on America. She's already moved the UT vs LSU game to Monday night… can't wait for SportsTalk tonight to hear the people bitch about that… it's bad enough we have a quarterback “contoversy”.

…I'm swimming in the rain

Usually they leave the outdoor pool open in inclment weather as long as there is no lightening. Today, it was closed and what is funny is that when I went to swim it was raining steady and when I left it had stopped. Now, 2 hours later, the sun is out and the streets are pretty much dry. Well, we needed the rain, so it was an okay deal. The yard was looking brown…

So swimming was indoors today, which isn't really a bad deal. The water feels slightly more chemicalized than the outdoor pool. I took tuesday's goggle lesson and had no trouble keeping the pool from entering my goggles. I ended swimming a mile today without much fanfare. I took a less than two minute break at the halfway point, but other than that the laps were continuous. I was having a fun time with my form. I found that I can't have good form with my arms AND kick at the same time. I can do one or the other, but continuous kicking is something I will have to learn. So this is what happened:

Split Split Distance Split Time
1 800 meters 18:23
2 800 meters 18:11

The weekend should be low-key on athletics. Our friends who have twins will be having their 5th birthday. So that is during the day and then at night is the Tennessee/Florida game, so that is a much watch (8:00pm CBS – GO VOLS). Sunday… will probably be everything we need to have done on Saturday but skipped it!


We a had a touch of cold weather here in East Tennessee starting on Friday afternoon, enough to prompt me to keep checking the weather for the Trideltathon on Sunday morning. Each time that I looked, it was getting colder and colder. From 36 to 34 and then the “feels like” temperature prediction of 32 then 29 and then 26. I could just imagine getting pneumonia again with temperatures like that.

Gray and Lauri showed up around 2am and proceeded to get right to sleep. I didn't blame them.

The only pressing matter on Saturday's Agenda was to go to Swim and Tri for packet pickup. Also we wanted to take them to Tijuana Taco because this is a awesome local mexican restaurant. It's like a gourmet Taco Bell only better. My favorite is the Nachos which is easily a HUGE meal.

we made it out to Swim and Tri around 3pm so that we could attend a Beginner's clinic they were having. Gray wanted to Lauri to see what was involved or really get some information from professionals on how to be effective in triathlons. The nice thing about the Trideltathon is that the short format, you can go all out in each of the discipline and be fine. Also, you don't need to train as hard to just complete the distance. The clinic was not very informative in terms of information about triathlons in general. It was very informative about the Trideltathon though. So it was worth hanging out in the cold. The one thing that we found out was because of the cold, the format was being reversed. That is, the run was first, then bike and then into the pool. Even though I like the traditional format, this was going to suit me just fine, because I would have a smaller chance of getting sick this way. Plus the pool is indoors and heated!

We also had a good time at Tijuana Taco afterwards. We tried to see some of the NFL draft and how are teams were picking. Lauri's grandparent has season tickets to the Steelers, so she goes to a game once a year. Gray is a big Raiders fan and I like Green Bay. Jen doesn't have an absolute favorite team but likes football in general. After Tijuana Taco and all of us stuffed out of our minds, we went to Ross to get some clothes for Eric. Since the change in weather, we have run out of clothes for Eric to wear. He has about 6 outfits that fit him and are seasonal for the spring time. So he constantly wearing the same thing over and over. Well, we picked up a few new outfits from Ross, so at least we potentially have a choice on what he is going to wear. Dessert was on the menu now… a trip to Marble Slab Creamery for some ice cream. I actually didn't get any ice cream but everyone else enjoyed the treats.

Gray and I ended up watching Star Wars that night. He ad brought with him some Arrogant Bastard Ale in 22oz bottles for us, which was very good. It had around a 7% alcohol content, which meant that only one bottle was sufficient to provide the desired effect.

Artic Chill

It was a pretty nice weekend around here, if you were a penguin. We were told in the late part of last week that we would have a significant snow even com the weekend. The forecast was a bunch of rain on Satuday that would turn into snow over night and snow on Sunday. Well, we did get rain and snow, but in quantities much, much less than predicted. Even though it was gloomy for most of Saturday, we did not get any rain until the afternoon/evening and then it was not that much. The snow came in a light form over night and we received a dusting of snow. It was the dry powdery kind that stuck to the road and not the grass. By noon, everything was about gone, but some kids still got out today… due to icy road conditions.

I ran 6.6 miles on Friday afternoon, at a 8:13 pace, 8:56 pace and a 10 min pace for 3 loops of 2.2 miles respectively. It was the first time that I did a mid distance run at any significant speed and I was pleased at the results even though they were not consistent. Seeing that I was scheduled to run 18 this week and with what was the forecast and other variables, I decided that a run on Friday and Sunday would suffice. I was not sore on Saturday, but took the day off, anticipating that I would get to run on the treadmill on Sunday. I was able to run the 6.6 loop again on Sunday with Marty. We ran the first 2 loops (4.4 miles) at a 9:45 pace and being within 4 seconds of our split times between laps. Our last lap we blazed at a 8:10 min pace. I think that we are going to try to run 9:30-9:45 min miles at the marathon, at least that is our goal right now… we still have 8 weeks.

New England and Philadelphia are playing in the Superbowl. My prediction is that New England will get another throphy. Comparing the two teams, NE has more of a complete package than Philly. If Brady is having a bad game, there are plenty of other people on the NE team who can make plays and offset Brady’s Mistakes. Philly, on the other hand, is more symbioticwith McNabb, in that, when McNabb is playing poorly so does the rest of the team. The both are good perennial teams and we probably should have seen this combination years ago, but now we see some powerhouses go at it. I imagine that Terrell Owens will provide plenty of sound bites leading up to the big game and I hope he gets to play. I do not know his status, but the Superbowl deserves the Super Players. So it should be a good game. Also, if Kelly Clarkson has a wardrobemalfunction, that’ll be sweet but I digress. I also look forward to the commercials just like everyone else… also what is the deal with Nike commercial with the tribal/urban head gear. Urlacher with a square barbed wire helmet? What the…

I look forward to the balmy 30 weather this week…