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14 Day Sugar Detox – Day 9

I will shed a little light on why I needed to do this Sugar “reset”. I am very much a chocoholic and this intervention, while I won’t abstain from chocolate in the future, will give me some proof that I don’t need to eat it 24/7 and to be aware of how much I eat.

Here are a few of the chocolates that are available with ease at my work along with some of the nutritional facts. There are other candies that are accessible, these are the main culprits.

Hershey Kisses (9pcs) – 210 calories, 12g total fat/7g sat fat, Carbs 25g (23g Sugar, 1g fiber), 3g Protein

Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (5pcs) – 220 calories, 13g total fat/ 5g sat Fat, Carbs 26g (23g Sugar, 1g fiber), 4g protein

Mini Nestle Crunch (3pcs) – 180 calories, 9g total fat/ 6g sat fat, Carbs 25g (21g Sugar, 1g fiber), 2g protein

Mini Snickers (4pcs) – 170 calories, 8g total fat/3g sat fat, Carbs 22g (18g Sugar, 1g fiber), 3g protein

I don’t know how many pieces of chocolate that I happen to take in any given day. Sometimes it is less, sometimes it is more (especially if work is real stressful).  For giggles sake, I am going to speculate that on average, I might get 24 pieces of chocolate, to make the math easier. 12 pieces before lunch and 12 in the afternoon. And it’s usually like 2-3 pcs when I go to the restroom or something like that, so it’s typically spread out over a few hours.

This totals to 861Calories, 49g total fat/23g sat fat, Carbs 105g (90g Sugar, 5g fiber), 15g protein

I’m going to use the 2,500 Calorie Daily Allowance values as I am a fairly active guy and by default need the extra fuel. So, just on this guess of chocolate alone, the chocolate eating accounts for 34% of Caloric intake, 61% of Fat, 92% of Saturated Fat and 28% Carbohydrates. Funny enough, there is no recommended daily allowance for sugar by itself, only total carbohydrates and fiber but not for sugar or  protein. And this is for the day, not including breakfast, lunch, dinner and any other snacks.

So, the decision to make, is how much to allow back into my diet. I have that schedule for the content portion of Day 12 write up.


Day 9 – 5/20/14 Tuesday

Weight: 171.6


It’s only 2 data points per category (the HORROR!) but the distances are the same routes, so that helps the comparison.

running before sugar

5/7/2014 3.35 31:14 Pace: 9:19 min/mile
5/9/2014 4.45 40:43 Pace: 9:08 min/mile

running during detox

5/14/2014 3.35 31:52 Pace: 9:30 min/mile
5/16/2014 4.45 45:13 Pace: 10:09 min/mile

I’m not surprised at all, I fatigue faster, but while my body is slowing down, mentally I still feel strong. This is unlike what happens when someone hits “The Wall” (as in The Matrix, there is no spoon, there is no wall) where the physical and mental energy levels are at a low.

I ran 8x400m repeats and I couldn’t keep the pace very well, my best lap was a 1:50 min (7:20 min/mile equivalent) whereas earlier this year, I was able to run repeats in the 1:35 min time frame (6:20 min/mile equivalent). What does this really mean? I’ll speculate on it real soon.



Butterfinger Crime

One of the “Deal” sites that I subscribe to the RSS Feed (The Bargainist), had this deal this morning:


Despite being April Fool’s Day, chance for a free candy bar, is something I am all over. So I went to the Nestle page to request my coupon for said Sans Gratis Candy Bar. Along with the marketing ploy to get information entry form, there was a contest to win free crap good stuff:

  • Apple® iPhone™ 3GS**
  • Console Game
  • $300 Electronics gift card
  • 1-year supply of BUTTERFINGER® bars

All you had to do was submit a story (600 characters or less) on how someone laid a finger on your Butterfinger. How could I resist?

Here’s the verbose first version of my story, weighing in at 1163 characters.

Don’t mess with my Butterfinger or you might end up like Johnny 4-Fingers. Now he wasn’t always called “Johnny 4-Fingers”, he was born with all 5 digits on his right hand but his desire for my chocolate delicacy clouded his better judgment.
Having opened my Butterfinger, it wasn’t long before the smells of “peanut-buttery” euphoria filled the room. Johnny, a known chocoholic, thought he would acquire my candy bar.
He schemed a fake emergency in the kitchen. Responding to the commotion, I left my Butterfinger unsecured on the table. In my absence, he made his move. However, when Chocolate is on the line, you don’t mess with me.
In the time for him to reach the table and lay his former finger on MY Butterfinger, I unsheathed my samurai sword and separated Johnny and his finger forever.
While Johnny was screaming in agony and the Ambulance (and police) were in route, I sat down and enjoyed my Butterfinger.
While waiting trial, I am counting on winning the 1-year supply of Butterfingers so my charges can be dropped. The judge is a huge fan of said candy bar. Hopefully Johnny 4-Fingers has learned his lesson, I would hate for him to earn a new nickname.

But with it being slightly over the limit, I had to trim down my story and cut corners where I could to get it under the weight limit.

Don’t touch my Butterfinger or end up like Johnny 4-Fingers. He wasn’t always Johnny 4-Fingers, but his chocoholic nature got the better of him.
After opening my Butterfinger, the smell of peanut-buttery euphoria clouded his judgment and he schemed an emergency outside. Responding to the call, I left my Butterfinger on the table. Sensing tomfoolery, I rushed back inside and with my knife separated Johnny and his finger.
Hopefully Johnny 4-Fingers learned his lesson, hate for him to earn a new nickname. I hear the judge in my case loves Butterfingers, perhaps I could share the winnings.

However, when I submitted the story the first time an error occurred and going back to the form, all my information was GONE. Luckily, I knew that I was going to write this post and had copied and pasted it to my text editor. I entered in my information again and hit submit. Same result, error. I tried a third time and got a different error, but I am not sure if my request for a free Butterfinger OR my story submission made it. Oh well… you get what you pay for… stoopid internets

Sah-wing Better Batter Sah-wing

The kids woke up to no Easter Baskets filled with candy or toys or anything like that. It’s part of our “Don’t Tell, Don’t Know” plan we have here in Planet3rry Central. If we don’t tell them about an Easter Basket, they won’t know to want one. But with The Elder being in public kindergarten, that’s going to be short lived. Of course, we’ll just manipulate the information. “Sure, you can have an Easter basket, and since this is the Swahili year of the Tree, that means that all of your Easter Gifts have to be made out of paper.

As much as I enjoy helping the kids do stuff that they probably shouldn’t do for safety reason by themselves… but since they are intelligent, I would rather supervise them and be there, as opposed to them trying the same thing when NO one is around just for a joyride to the Hospital in the Ambulance. Oh, if they KNEW they could ride in an ambulance… I think they would try to fake it. Okay, I wrote myself in a circle, I was starting with one thing and then went all around it and now I am lost. Oh well.

GF but not TFNow, I did make a special treat for the Family. I made some Gluten Free and (Just About) Casein Free Brownies! I used a new flour with an ancient recipe that I know by heart. If you are going to know anything by heart… screweth the Shakespeare… I good chocolate recSchwing!ipe tis a better choice I pray! The flour that I used was called Better Batter. And Yes, EVERYTIME we say it we do want to say Better Batter Baseball. That’s a toy that the kids were trying to win. It’s Baseball for the only child, more or less.

The result of the Brownies… “Mmmmm Tasty!” Most GF Chocolate foods taste like… well, chocolate cardboard or something close to it…they were indeed NOT of that variety. Moist and evenly cooked, with the edge of the Brownies a little more tougher to satisfy those with the “Edge Fetish” (and you know who you are!).

Now, the end result wasn’t identical to the regular recipe. The biggest difference was that despite the 4 eggs, the brownies weren’t all that cakey. They were about 1/2in thick and I had thought it would be around 1in or so. But this did not affect the texture or taste of the brownies, I even wonder if I could have used less eggs and still had the same result.

Well, since it’s not a National Secret, I guess I can share it with anyone who wants it:

[Preheat oven to 350F and grease a pan of your choice… 9×13 standard works]

2/3 Shortening (Crisco is my pick)

4oz Unsweetened Chocolate

[Heat these two together until it’s a liquid, just short of boiling]

2c sugar (Haven’t tried alternatives yet)

[Stir that in, Makes a nice choco-sugar substance]

4 eggs

1 tsp Vanilla

[Mix ’em into the batter]

Now we get into Chose Your Own Baking Adventure

if you want to use the Better Batter Flour choose “A”

if you want to use the Regular Gluten All Purpose Flour choose “B”

A) Better Batter

1.25c of Better Batter Flour

1 tsp of salt

[Mix’em into the batter, and put it in the pan]


[put in oven and bake for 30…]

B) Gluten APF

1.25c of AP Flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp of baking powder

[Mix’em into the batter, and put it in the pan]


[put in oven and bake for 30…]

All this recipe talk is making me hungry.

3 Day Weekend Relativity

I am sitting here with just minutes away from Easter Sunday. Perhaps, we should get the Kids an Easter Basket…. eh, that’s just one MORE thing that they’ll be begging for each year. I know I did. Of course, I am waiting for Easter Candy Monday, 50% and if you wait until later in the week, everything will be 75% off. And in two weeks, Wal-Mart will have BOXES of Egg Coloring Kits for about 90% off. Thank you Jesus for the candy prices and all that other stuff you did!

However, there is part of me that thinks that I need to go to work tomorrow. And what stinks is that I didn’t run on Saturday and since I perceive it as Sunday Night, I feel like I am behind. However, I can run tomorrow morning or afternoon or something tomorrow. I am thinking of something around 15ish… This past week was full of Tempo-y speed stuff.

And another warning… It’s going to be Race Week… that means that there will be more Crap to Win! Stay Tuned! It’s a local 5k, so I should be able to make it to the finishline…

When you go Big, you don’t go back

I discovered something very disturbing this past Christmas and I was tempted to write about it, but I didn’t. Then I saw another occurrence and I began writing and rant post in my head but it never made it to the computer. Then, on Wednesday, three times a charm, I saw something that just pushed me over the edge and I had to comment on this travesty that is happening before my eyes.

The Sanctity of Holiday Chocolate Candies is deteriorating! And it’s spreading!

Regular readers know that I love chocolate. Just a few years back, I was keeping a running total of the number of Easter Candies I was consuming, just because it was THAT special. Cadbury is by far my favorite chocolate. When the Mini-Egg was introduced, I was in heaven. It took me a little longer to actually try a Cadbury Creme Egg because I thought it was a “real” egg inside.

Every Easter season, I would wait patiently until after Valentine’s Day and head to the candy department and get a load of Mini-Eggs, Creme Eggs, and marshmallow eggs. It was a sad day when Easter was over I knew that stores would no longer carry these tastes of heaven. I would on occasion, hide a bag that I would find a few months later and try to eat it as slowly as I could. However, I love Mini-Eggs so much that a whole bag doesn’t last very long and with no will power, would be gone in a day. Yeah, I know.

Last year, I saw something that immediately disgusted m, yet I was somewhat intrigued by the newness of it all. Cadbury was marketing Christmas Holiday Balls in the crispy candy shell so reminiscent of Mini-Eggs. How could they blasphem Mini-Eggs and make this Christmas knock-off. Why were they trying to diminish the greatness that is the Cadbury Mini-Egg. But yet, how could I resist? They weren’t “shaped” like eggs, nor were they “pastel” colors but the bold red and green of the Christmas Season. So, in my moment of weakness, I bought a bag. I was high like a kid in Chuck E Cheese slamming back a Mountain Dew.

It was wrong, but it tasted so right. I tried to Google a picture so that I could included it here, but then I discover THIS. Now this total rip-off of the Mini-Egg is totally uncalled for… I mean, what part of Christmas is “egg” based. The easter bunny hides eggs… Santa doesn’t hide “eggs”. Well, unless that’s what he does in the stockings. At least they are not being marketed in the US, that I know of.


But what really got me going on this whole Fleecing of Candy in America. Is the marketeer’s trying to create every weird flavor they can. A few weeks back I picked up a Reese Peanut Butter Cup because the display I saw they were on sale. Deal for Terry. When I took a bite, they tasted “different” (no wonder they were on sale). But wait, upon further taste… it had a hint of Banana? Strange I thought. This experience render an email to the company about their Quality Control and how I had “bad apple”. I picked up the package and it was supposed to be peanut butter and banana. In fact, it was an Elvis commissioned special collector edition Reese Peanut Butter and Banana Cup… Thank you, Thank you very much.


Cadbury’s attempt to mimic seasonal candy is nothing new, Reese’s has been doing for years. When I first discovered Reese’s Easter Eggs, it was like a Peanut Butter party in my mouth. Less chocolate and more peanut buttery goodness had a much better blend then the normal, almost wimpy, peanut butter cups. Then you could find Peanut Butter Christmas Trees in December, Then you could find Pumpkins in October and you can find hearts in February.


So what is next? Reese Peanut Butter Flags for Flag Day (June)? Reese Peanut Butter Firework for Fourth of July(July)? Reese Peanut Butter Walker for Grandparents Day (September)? Reese Peanut Butter Boat for Columbus Day (October)? And since Christmas candy now comes out before Halloween, I think the rest of the year is covered. Except for August… nothing happens in August. Maybe a Reese Peanut Butter Air Conditioner? But, Oh wait, They already have done this, It’s called The Big Cup.

Big Cup

It’s available at the check out counter of my grocery store and currently it is on sale 3/$1. Instead of some cutesy shape it’s just a big cup. And the nice thing is that you aren’t paying a holiday premium either. At the same store, the Peanut Butter egg is 50 cents. So that’s 17 cents of “we’re going to gouge you with pretty colors and shapes” you’re paying for the egg as opposed to the cup. And Once you tasted “Big”, the regular sized Peanut Butter cups won’t do it for you anymore. Finally, I researched that a Peanut Butter egg is 1.2 oz and a Big Cup is 1.4 oz, so you if you are an Optimist, you are getting a great deal with the Big Cup; and if you are a pessimist, Reese is screwing you with the Easter Eggs.

And what I saw last Wednesday that pushed me over the edge was a “limited edition” Snickers bar. And we all know that “limited Edition” means “We aren’t making a whole until we see if you like them”. Just as Coca Cola released Diet Coke Plus, the not as bad for you soda, M&M Mars has come out with Snickers Plus Charged.


With it’s shiny white wrapper, I thought at first it was a white Chocolate Snickers (haven’t seen one yet), but alas it was a “not as bad for you” candy bar. Now, seeing how much I am willing to sacrifice for you all. I subjected myself as a human guinea pig and consumed one of these death bars for your benefit.

My Take: If I didn’t know it was a “special” Snickers, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference from a regular one. And given that there are some “bonus” vitamins in there, that’s pretty cool. I mean, I would have to eat 10 Snickers to get the 100%DV of Vitamins B6 and B12 (which is only a 2500 calorie intake, with 130g of fat). It comes with 250mg of Taurine, what ever that does… I am not Googling it right now. It contains 60mg of caffeine. So you can wash this thing down with a Red Bull and be freakin’ high for 2 days. If you listened to Jim Rome today, he was giving away a case of these bars (that’s 288 bars) for the best email of day. I wish I had a chance to play.

My Helpers

My Lovely and Talented Wife needed me to make some bakery sweets for the Advent By Candlelight event at our Church tonight. We had a Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownie mix in the cupboard and we had decided to use this since we wouldn’t have to buy any extra groceries. So, I had to get home to make the Brownies, plus take care of the kids for the evening. I knew that either the kids would wreck havok on the house like Godzilla on Tokyo, if I didn’t watch them like a hawk (they do have my DNA). So, I recruited them to “help” me. Luckily, The Younger, whose favorite line is “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I CAN DO IT” when it comes to everything, wasn’t all that interested in helping. He was much more interested in running around and playing with plastic bags. The Elder was much more engaged with the whole mixing process. I think he figured that if the dry mix tastes good, the finished mix must taste good as well.

So, I made the brownie mix, but that’s not all… we do alot of our Gluten Free Shopping with Amazon. Mainly because we can get bulk for pretty cheap. Like the Thai Noodles that we like are $2.50 at the store, but if you buy 12 from Amazon in bulk they’re only $1.50ish each. So, the box with the smiley face (that’s an Amazon box) was delivered with 6 boxes of Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate Chip mix… and well, since I was making the brownies, making the cookies would be just as easy since I was in the cooking mode.

So, I made the cookies and they turned out pretty good. They’re not exactly as good as Nestle Tollhouse Cookies, but for “homemade” cookies, they are good.

aside: My Lovely and Talented Wife just came in and said there were “A MILLION desserts there. A MILLION!” So being the highly intelligent person that she is, she brought home our gluten free brownies since most people wouldn’t appreciate them.

While the brownies were cooking, the cookie dough was set on the sheets and hanging around the kitchen. Funny that one cookie, the closest to the edge kept shrinking. The Elder apparently “needed a fix” every 30 seconds. Once the cookies were out of the oven, I gave them a small glass of milk and a cookie.

Here are pictures of my “helpers”

The Elder
The Cookie Addict


The Younger
Saving Some for Later


One of my biggest weaknesses is candy, I have a huge sweet tooth. I typically have to have candy everyday and will scheme to make sure that I can get my fix when I need it. The past few weeks, I have been taking advantage of major candy bar sales at Kroger and Pilot. Both stores have been running specials where their candy bars have been from $0.25 to $0.33 on sale, making the financial impact of consuming chocolate very bearable.

I can't resist what I buy… if buy 3 candy bars, I will eat 2 now and 1 later (or maybe the next day), so I would only buy 2-3 at a time which made it less convenient for me to eat them. Afterall, they aren't all that good for you. Calories, Fat and Cholesterol it does add up, especially if you are eating them as fast I as do.

well, I got my Cholesterol levels back last week and my levels weren't all that great (saved for another post). I came up with 3 action items to help lower my cholesterol and get my cardio health back to normal. 1) was to consume fish 2x a week, 2)Flax Seed and/or Cod Liver Oil supplements and 3) lower number of candy bars to 4 for a 2 week period (instead of 6-9 a week).

Apart from a bag of pink M&M's that I bought before I found out my score, I have been doing pretty well on the chocolate intake. Hey, Pink M&M's you say? Hey, they are for Suzie K's Cancer research and I am all about Breast Awareness.

However, as a candy JUNKIE, I have to get my fix elsewhere. In the whole scheme of Holiday Candy, Easter is my favorite time of the year (Mini Eggs, Cadbury Eggs, White Chocolate Lambs, Chocolate Marshmallow eggs, etc) since the QUALITY of candy is much higher. Christmas is nice because of the amount of candy involved, but the candy is just rehash of normal flavors just marketed into a holiday tin to get you buy it. Halloween is my least favorite because the candy is the cheapest crap out there apart from the normal stuff that you can find in the candy aisle anytime of year. The one exception for Halloween is that it is the only time of year that you purchase Smarties in million pound bags. And cheap… Smarties may be the best taste/price ratio out there.

Smarties – 60 Whew only 25 Calories a roll, NO fat, No cholesterol – Just sugar. I probably have had, GULP, 1000 350 calories of Smarties just today or more. But the beauty about Smarties is that if you can burn the calories… no harm no foul no fat. Thermodynamics, baby!

And if regular Smarties aren't enough for you my friend, check out what
Else is available

Cured Tuna

I think that I am over my pneumonia infection, at least the very nasty part of it. I have my appetite back, plus I do not cough up anymore phlegm. I do have two more days of antibiotics left and then I will be med free. YAY! I'll start walking on Sunday, but probably on Tuesday because of schedule and weather conditions.

As for the Tuna report, I have made the necessary changes in this round of editing. I am not sure if there will be a whole lot more, if not it will go to the printers! I'll find more about that next week.

Pete is coming to visit for the weekend. He is taking a 3 day seminar/class here at UT next week, so he'd thought that he would come early to see Eric. He's going to be a little surprised at Eric's rapid growth. Hopefully he won't forget his camera, else Janet will kill him. She's going to Vegas else she'd be in town as well.

At my work, when it is your birthday, you are to bring in a cake and ice cream. There is a secret birthday card given to you before everyone serenades you a squeaky “Happy Birthday”. I have missed out on Chocolate Cake and Cheesecake this week because I gave up chocolate for Lent. Thanks to Solange for given me the “Sunday Pass”, that you can have what you gave up on Sunday. She has it in writing. So on Sunday, I am going to chow down on some Cadbury Creme Eggs.


Flurries are what we had today, basically all day with some sunshine mixed in there to melt the snow. Here are some pictures of what it looked like at its peak prettiness.

Don't bother to look for the cool thing that was supposed to happen today. It probably won't happen until friday, maybe saturday.

My computer is still scanning… going on day 14 tomorrow. sigh… to have a computer

For Lent I am giving up Chocolate. I have done this before and it sucks. Well, it is only bad that I choose not to eat it and that it is near Easter when all delicious varieties are available. I think I will have to hoard massive quantities of chocolates for after Easter. One reprieve is that there are guidelines for Lent, that Sundays are days in which you can have/do what you gave. I, personally, think that this is cheating, but in this instance, I might choose to partake of some cocoa bean derivatives on Sunday. I must eat the Cadbury Creme Eggs… I must eat the Cadbury Creme Eggs…


I was flipping through the Walgreens sales ad and saw something that brought a smile to face. For the low low price of 3/$1, you can purchase Cadbury Creme Eggs. Delicious Dairy Milk Chocolate compassing a gooey batch of saturated fat that is only available in limited quantity for a short time. The eggs are the cardinals of the Easter Candy season, by far my favorite candy season. The forerunners are indicators that the Holy Grail of all Easter Candy, Cadbury MiniEggs will soon be available. Mmmm… Chocolicious.

On another note, I have a Statistics tutoree for Thursdays now. So, I now have 2 students on Thursdays which will give me time to work out between work and tutoring. I think this will be wonderful, the only thing that would make it better is if they were both an hour earlier so that I could get home before 9pm instead of 10pm.

I was able to get 5.4 miles around campus yesterday. It was a good tempo run among the hills of east Tennessee, my first run since last Thursday. I'll be running again on Thursday after work and will try to get another 5 miles or so in before my tutoring sessions. Today, I am going to swim at lunchtime, for about 1/2 an hour. This will give me my prep work for my long run on Saturday, which will be a 22.5 mile run in the morning. They are forecast rain for today, but it should be good for the weekend. This weekend will be 6 weeks out! I am not sure what time I will finish in. Marty (brewmaster and runner extrordinaire), with whom I have been training some, will finish right at 4 hours. He doesn't know it yet, but I think that he will be able to start off at a 9 min pace and then have a negative split for the second half of the race. He's thinking that he'll finish in 4:20 (10 min pace) but as long as he does not start to fast, he will be under 4hrs. This should put him around a 3:58 to 4:04. For me, I think I am looking more for a 4:15, which I am not that happy about. I would really like to have closer to a 4:12 or 4:10, as I know that I won't have a PR on this course, but i want a strong showing.

My computer at home is still scanning… sigh