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WORLD Autism Day

It’s WORLD Autism Day! It’s when the people on this globe bring awareness to Autism and the Autism Spectrum Disorders (huh, kinda sounds like a great name for a band…) But it’s only one day for some people. Just Like World Aids Day is just one day, for some. For me and my family, World Autism Day is EVERYDAY. It is our world.

Thankfully, my social and communication deficiencies from my Asperger’s Syndrome have made me (as a fellow Aspergian John Robison quoted) “Pleasantly Eccentric”. But that’s not the case for some. Some, are a little more in need. Need of therapy, need of companionship, need of understanding, need of being heard, need of advocacy. So today is a day to stop and as I have named my personal Soap Box Campaign… let’s just make it for the ENTIRE YEAR! “FOCUS ON KNOWLEDGE”

Focus on Knowledge

Growing up, it was all about learning. And not just what you learned in school. Schoolhouse Rocky (a Saturday Morning cartoon for Gen Xers) tagline was ‘Knowledge is Power’ or the cartoon of GI JOE “Knowing is Half the Battle”. Unfortunately Autistics can’t always SEE the big picture and know that there is another half. So this year, it’s going to be FOCUS ON KNOWLEDGE and I hope to have things that Neurotypical (NT) Person can learn about Autism and so things that Autistics can learn about NTs.

One of the things that I passionate and dedicated to do is bring the world of athletics to Autistics. It’s not that all of them are going to be great at athletics or physical activity, but they should be exposed to them. It’s a healthy lifestyle that EVERYONE should engage. That’s why I created ASD Athletes!And My Lovely and Talented Wife is passionate about Autism Advocacy as well! However, there is no way that My Lovely and Talented Wife and I can do this alone… we need your help. We need it physically (by volunteering at our events), we need it oratatively (spead the cause by Word-Of-Mouth), we need it spiritually (pray for our success) and we need it financially (because that’s the world we live in).

And since this is my blog about running… and since I am on the Spectrum (Asperger’s Syndrome) myself… I am compelled to merge the two for a Running Themed Donation Campaign. Here’s the deal, go over to the ASD Athletes’ website and click on the Chip-IN Thermometer on the right hand side (opposite side of where you Pass the Dutchie).

Be an ASD Athletes Half-Marathoner by donating $13.10

Be an ASD Athletes Marathoner by donating $26.20

Be an ASD Ultra Marathon by donating something more than $26.20


Be an ASD Athletes Plantinum Donor (since that one well known race is trademarked) by donating $140.60

Caution: Donating to a worthy cause may cause an experience of exuberance and a feeling of generosity and/or kindness. Should you experience any of these, please volunteer in your community. Like a smile, generosity can spread like wildfire (donors and recipients beware!) and even indirect contact can cause it spread. Large donations or repeat giving can instill a culture causing Random Acts of Kindness or even cultivation of Values.

And if you don’t get to Donate on World Autism Day, it’s okay… I will FORGIVE you! Promise!Look Sir! Donations!

When Spectrum Eyes are Engaging

When Spectrum eyes are engaging
Sure it’s like laser beams.
In the lilt of Superman’s Gaze,
You can feel the angels sing. When Spectrum hearts are happy,
All the world seems bright and gay.
And when Spectrum eyes are engaging,
Sure, they steal your heart away.

There’s a tear in your eye,
and I’m wondering why,
For it never seems to be there at all.
With such power in your smile,
sure a mermaid you’d beguile,
So there’s never a teardrop should fall.
When your sweet lilting laughter’s like some fairy song,
And your eyes twinkle bright as can be,
You should laugh all the while and all other times smile,
And now smile a smile for me.

When Spectrum eyes are smiling Sure it’s like a morning spring.
In the lilt of Spectrum laughter,
You can hear the angels sing.
When Spectrum hearts are happy,
All the world seems bright and gay.
And when Spectrum eyes are engaging,
Sure, they steal your heart away.


Lyrics by Terry

Based on “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” Lyrics by Chauncey Olcott and George Graff, Jr.


I have missed my morning meds two days in a row and this morning was EXTREMELY tired, but apart from that I realized that I have been falling into the Autistic patented “avoiding eye contact” pattern which I noticed this morning talking with one of my coworkers. At least she knows that I have Aspergers and understands that if I only look in her direction less than 505 of the time, it’s not that I am not engaged in the conversation… it’s just that’s, well, that’s what autistics do.

Kids Birthday Parties are

I get a nice 9 break from work but I will be travel to Phoenix AZ for MK Leadership with My Lovely and Talented Wife. So, we have given our Resourseful and Reliable Au Pair (although she’s not technically an au pair anymore… will have to think of a new name) the weekend off. I had expected to be able to get in a long run on Saturday Morning… forget that it was around 10F outside, I need to get on the ball with the Marathon training if I am going to be a Pacer (still no official word).

Saturday morning I figured out (i.e. was told) that she had the day off… and that for the immediate term, I had to go make breakfast. My Lovely and Talented Wife requested Peanut Butter Chip Pancakes… so off to make the Pancakes. I was a little bummed about not being able to get my run in, but it was my fault for not creating a schedule and seeing how it would match up with everyone else’s.

At some point during the day, I thought to myself… HEY, I could run home from the birthday party this afternoon. BRILLIANT! “Hey Honey, Can I run home after the party?”


*fist pump* “Sweet”

The party was one The Elder’s friends from his “School when I was 4”. This was a classroom of other Asperger and PDD children who had qualified for services from Knox County. It was a Godsend! But, this year, the kids in that class when seperate ways. The Birthday Boy and The Elder are in the same school, but are in different circulums. The Birthday Party was a homecoming of sorts… all but one kid was there…

Birthday parties with kids on the Autism Spectrum are the best… you never know what you are going to get and what you have is going to change in 5 minutes. This makes taking pictures LOADS of fun. I have a ton of pictures to download from Stella and upload. It’s just working in the time to get that done… I still have to pack and stuff.

And so I ran home from the birthday party… I still have to map out the distance, but it was a decent run, despite been cold. Although 32F was MUCH warmer than what it was that morning… so I am not complain. Oh, did I mention that The Birthday Boy’s Dad can run a 2:28 marathon?

This Morning Convo

Today is the beginning of the Knox County School’s Fall Break and other daycares, preschools, etc that aren’t associated with the County also follow the County’s School Schedule. So, there was a slight confusion this morning we Our Reliable and Resourceful Au Pair asked me, “Does The Younger have school (his Mother’s Day Out at a local Church) today?” It was clear (on the calendar and well announced to the kids) that there was no school for The Elder’s Kindergarten, but there wasn’t any indication (other than knowing that everything follows the school calendar) that others would share the same fall break.

Au Pair: Does The Younger have school today?

The Elder: (Very Eagerly and loudly) OOH OOH, I know Daddy! I Know the answer!

I bend down to his level and ask, “What is it?”

The Elder: (Matter of factly and softly) No.

It was very funny to see him so animated and excited to share the information and then he proceed to “robot mode” to tell it to me. Not, “No! And we are going to play all day” or “No! The Younger doesn’t have school, just like me.” Just, “No.”


So that got me thinking about routines and schedules and changes. As everyone who has been in an U.S. school system knows, there are TONS of breaks and days off that are built into the school calendar, but the never seem like enough.

Seeing that ALL kids need structure, they need routine. It is so much easier to parent when there is routine, because everyone knows what to expect. Kids, like to know where the boundaries are, so they know what their limits are and they know when they are testing them (because THEY know!). And it’s much easier to parent when there is a routine established. OKay, so I established that routine is a good thing.

So what do Aspergians Kids do when there is a break in routine? They panic a little more, they worry a little more and it might be a trigger of some other (probably unwanted) behavior later on that is unrelated to what is actually happening at the time.

It’s not that Aspergian Kids are that much different when it comes to a break in routine. They do like to try new things or experience new places (sometimes) but they would prefer to be in their routine with their special interest. The AS kid is more like a big ship… they just needs more time to change course.

So, this past week The Elder had a substitute teacher last week prior to this week’s Fall Break. So that may have helped with breaking the whole “going to school everyday” routine since his “school” was already in a state of flux. We found it hilarious the comments that the Substitute left on his daily evaluation sheet… “needs to listen on first command” (in big red ink)

and we are like “Helllllllloooooo, do you know he is autistic? Have you read his IEP and he suppose to learn that by the end of the year?” It’s not a crack on the Sub, since they don’t know that he isn’t NT, but it’s just funny (now) to understand how The Elder’s mind works (and his motive for his actions) in relation to his peers.

World Autism Donation Result

As I posted yesterday, I was going to take a trade and allocate the profit from that trade as a donation to an Autism Charity. Well, I had one position that I closed with a profit yesterday. The trade was a call option (Apr $230) that I purchased for $1840 for First Solar Inc. (FSLR). I very foolishly had a put option from the same company that was pretty much a waste, unless something monumentally bad happens with the stock price, so I was feeling bullish about the stock.

A Call Option is like a coupon. It said that I’ll buy 100 shares of FLSR at $230 sometime for the option expires, in this case April. What’s nice is that I can control 100 shares of stock for $1840 as opposed to $23,000 if I bought it out right.


Looking at the pretty graph, you can see the first green oval is when I bought the option, 3/28. 3 Trading days later, I decided that I wanted to sell it.

  1. FSLR stock price can move a lot in one day and I didn’t want to lose any money
  2. Since I don’t have enough money in my account, I have to take small gains until I can build enough to do all the trades that I would like to do.
  3. I wanted to have a winning trade for World Autism Day, like I had promised and this was my only position that was doing well.

So, I put a stop loss order on it and went on to do something else. I then noticed that the option had closed, so I checked out what happened. The Option sold for $2320. So that’s $480 minus the $3 commission to make the trade and BOOM, that’s $477.00 to go to an Autism Charity. But which one?

I decided that I am going to donate it to the Breakthough Corporation, why?

  1. They are fresh in my mind since I will be running their 5k race on April 19th
  2. They deal with Asperger’s for adults, something which really needs some support. There is support for children, but nothing about those (like myself) that are all grown up older being diagnosed with Asperger’s
  3. They desperately need the funds to get established in the area
  4. Did I mention they host a road race?

So now I need to send the check in.

World Autism Day

Today is World Autism Day. Since The Elder and Myself both fall under the umbrella of Autism, this is our day, kind of.

Now, I don’t expect The Elder to do anything special for World Autism Day, well maybe he will in class since it’s a classroom of fellow Aspergers and High Functioning Austitic Kids. But I am committing to doing something special.

I am going to take the profits that I make from my highest single trade that day and donate it to an autism supporting charity. I am not sure who that will be. If we were playing yesterday, the profit that I took from my best trade was $418. Now it could have been 3x higher but I was chicken to let trade move. Anyway… today, I will make a trade and we will see how much of a donation I will be making.

Since I am making up the rules, I wonder if donating it to my kid would be a legitimate charity? NAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Stay Tuned for the Results

Awareness on good ole Rocky Top

Rocky Top LogoRocky Top Markets is going to help us raise autism awareness by offering a fundraiser at their 38 locations in the East Tennessee area, which covers over 12 counties. This event will last during the months of April, May and June 2008. All proceeds will stay in the community and will benefit the Autism Society of America – East Tennessee Chapter and Breakthrough Corporation -Puzzle pieces will be offered for different levels starting with $1, $5 or $10 donations. Please help us to raise autism awareness in East Tennessee and support your local autism organizations at the same time!!!We are very excited about this event and need your support!!! We all want more autism services in east Tennessee – please help us to make this happen!!!We need you!!!

FIND A ROCKY TOP MARKET NEAR YOU (if you are traveling through Knoxville, shop HERE)

During the event, I am going to as may of the Rocky Top Markets as I can and donate $10 at each place for a puzzle piece, I’ll document it here on my blog. There, I said… it will come true now!

The Mysterious Aspergers

This Article has been around for some time now (Aug 2007). It’s the New Yorker article about Tim Page, an adult with Asperger’s, he recently spoke at the University of Missouri and here is the student newspaper article about the event. (Thanks to Redheaded Editor for the link)

It’s a nice article because it’s not as cumbersome as the New Yorker Article, but it does highlight a few typical Aspergian traits.

the part that struck me was the last two lines of the article:

“MU freshman Simone Francis, a journalism student who attended the event, said she had never heard about Asperger’s syndrome.

“It’s hard to grasp a problem like that when you don’t know how it feels,” Francis said.”

Further Behind

You can take that whole thing that I said about having the podcast ready and chuck it out the window. My goodness. If I forget my microphone ONE more time, that’ll be one more time that I forgot my microphone. Okay… going to Plan G.

If I can use my mobile studio tomorrow morning, that should give me most of the content that I need for the podcast. Then at lunch, I can record the rest while I go running and that will cover the audio that I wanted to record this past weekend in the race I didn’t run: Whitestone 30k. Given that we have a meeting tomorrow, I would say that I might have it either early afternoon or Thursday.

But, all I can say is that it is still “on it’s way”… HEY, THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL!


I totally ate a pint of Kung Pao Chicken (and Rice) last night. Talk about a friggin’ oinker. I was in a blah mood and I went out and picked up Chinese for our “date night”. I just couldn’t get enough. Back in the days when I could have Gluten, I would love long time some General Tsao’s cat chicken or Orange horse Beef. Jokes about cats and dogs in Chinese food is funny over used. But I “settled” for Kung Pao. Well, I was in a treat because it was actually spicy hot. Well, not terribly spicy hot but enough that once you got through the whole pint, you were feeling a little tingle in your mouth. However, I don’t know what my fortune is… can’t eat them.


Wordless Wednesday… I have never played this weekly themed post. But tomorrow I will be. It’s set to post in the morning


I would talk about my trading today… put it’ll bore you. It was down for me… by alot. I made a silly noob mistake. But tomorrow is a new day!


On a sports topic, The Immortal Brett Favre has decided to retire from football as the Multi-MVP, ProBowl, Super Bowl Winning Quarter Back of the Green Bay Packers. I have him on my goal poster, not as some icon that I worship, but as a reminder to Do enjoy what you do. If there was anyone that loved playing football, it was the gunslinger Favre. If he was winning or losing (more often when he was winning) you could tell from the smile on his face that he was enjoying himself. THAT’S how I want to work! Working at UT is not that long term piece to the puzzle. Sure it’s fine right now. But I want to work from home, with MLATW and the kids. I don’t want to report to The Man, because I have to or need to. So now Favre rides off into the sunset of his football career into whatever he is going to do next, but you know, whatever that is going to be… it’ll be FUN to Favre.


MLATW posted a very interesting post about the Aspergian Parent/Child relationship. On there there is very basic (you might be an Aspergian if) list of “possible” warning signs. I wanted to bring some attention to this because. Even if you don’t have Aspergers, you may see something about your parent and how it was growing up. Aspergers has been around for a long time but until recently it didn’t have a diagnosis to help explain, why people act a certain way. People around my age (30-sexy) are just now becoming aware that they may have Aspergers (like me) because of diagnosi of kids. We might recognize that “hey, I think my [FILL IN BLANK] may of have (or God rest their souls) had Aspergers or something else.” I dunno… I though it might help.

UPDATE: Prise de Fer

Yesterday I posted about Nathan, a young fencer who has Aspergers Syndrome. Well, I received an email from his father with some information about Nathan and his dog:

The dog came from Susquehanna Service Dogs in Harrisburg, PA. They train hearing dogs and service dogs. Many of the service dogs are for people in wheelchairs or for balance but they have also been using dogs for autism including Asperger’s. You might want to check out their site.