Guess My Time, Win Crap – Pistol Ultra Edition

It’s Back (RUN, RUN AWAY!) the GUESS MY TIME, WIN CRAP contest. The premise is straightforward, be the person with the closest guess of my official finishing time and win random stuff crap. Guesses can be left here on the blog, via Twitter, via Google+, or via Facebook.

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The Race: The 2014 Pistol Ultra on January 4th 2014 at 8:00 AM Eastern

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Official Race website

Race Distance: 50k (31.07 miles)

Random info to give you assistance in guessing or Analysis Paralysis:
Haven’t run this race yet, in fact, I have never run this particular race distance. Furthermore, I have never run this far… ever!

Here’s an excerpt from the non-Pulitzer winning race report for the 2012 Chickamauga Marathon:

“It was so nice to get to chat with Susan while actually running and not on via the intertubes. I told her I doubted I would ever run an ultra marathon (a race greater than 26.2 miles) because at that point I had logged in about 28 miles and felt like crap. Of course, that was just crazy talk… I think there’s a 50k in me. :)”

Most recent relevant races:
Darlington Marathon (26.2 miles) 09-28-13 4:29:03 (average 10:16 minute/mile)
Flying Monkey Marathon (26.2 miles) 11-24-13 4:46:02 (average 10:58 minute/mile)

Weather Forecast:
Sunrise 7:47 AM
Race Start Forecast: Sunny 22F

Course Map

The Winner of 2013 Pistol Ultra finished in 3:17:42

Here’s a picture of the Shinies:

Guess and WIN!
Guess and WIN!

In addition to fine crap above:

Guessing within +/-2 seconds of official time will score you a coupon for a free 20oz Coca-Cola product.

Guessing EXACTLY the official time will score you a coupon for a free 12 pack of Coca-Cola product.

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