TaeKwonDo Awards Ceremony

Today is the awards ceremony for last week’s belt testing at James Rich’s TaeKwonDo. (Facebook Page for JRTKD)

I have progressed to the rank of Orange Belt. This means that I now have sparring gear (i.e. pads) in the next step toward “free-sparing”. The first two belt’s (White and Yellow) sparring combinations are called “one-steps” and are choreographed movements simulating sparring by one person. My sparring combination for Orange Belt are still choreographed but they are more dynamic than the one-steps.

The Boys are now Senior Purple Belts. Their pattern that they have to perform will be exactly the same as before. However, they will need to show an improvement from in techniques for both their Pattern and Sparring for them to move onto to Blue Belt at the next test.

There’s going to be a tournament here in Knoxville and it looks like me and The Younger will be participating!

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