I’m bringing this fashion back by force

I Down with the DRCDespite the fact that I am MONTHS… no YEARS behind on my podcasts, I received a package from Podmaster Matt over at the DUMP RUNNERS CLUB podcast. For some of his hippest, coolest and stylish listeners, he send out custom made headbands! So today, as I was bustin’ up the hills over at Lakeshore Greenway, I styled and profiled the DRC on my forehead. It worked Great! To get your headband, send $29.95 to Matt over at DRC and if you act now, he’ll send you the second one for twice the price! That’s right TWO headbands for $89.85! What a DEAL!

Gravity@1053′ podcast is going to be coming back to a RSS feed near you. I need to make some recordings for future episodes, as I have changed the format of the podcast, to make it just a tad easier to get out then once every 10 months. Plus, I want to have an ASD Athletes podcast as well, which will need to be a little more polished and presentable, then what I am spewing out now.

I also have the audio from my Fun Run at the Knoxville Marathon 21 Miler on March 29th. Plus, there is audio that I have from Podcaster Extraordinaire and Missionary Guru, David Peach, where I talk a little bit about how I scored my first DNF in the marathon category.

Oh, and the best thing about running with the Dump Runners Club Headband today, I passed by a local Water Treatment Facility (one of qualifying places for membership to the DRC*) 3x in my run!

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*Dumpster Diving, however, is NOT a requirement.

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