There is 16 miles on the calendar

My Running Calendar has me down for 16 miles today. I don’t believe that is going to happen today. I think what will be more in line will be 6.3 or 8.4 depending on how many laps of Lakeshore Greenway that I will do. I only had some mild soreness yesterday morning and I tried to drink a bunch yesterday. What is humorous, in a cynical kind of way, is that now that my Kidneys are feeling better, my throat is very scratchy. As in “Dare me, Runner! You Run, I will hurt you.”

Since I am a Jedi, I decided to take some meds yesterday at the first signs of some chest congestion. And well, I think that I have made a good stand at keeping this illness that is trying to take me down and take out my kidneys and sell them on eBay. I probably need to sit down and give my training that good look see.

In other running related items that I saw yesterday, Palm is going to come out with a Smarter phone than the Treo and Centro and it has a Runner written ALL over it. It’s called the Pre. I will be naming mine Fontaine. When I get mine in 2015. It’s going to have the fancy-schmancy stuff of the Blackberry and iPhone together, but with some pretty neat features: Magnetic Charging, 3MP Camera, REmovable Battery (if needed), GPL which means that people can write their own applications… kinda like FireFox of SmartPhones.

Off to go get some more water for the kidneys.

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon