Guest Blogging

Next week, I am going to be guest blogging! That’s right! ME! I couldn’t believe it either.

The Blogger, who calls himself Jake at Tales of A Dysfunctional Family is taking exams, so instead of just blowing off his exams, he’s getting some guest blogger to do his work for him. A delegator.

Now, I didn’t know of Jake until he contacted me, but his website is pretty funny. From what I read so far, it’s basically his tale of being in a dysfunctional family which is really convenient given his blog name and all. I had thought that it might have been on of my second-cousins (maybe once removed, maybe not) but then he talked about falling asleep in Church and his brother singing “This Little Light of Mine” (which I hear ‘might’ on the next Guitar Hero: Tent Revival Tour). So that’s defintely NOT of my kin that I was thinking…

But Jake and I share something else in common… the supporting players in our blogs have really cool nicknames. Where as I have My Lovely and Talented Wife, The Elder, The Younger, Our Responsible and Resourceful Au Pair and The Loud and Loveable Skipper Doodle; he has Ricky Bobby, Scuba Jean, Busch, Cinderella, Noob, Hurricane and Tornado.

But now I have to go meditate on what I am going to write about for my guest blogging stint.

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