Rutledge Marathon Final Results

I Finally found the Official Results for the Marathon. You would have thought there was a link on the Home Page of the Marathon Website that would link to the result… yeah, me too!

Well, after waiting until TUESDAY! I went to the KTC Message Board to see if there were others who were curious when the Results would be posted. And sure enough, someone posted the results…

[Start Fanfare]

So here are the Official Results

I finished the 2008 (inaugural) Rutledge Marathon in the time of


I was the 40th Finisher out of 52 and I was the 6th (and last) Male in the 35-39 Age Division.

[okay, you can end the fanfare now…]

Now something happened that I was NOT expecting… there was a TIE in the winners for the Rutledge Guess! That’s Right… Two people thought I would be a slow MoFo and they conspired to the same time. Actually, I will assume that they were thinking I would take it conservatively for the first marathon and run a delightful time of 4:32. Little did they know that there would be a crazy-ass wind that would try to suck the spirit out of the runners and would make me EVEN slower!

I could have taken the first person’s entry, but I don’t want to clog the bandwidth of the internet with all 100 hits (on average per day) coming at one time when they see that I have a new contest. No, I would prefer something less humane such a Battle Royale, but local ordinances prohibit fun stuff like that… blah blah blah.

So, IF I finished in 4:50:52, that equates to 292.9285714 minutes and half of that (rounded to the nearest 1/100th) is 146.46. Taking 10% of that and turning it into currency makes it:


Wait! I am not finished…

“And one jamir to honor the Hebrew
God whose Ark this is.”

oh wait, that’s supposed to go into my “At Church, Indiana Jones was Referenced and The Elder told everyone ‘That’s Daddy’s Favorite'” Post.

But wait… $14.64 split in two for the two wieners winners and that is $7.32 each.


That’s enough to…. uh… that’s enough to… yeah.

“Holy Lotto Pickers Batman, you haven’t told us WHO the wieners winners are!”

In NO particular Order (although the one that could conceive children was first), The Winners of the 2008 Rutledge Guess My Time, Win Crap $7.32 in Gift Cards are:

I AM a Running Adventurer, MARATHON CHRIS
(who just ran the INAUGURAL San Antonio Marathon)


(My Other Running Brother) Darrell


There is still time to either submit a Guess for the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon or submit a new guess, if you have already done so. Just Click on the “CONTESTS” link at the top of the page (fancy, eh) or click HERE.


Cameo Appearences:

The Half Marathoners that I ran with during the 1st Loop, who where wanting a 2:10 or better finishing time were Rachel Fisher and Megan Vanderhoofen. Rebekah did finished in a BAA style 2:10 time being that her official time was 2:10 and change. Megan came in 2:11 and change.

“You didn’t come all this way, just to run a 2:11” – Terry speaking to Rachel and Megan in the last mile of the first loop of the Rutledge Marathon

The Marathoner that I ran with was none other than “I placed 2nd in my Age Group for this marathon” Karen Lewis who was just Olympic timing- a couple HUNDRETHS of a second behind me.

Support Crew Susan has posted some of the pictures on her Shutterfly site. I am going to get some of her pictures and combine them with the pictures that My Lovely and Talented Wife took and post a Picture Post of the Rutledge Marathon.

I also got word from the Almighty KTC Message Board that some other pictures will go up on Flickr from some guy who says he was the Official Photographer.

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