Step to the rhythm, step to the ride
I’ve got an open mind so why don’t you all get inside
Tune in turn on to my tune that’s live
Ladies flock like fish to my line
Hey Ladies, Get Funky
Hey Ladies by the Beastie Boys from Paul’s Boutique

If breasts aren’t being used to sell something… the color pink is reminding us to help erradicate breast cancer. Just for the record, I am breast supporter… yes, I am pro-boob. Well, the following came across my “Deal” Feed. It’s a way that you can get your mammogram and get a little pampering afterwards. From what I understand the mammogram machine does NOT have the best bedside manner and does a lot of “squishing” (more than a guy on prom night). So, here is a way to get that “womanly” exam and a little pampering. Oh, it is a Marketing Ploy, so you might have to buy do something to get it:

Save the Boobies

Get your mammogram and receive a complimentary professional salon service. Simply fill out the form below
to get your certificate for a free service. To find a participating salon in your area, click here to enter your zip code. Participating salons will be listed in pink.

You can also support the fight against breast cancer by purchasing Privé Thermal Protection Detangling Spray. For every can of our 6 oz. Thermal Protection Detangling Spray sold between October 1, 2008 and September 30, 2009, Privé Professional Products will donate $1 to Expedition Inspiration (www.expeditioninspiration.org). The purpose of The Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research is to raise awareness and monies to benefit breast cancer research through research project funding, public education, and patient support.

Here is the page that this is from: http://www.priveproducts.com/index.php?_function=mgmcert

Other Ways of Supporting the Fight on Breast Cancer:

Plus a couple NSFW sites that are ligitamate but I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.

Don’t forget to do your Monthly Self-Exam!!! (or have someone do it for you)

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