Dumpster Diving: Morning Edition

Our Waste company announced that on October 1st would start doing a single stream recycling program. Under the previous plan we could only recycle Newspaper, Plastics 1&2, Glass (all colors) and Metal/Aluminum Cans. This meant that everything else: Cardboard, Mixed paper, plastics 3 through 7 had to be taken to a local recycling place if we were to have them recycled. This was typically a weekend event with The Kids to get them accustomed to recycling everything they could.

The new Single Stream Recycling meant that we could recycle Plastics 1-7, Mixed Paper, Cardboard, Metals, Glass and Newspaper all from our curbside. The Waste company would be providing a large (brown) trash can for all recycles to be through into one recepticle (thus single stream) which could be wheeled to the curb every other Friday for pick up. That Brown Recepticle has yet to show up, so currently we have a number of small recycling stations throughout the house and a central recycling consolidation center (in the garage) where the recycables are prepped for their method of recycling.

Newspapers are taken to The Elder’s School because they receive Cash Money for the weight of newspapers they collect.

Aluminum Cans are collected for The Elder’s Bestest Friend in the entire world his Great Grandmother Collects the cans for her Lion’s Club so she can get Cash Money for turning them into recycling.

Everything else either gets kicked to curb on recycling days OR chauffered to the Recycling Center when it starts to over flow in the Recycling Consolidation Center.

This morning was one of those times when I needed to take a few cardboard boxes to the recycling facility and I filled them with Mixed paper and plastics just to make the trip worthwhile. Well, at the Recycling Facility, I did a little Dumpster Diving and made out like a bandit.

I scored with

60 MyCokeRewards Points

4 Pepsi Stuff Points

50 of Box Tops for Education for The Elder’s School

1 Tyson Foods Project A+ for The Elder’s School

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