Tree Hugging Tendencies

Okay, this IS another post about a bag… those Uber Trendy Canvas/Recycled Bags that are being sold at your natural foods store everywhere. It’s like it’s this year’s Crocs. Anyway… I have come to love these bags. Disclaimer: The don’t have enough pockets nor a cool design to replace my Man Bag…

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Saving The Enviroment is SO Expensive|| Click the picture to buy this passive agressive bag

But, over the past month, I have had some alternate uses for them… worth sharing, I think:

1) In a pinch, they can be used to stop nose bleeds

2) Going back to their roots, they make decent sorting containers for recycling

3) You can fit Six 1/2 Gallon containers of Soy Milk and don’t have to worry about a thing

4) The Local Grocery Kid will cram 6 plastic bags worth of groceries to fit into your 2 fabric bags

5) They wash well in the washer and dry well in the dryer, See #1

6) The Insulated one does NOT make a good cooler for ice and drinks

7) They are a great laundry hamper when you are on the road

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