Oh that’s just Peachy

Well, it was “peachy” of sorts… it was David Peach.

Yes, THE David Peach of Missionary Talks PodcastTHE David Peach of My Thought SpotTHE David Peach of Peach Ministries. (David, hope that helped the technorati level 😉 )

On Tuesday, I was able arrange a run with David Peach here in Knoxville. He is currently in the U.S. for a year going around to churches to raise money for his deaf ministry in Mexico (Merida) and to raise more money so that after this year in the U.S., he and his family will go back down to Mexico for another 4 years. This is their calling, this is what they do. And when their Calling has them in East Tennessee, the thing to DO is to run with me. At least David, I think the rest of family is normal and not running freaks.

David is training for the Indianapolis Marathon in October and so we decided that 8 miles would be about right for logistics on Tuesday. Seeing that I had missed Saturday’s run, I should have ran at lunchtime, but being a lazy bastard, I had skipped that run. That made me all the fresher for the afternoon run. And it’s not a matter of speed of running, it’s a matter of hills and speed that is the factor. I live in Knoxville, so these hills are like second nature to me, David not so much. I sure hope that he makes a podcast into our run… there’s a couple of comments that he makes about hills… apparently hills are few and far between in Merida, and in Florida where is his home base this next year.

It was incredibly fun run for me and hopefully the same for him. I would hate to read his post about what a miserable time he had. The weather was perfect. Now that I think about, he did experience a chaffing issue that was definitely not comfortable…

The run for me was EXACTLY what I needed. It was insanely consistent right at the 10 min pace! I was so stoked! Hopefully, he’ll come back (I hope I don’t sound desperate – haha).

David was the 3rd online friend that I have met in-person. It’s really neat to finally put faces to names and then interact with them. The other people I met involved exchanges of alcohol and hotel rooms right off the interstate, although in different meetings. And yes, The Lovely and Talented Wife knows all about it, because pictures were taken… I’ll just quit while I am ahead.

And now that I went around and collected URL links for the ones above, he did post about our run together and there is even a pre-run picture of the two of us.

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