Back to the Fact, I’m the Mack

We made it back from Dallas without incident. I am back at work with most of it under control, so I can move on to more productive things… like blogging.

I do have some content specific posts on our experiences in Dallas, along with pictures, but those blog posts have not been written yet.

Monday started my Fall Marathon Training for the Harpeth Hills Marathon with the stop the week before to the Rutledge Marathon. Huge thanks to Sam for getting me signed up for the Harpeth Hills Marathon right when registration opened up while I was busy in Dallas. All the spots are now filled and registration is closed!

For Monday’s workout, I ran on our treadmill, which was a mind numbing experience. I did make it for the interval, 3 mile workout. Thankfully, my run WAS intervals, so the change in pace was enough to keep me on the treadmill. Not sure how much of the treadmill I will be able to manage, but once a week should be pretty good.

Tuesday was a long run day and I realized that as I was out running that I hadn’t set my paces yet. That is, figure out what my goal marathon pace is going to be and then set my training paces accordingly. I typically use the free pace calculator over at MacMillian to figure out what pace I should be running.

My run yesterday did not fare too well. Not only was I getting back into the longer run distances, I still had to deal with the 90+ degree heat as well. I took water along with me and filled up at the turn around. Despite that, I was pretty dead at the end. See:


And I made a stir at the Pilot Gas Station because I bought 2 liters of water plus a 20oz of Aquafina water to drink right away. People thought I was crazy to be running at that time of the day. I told them, I could have run at High Noon with no shade. After that, running in the afternoon and in mostly shade didn’t seem so foolish.

So, what’s a boy to do after getting really sweaty during running? Go clothes shopping of course. Well, not really… but sorta. I went on my Terry Day errand run, one of which was to go to Target to check out their selection of Watermelons. Now, I can’t go into Target without scanning the 30%-50%-70% off clothing racks. On the 70% racks, there were some Sport Jackets. Nice Sport Jackets that had light blue stripes, just the same color as the Tech Tee that I ran in earlier that day (I forgot to bring a change of clothes)… I couldn’t resist:

oh... nice

It actually doesn’t look that bad, except my hair looks like I ran 5 miles in 90 degree heat and didn’t comb it afterwards… oh wait.

Now on Wednesday, a cross train (or rest) day, my Quads are a little sore, which is to be expected. I even have some soreness in my Hamstrings as well, that too is not to out of the ordinary. After all, I hadn’t run in 31 days. I am going to pay closer attention to stretching this training cycle and see about improving my flexibility some.

So, it feels SO good to be back in the game… in a training program with a goal to work toward!

I do have more posts (plus pictures) about our trip to Dallas that I still need to write, so hopefully, I will have some quality content for you to read!

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