August Memoir:The New Kindergartner

[ed note: I just updated my Tear-a-Day calendar and it was stuck on August 1st, if that’s any indication]

I think that I mentioned earlier a little bit of the chaos that was part of The Elder’s graduation of sorts to Kindergarten. The Short version is that the past school year, he has been in a program twith the county that has provided him educational services many because of his Special Needs status (Asperger’s).

We were at a crossroads because he was old enough for Kindergarten and smart enough for the 4th Grade, but socially and developmentally, he could handle preschool, he had done so well to this point. Our choices were to either put him in K-grade or hold him out until 1st grade. We were pushing for another Special Needs style class for 5yos, because there wasn’t one and some of the kids needded that extra transition to mainstream K-grade. There were rumors that we might get one…

Upon arrival from Dallas, we found out that there wouldn’t be a transitional class but that The Elder would get support and his teacher would be #1, #2, or #3. We then find out on Friday from one of The Elder past school mates that there was a Meet and Greet at the school on Thursday. We also had the bus driver call our house because she couldn’t find it!

[Insert Darkness and Chaos Here]

Well, after a few calls we found out that we weren’t the only ones confused or missing the pieces. We learned that The Elder would be in mainstream kindergarten and that he would get support (as needed). This was decided at a meeting with his teacher, his special needs teacher and his former teacher.

a little while later, we found out some background about how The Elder became a Kindergartner. The Child Find group takes a summer vacation, and they reconvene in August (reminds me of the US Congress) and they decide who goes where. They deemed that The Elder was ready for Kindgarten and so he was placed there (kinda at the last minute), which explains why things were confusing for everybody. BUT, now, after 2 staggered classes to introduce the kids to the Kindergarten Atmosphere, The Elder is going 5 days a week with 20 classmates. So Far, So Good. The Younger had a different story…

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