August Memoirs

I’m starting this post at 2:33am (my time). I am hoping that by 2:40am (same day), I will be asleep. “Why Terry, do you post at 2:33am?”

Somehow, this has become the only time in the past 20 some days of August that I have sat to post. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have wanted to post but it never happened. Some good posts have come and gone (in my head) and so I am left to post some memoirs about August in the upcoming days.


Well, that whole 2:40am thing isn’t going to happen because I still have to brush my teeth… unless I go caveman… hmm…

I think, this coming up week at work, it will be “somewhat” normal and I will have the time to post when I want to… the good ole days of writing off and on in the morning, working out at lunch, doing some editing in the afternoon, then panicing to publish before I had to leave, ahhh the good ole days. Hopefully, I can get a glimpse of that again.


And I have pictures too. I am going to bring my laptop to work, in hopes to get them uploaded and the posted. I keep this blog, not only as a one stop place to incriminant myself and squelch any chance for public office, but I keep it as a reminder of what I have done and who I am. Not that I forget, but I do sometimes, and so if the memory isn’t vivid, then I might forget or I might even misremember the details.


Okay, time to wrap this up. The kids will no doubt try to wake me up. Maybe, one day, I will sneak and fall asleep in THEIR room, they would never find me.


I’m really going this time…

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