The Long Weekend Update

I should have blogged much earlier about stuff, because now I can’t remember everything. Damn Beer, cells kill brain. More Brainsss.

Woah, let me regress from my Zombie State. I’ll be up front. I don’t have the Fireball race report because I have a couple of pictures that I want to include, so the report is not going up until I am at my laptop.

Also, I have pictures from our Fourth of July Parade which also are residing on my laptop at home, so I have THAT post to upload when I go through and select the pictures… I mean, I only took over 300 pictures. so I am thinking that there are about 5 good enough to upload.

We actually didn’t do too much over the holiday weekend. In fact, I only left the house to get the mail on Saturday and on Sunday we went to church but that was about it for me getting out of the house. Oh wait, I did go to the grocery store for some Ice Cream. Tofutti makes a KICK ASS Casien-Free ice cream and so I went to replenish.

Okay, so instead of making this a really long post. I am going to spray you with shorter posts

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