Halloween in July

There’s the sales that stores put out there to get people off the water and into the stores, the Christmas in July Sales… mainly because there’s not much else to use as a catalyst for sales in between 4th of July (not a big Sales Weekend) and Back to School (which varies from school & state).

So the other day, My Lovely and Talented Wife colored my hair. Well, more specifically she added some highlights to my hair. As I was really bored waiting for the whole process to start, I messed around with my hair and came up with a great Halloween costume. After all, It’s only 104 days (as of the posting of this post) until the Day of Free Candy.

with slightly minor photo-editing, I present a candidate for employment at Wonka this year’s Halloween costume:


Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do

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