Fave Musician in Town

One of my Fave Musicians is in town this weekend. And No, I don’t have Tickets either. I never put them on my wish list so they never magically appeared. Here’s some of my fave lyrics:

Upgrade my system at least twice a day
I’m strictly plug-and-play, I ain’t afraid of Y2K
I’m down with Bill Gates, I call him “Money” for short
I phone him up at home and I make him do my tech support
And I forgot the next verse
Oh well, I guess it pays to rehearse
The lyric sheet’s so hard to find
What are the words, oh nevermind
Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know, ooh no
Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know…
It’s Christmas at ground zero
And if the radiation level’s okay
I’ll go out with you and see all the new
Mutations on New Year’s Day
I’m the pious guy the little Amlettes wanna be like
On my knees day and night scorin’ points for the afterlife
So don’t be vain and don’t be whiny
Or else, my brother, I might have to get medieval on your hiney
And I was singin’
My my this here Anakin guy
May be Vader someday later
Now he’s just a small fry
Don’t play that song
That “Achy Breaky” song
The most annoying song I know
And if you play that song
That “Achy Breaky” song
I might blow up my radio, oooh…
Elmo’s got gun, Elmo’s got a gun.
Big bird’s on the run.
Bernie’s dialin’ 911.
Don’t change the channel
Don’t touch that dial
We got it all on UHF
Kick off your sneakers
Stick around for a while
We got it all on UHF

And if you are still clueless it’s Weird Al Yankovic. He’s here in Knoxville this weekend at the Tennessee Theatre

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