Benefits of Social Responsibility

Last year was the first year that I ever went to the local town Fourth of July Parade. Apparently, it is a pretty big deal. Why? Because of free crap marketing paraphernalia. For about an hour, local businesses, town officials, other elected officials parade on a section of Kingston Pike from the Farragut High School to the Ingles down the road. Our house has an advantageous position, because we aren’t subject to the road closures and for us to get to the parade and park isn’t that big of a head ache.

So, we watch the parade and the kids are getting candy and coupons and business cards and bouncy balls. I had the foresight to bring a cloth Kroger bag to keep all the candy together. Because, just like at Halloween, all candy must pass through me The Candy Inspector. The point being that we had this bag to carry stuff away.

So trying to instill Civil Responsibility and the theory of “Leaving the place in better shape than how you found it”, I told the kids that they needed to pick up the trash in the street. At first, they were kind of reluctant, why pick up someone else’s trash?

Then they came back with a couple of candies that had been smashed by the vehicles. Then it dawned on them, if there were smashed candy out there, maybe there was unsmashed, edible candy. So, instead of fishing for trash in their 5′ radius, they moved to bigger waters of the middle of the road, the other side of the road, down the road…

This “thinking outside of the box” expanded their universe. The Elder was in the middle of the street and was excited and ran back to where the bag was. He threw his newly found pristine (minus some minor road wear) into the bag and yelled, “SCORE!”

My Lovely and Talented Wife and I looked at each other with humorous grins and she said, “You’re going to blog on that, aren’t you?”


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