Once Again

Seems that I have not really had any content in this blog in a while and I can tell because my hits and comments reflect it. I might have to resort to some crazy blog marketing such as Cynical Dad’s very popular Chag Libs or the overly redundant “How-Did-People-Find-This-Blog” (which I have done in the past).

SO while you are waiting here in orbit, I have a pictorial post here. Come with me for a short excursion on my shopping trip last night:

For wookies

I wonder how soon this is going to be on clearance? Can we say “Razor… on a stick”? Wow, there is so many directions I could take with this thing. I mean, “essential” or “do it yourself”… come on. And did you see how “BIG” the razor is… it’s just a beard trimmer on a stick. What do you do if you’re say, a werewolf or a wookie?

I wonder if this just endorses the Man Groomer?

Go Irish!

Get yours now for $39.99


What do you get when cross the Fashion Sense of Freddy Krueger?


Mixed with uber coolness of Indiana Jones?


I didn’t know either:


(ignore the display in the background)


So… what do you get when you take George Clooney

and toss in a little Brad Pitt?


It’s not Ocean’s Fourteen…

Something much funnier goofier

flat hat

okay, enough torture, that’s all I got… for NOW! MUHAHAHAHA

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