In the whole Night Time Routine with the Kidlets, there’s Tubtime, Get Jammy Jams, Brush Teeth, Pick out Books, Read Books, Lights Out. This Marketing Incident takes place in the Brush Teeth timeframe.

The kids are brushing the teeth, which at this point, they can actually brush their teeth with some results. So The Younger is done and The Elder is finishing up.

“Daddy, I need a Reach toothbrush,” The Elder requested.

Just a little confused as this came from left field, “Uh, Why?” I questioned.

“Because the brush is angled, it gets the germs out of my mouth,” The Elder states with almost a commercial like tone.

“Yeah, that’s right, you don’t want germs in your mouth,” I said amazed and a little bewildered. The Elder trots out of the bathroom on to the bedroom. I stayed in the bathroom, still amazed at the commercial that I just witness. Man, if there was only the Eat Your Vegetables Commercial.

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