Getting Mango

What does it take to get good Mango around here?

I ordered a case of it off Amazon, only to find out that the package had been damaged and it was being sent back and refunded. Uh, okay… did you run out of Mango?

Mango is one of my favorite fruit. I never get tired of it. I can eat it before it’s quite ripe (i.e. firm) or I can I eat them when they are ripe. I can even have mango in frozen adult beverages… yummy… Nobody can resist “The Mango”

On Monday, My Lovely and Talented Wife and I were at Wal-mart to look to see if they had a calendar. My ONLY goal was to get Mango. I brought 2 bags of it to Utah and they were gone quickly. I even bought 4 bags at Target, but their Archer Brand is just a tad bit too thick for dried Mango. It’s still good and I won’t kick it out because of it.

Wal-mart was out. *humph* Well, at least there is a Wal-Mart at every corner at Walker Springs that I could get my Mango. Tuesday, Terry Day, I make sure that I slide over to the Wally Mart to get my Mango and some water for the office. And what did I find, NO MANGO! There’s plenty of Pineapple, and no Mango… that’s not a welcoming sign.

So what is a guy to do? I want my Mango to replace Snickers. Sure it’s 3x the price of Snickers, Milky Way, Reese’s Big Cup, 3 Musketeers, Heath Bar but still it’s mildly healthier for you. Sure it has a dusting of sugar, but that’s Fat Free if you can burn the calories fast enough. Thermodynamics PEOPLE!

So, in a Mango-rage, I think about ways to get my Mango for snacks. I had nothing, except to try every store I could visit.

Wednesday night is Grocery night for the household. I go to Kroger after work to get groceries. Of course, Wednesday is Senior Day at Kroger, so imagine the store extra busy with (mostly) slow people moseying around the store getting their 5% off their groceries. I had already looked at Kroger for mangos, oh.. and they had them, but with Pineapples and papayas. That’s just not going to cut it. For me, that’s like buying trail mix… I don’t do raisins.

So, I am passing the dried fruit and I decide to look. I was imagining a crowd over by the dried fruit area, with everyone wanting to get their prunes, but it was clear. So, I casually look at the fruit. Heh, same fruit as last week. Bastards.

Wait, what’s this? There’s something new up at the top. Oh, more freakin’ pineapple. And what… papaya? No? Mango! By itself? Really? SAH-WEET-TAH! I did the happy Mango dance (on the inside) and proceeded on to dodging grandpa’s mosing their cadillacs down the middle of the aisles and the lead foot grannies peering over the handle.

So, now I am happy. I have a local Mango resource, for all my mango induced maniac attacks.

Nobody can resist THE MANGO

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