Week Wrap Up

So, I am wrapping up the week, Race Week, at that with a lazy Friday. There’s not a whole lot going on right now. But let’s see what I have to share:

After my Run on Tuesday, I took Wednesday & Thursday as rest days. Mainly because my legs were sore from the run and I didn’t want to over tax them for my race on Saturday. I did today (Friday), swim 800m in the pool. That was nice and refreshing. I was able to work out my legs without the pounding, plus the distance wasn’t too tiring either.

My Upcoming 5k is the Run For The Deaf. This is one of my favorite races. 1) It’s run on Island Home, South of the Tennessee River and is just gorgeous. Not only is the scenery really nice, there are sections of the race that are totally flat… not “Knoxville Flat” but “level flat”. I had been hoping to use this race to attempt at my PR time, but with missing most of February with a sickness, I had a late start. Based on my last two 5k times, I would venture into a Sub 24 pretty easily, but an attack on 21:56 would be a little far fetched (although not totally impossible). The other reason why this is one of my favorite races is that the race profits go to support the Tennessee School for the Deaf. Now, I don’t personally know anyone who is deaf and without being able to communicate with them, I get REALLY uncomfortable, because I don’t want to be rude (or look stupid). But I think this is an awesome resource for those with this disability. Back in 2000-2001, I was a soccer referee for a short time and had the privileged of reffing some of the games for TSD. I was totally amazed, thus when I was able to do this particular 5k, I enjoyed it enough to put it as a “regular” on my annual races.

I generally do fairly well (personally) in this race. I’ve finished in 22:29 and 22:28 on two different occasions. My last running of it in 2005, I finished 24:01 and actually WON my age group with that “relatively” slow time. Although with it being the only race in the area now, I don’t expect that I will fare in my age group as well. I look at the 2007 results and based on my estimated finishing time of 23:30, there would be 7 people ahead of me in this year’s Age Group Males 35-39. But they do have door prizes and I might win one of those!

Also on Saturday, I am going to get the rest of my supplies to work on the flower gardens and vegetable garden. I had around 15 starter plants go wild, but then all but one died… *sigh*

Sunday, is up in the air, but I have 3 people who are having birthdays… What date is 9 months back from May 4th? Hmmmm…

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon