Some Promises

Here are a few things that I promised that I would blog about:

Picture of the Snake:


(okay, maybe I didn’t promise that one)

My Trip to Utah was very productive, I was there at the Investools Site for an interactive Stocks and Options 3 Day Workshop. It was a really intensive but educational workshop. We did some live example, plus went over some very important things such as money management and trader psychology. I found that I didn’t quite have my Trading Rules as set as I wanted, I was managing my Risk very well nor position sizing… and I had a bad horrible April to show for it. Now that I am back, I back on track. I have my confidence back and have been profitable since returning home. I created a blog for my trading that I plan to try to update that once a day, either in the morning or late at night… I doubt that I will have readers for some time, but that blog is more of a journal rather than a soap box/media tool. It’s at

I also thought that I did fairly well in the class as a participant. I knew the core of the material and actually volunteered in class. It did take me a day and a half to approach the instructors on a one-on-one basis, but I was monitoring my actions and trying to catch myself being Aspergian… I did fall into a routine for dinner though, instead of asking the very eager and social Shuttle Driver to take me somewhere, I ate at the Ruby Tuesday adjacent to the parking lot each night. Now, it was pretty dead when I went but I did try to sit at different places at the bar, just to mix things up.

Here are the pictures from Utah.

I am going to do some post production on a few of the pictures and send them to my Flickr site.

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