Dumpster Diver Like Me

Today after my run, I went to one of the local recycle centers to leave some materials for the fine local recyclers… and the local dumpster diver. When I arrived there was this Dumpster Diver Dude, looking in the plastics bin with a Pringles can. He was definitely doing something in the bin and putting whatever he had in the can. He then went over to the Mixed Paper bin and I went from the Glass Bin to the Plastics Bin. I dropped my stuff in and then moved the car to the Cardboard Bin. All the time, I was noticing this Dumpster Diver Dude and what he was doing. This recycling center is on a sheltered side of a Kroger store, so it is kind of secluded… and in an “okay” section. I really didn’t want to get mugged or anything, that would totally get in the way of Terry Day.

So, when I had dumped the plastics I wanted to see what he was doing. The evidence was that there were some Coca-Cola products without lids. I went into Sherlock Holmes mode and deduced that he was taking the caps off the bottles. This hypothesis supported that he was in the Mixed Paper Bin searching for mode codes from Fridge Packs. Now, I only went for the paper product codes the few times I have gone Dumpster Diving (Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here and Here) because getting lids on places where people potentially put their filthy mouths. Yuck! So I go for the more sanitary method.

I actually was kind of curious on how many Coke Reward Points he might have. I am approaching 5000 points thanks to all of you who are gracious enough to collect the points for me. This I thank you. It would be nice if Coke added some more stuff to the prize loot OR announce that they are stopping the game. I mean it has been 2 years now for Coke Reward Points.

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