Weekend Update

The weather was supposed to have been cold, almost a flashback to winter. Instead, we had a mild weekend which, was a good thing. Although I kept cursing the weather that I could have planted the seedlings that we started for the kids, because they are out growing their container. Or, I could have made time to take the kids outside to start prepping the soil for the seeds that I plan on growing straight from the ground. Anyway… it’s cold now, so maybe next weekend.

Birthday Party
We went to one of The Elder’s classmate’s birthday party. It’s nice going to these things because we get to socialize with other parents who have kids that are either are on the Autism Spectrum or some other situation that their kids are statistically different from the norm (ADD, ADHD, etc). Probably the one nice thing is that you find that other parents are just as freaked out about the future as we are. Our biggest worry in the near future is Kindergarten… a normal advancement. However, our kid has a hard enough time functioning consistently in a classroom that is built for him, what is going to happen when he is put into a mainstream classroom with no services… last time we did this, we were kicked out of 4 preschools.

I know the kids had a great time at the party. I wish that some of us could get together outside of kid’s birthday parties. Of course, maybe if I played one of the guy sports like Golf, that would make me more marketable in the “Hang Out” category. Although I can drink my share of beer. Oh well… maybe I’ll go to the driving range… I guessing being limited to Tuesday nights without the kids is a little limiting, but I’ve managed this far… so don’t cry for me Argentina.

Mental Health Conference
We went to a Mental Health Conference that was held at our church for some of the local professionals. My Lovely and Talented Wife and I split the classroom between the Preschool and Elementary session. It just so happened that all of The Elder’s preschool teachers were in my class. Not only were they The Elder’s previous preschool teachers, this was the place that we were attending immediately before going to The Elder’s new school… a classroom designed for non-normal/non-mainstream/diagnosed-with-something-else-besides-normality kids to acclimate them to the classroom structure before they are released into the real world. The Elder’s current classroom has done [falsetto] WONDERS [/falsetto] for him. As noted above… turning him lose from this environment to the regular environment… eh, me no like it to much.

So, we are in this classroom… and it was nice to hear that most of the things that we did AS PARENTS for our kids (The Elder and The Younger) for taking them to school, was everything that was being discussed in the 25 preschool teacher, 1 pastor and 1 parent (me) Room that the preschool teachers were asking for from the parents. But yet… we still ended up… ah, nevermind.

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