Something Weekend This Way Comes

It’s Friday and I am rather a little, eh, bored. I have stuff that I need to do, but I don’t have a whole lot of motivation to do them.

I’m still waiting for the “official” results from the Ribbon Run from this past Saturday. Which reminds me that I need to send in the check that I earned on World Autism Day. Maybe, I’ll hold out until I get my results!

My legs were a little tired today, that plus having to hang out at the office… I didn’t work out today. I did swim 1000 meters yesterday as I begin to ramp up to the 1600 meter (~1 mile) mark. Actually yesterday, I was able to swim 400 meters before taking a break even incorporating some ugly looking flip turns.

Saturday should be rather packed. IN the morning we are going to try to meet up with one of our friends who happens to work for one of the banks that we use. Not only do we get to sign some papers, we’ll get the boys together to play. Hopefully we can meet up at the Zoo.

But before the Zoo… we are going to participate in the MS Walk that is here in Knoxville tomorrow. We didn’t raise any money for the walk, but we’ll be out there supporting the Mother of a friend who has MS. Most of you already know that my biological dad had MS and on my birthday, I donate a sum of money equal to his age… or rather how old he would have been since he passed away April 2006. Since 2006, I have been earing a red bracelet that says “Hope” along with my “Pray for Elijah” band. These come off very rarely… I’m either in a Tuxedo or Naked getting a double massage… else they are worn.

I think if I ever did a fund raiser, it would be for MS 150 which is the bike ride. Here in Knoxville you ride down to Chattanooga and back over 2 days. I had wanted to do this in 2006, but I didn’t make it. I might pencil this in for 2010 or 2011, although I don’t plan that far out. I’d do that AFTER I did the Olympic Distance triathlon which will either be this year or in 2009.

IN the afternoon, My Lovely and Talented Wife will be having an appointment and according to Famundo [our yet to be nicknamed] Au Pair will be having the kids, so what does that leave a guy to do? I’m thinking that I should go take the dog out for a trail run, followed by some gardening, then wash the dog, get dinner ready for me and My Lovely and Talented Wife… at least that’s the tentative plan right now. The one constant thing at our household is that Volatility of Plans is high and they may changed immediately if not sooner.

As for Sunday, I think that has yet to be penciled in at this point. I’m sure there will be Church Going and House Cleaning at some point in time.

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