It’s Race Week

It’s Race Week!!! This Saturday Morning is the Spring Sprint 5k and I am pretty darn excited. This is my FIRST 5k since Dec 2nd 2007 when I ran the Reindeer Run 5k.

My training will be a little altered for this week as I go into a mini-taper mode in preparations for race morning.

And this is a great lead in for a GUESS MY TIME contest! That’s right, you get to guess my finishing time for this coming up 5k race. The closest person WITHOUT going over will win something, I go through and see what kinda crap I got… or maybe I’ll get something from since I still have a couple thousand points and they haven’t restocked with the super nice stuff yet. Winners will have to submit their postal address to me, which I will use for purposes of shipping their prize and ruling the world.

Official Entry consists of leaving a comment to this entry. As long as comments are open and results have not been posted, you can submit your entry. Winners who guess my time exactly, will get something special… like maybe an 8×10 signed portrait… great for dart boards.

So here is some running history for you to help make your decision:

Spring Sprints:

Date Time Place Finishers Age Group
Mar-18-2000 22:51 72 220 3
Mar-17-2001 31:51 181 205
Mar-16-2002 24:02 55 144 3
Mar-15-2003 24:32 70 173 8
Apr-3-2004 24:03 63 157 11
Apr-14-2007 23:46 61 214 8

First 5ks of the Year:

Race Date Time Place Finishers Age Group
Love Your Library Mar-7-1998 24:12
Greenways Apr-3-1999 25:29 109 191 6
Love Your Library Feb-12-2000 27:16 58 74 11
Spring Sprint Mar-17-2001 31:51 181 205
Spring Sprint Mar-16-2002 24:02 55 144 3
Spring Sprint Mar-15-2003 24:32 70 173 8
Spring Sprint Apr-3-2004 24:03 63 157 11
Run for the Deaf May-7-2005 24:01 38 111 1
Spring Sprint Apr-14-2007 23:46 61 214 8

If you would like to see my training schedule you can go to my BuckeyeOutdoors Training Log.

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon