Middle of the Week

This week has been fairly busy for the most part. It seems that I could use just a little extra time management and I would be about perfect. I guess that I can’t complain… I’m not getting overwhelmed. And I am not making it a plan to get overwhelmed either. So we’ll do the short version on what’s been going on:

I have officially [woop woop ding ding] started into the spring racing season by my interval workout on Monday. I did a 4×800 interval session on Monday with some success. I was pretty surprised that I was able to get the faster speeds, at least initially. I kinda had some very slow recovery intervals at the end.

I am going to start training with a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), to see how my conditioning is coming along. I am not going to use it as my main method of training, but I am going to use it as a tool to help me train more efficiently. I changed the battery of the watch section of the HRM, but can’t find the chest strap right now. Curious.

I will be a course monitor for the Knoxville Marathon. I know it will be toward the end of the race on a new section of course. So, I am excited. Again this year, I will have my own water station complete with gummy bears and pretzels. I will need to post some banners about the Phedippidations World Wide Half as well. Plus, I’ll have Stella (my camera) with me to take some pictures as well.

Had his surgery last Friday and did pretty well. The morning was an ordeal, but he has been using that cast like he was born with it. He’ll have his cast on for about another week or so

I have audio recorded for this episode, but I thought that it stunk and did not flow very well. Instead of posting what I have, I am going to re-record it, this time with a little bit more focus. It should be out near the weekend.

I’ve added my 2008 Race Schedule to the Left Sidebar below my Trading Goals. I have included the date and links to the website, just in case you need that information or just want to reference the race.

Photo Albums from my Christmas Photo Safari with my Neice

An update on the Ass Mirror

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