How I Know He’s My Boy part III

The Scene: We were all down in the workshop. I was cleaning and straightening up while working out while lifting weights. The Elder and Younger were in the workshop wandering around at all the dangerous wonderful items in there. I ended up letting them cut paper with crazy scrapbooking scissors, which ends up making a bigger mess BUT it keeps them away from all the dangerous wonderful items. MLATW had come back from the Children’s Sale from our church where she bought a bunch of other people crap cool used stuff.

A strange, yet vaguely familiar smells permeates the Workshop air. We (the adults) quickly realize that someone has either a) passed gas or b) pooped. Since passing gas accompanies a loud and sudden noise, followed by an intense round of giggling, we knew that it must be the latter.

“Okay, who pooped?” MLATW asks the workshop denizens, knowing with 98% certainty that it belonged to the minors in the household.

With enthusiam and a hint of pride, The Younger exclaimes, “MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” The Kids are unaffected by the response. However, the Adults get a nice silent chuckle, trying not to broadcast that it was indeed funny or else a repeat performance will ensue. A few moments afterwards, I ask another question to The Younger.

“Did it feel good?”

The Younger nods in agreement. Yup, that’s my boy.

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