And the winner is…

Yes, there was a winner in the official Planet3rry Ass Mirror contest. The finalists were:

Stacie: with Tuesday and No Flaws

DPeach: with Tuesday and something wrong

So this is how I see the package on the porch


You can see that the box isn’t all that pristine and check out this picture… the mirror is just SCREAMING to be an Ass mirror. See that “crack” between the L and A?

close up

Once inside the house, I proceeded to open it like a surgeon (cut for the very first time) to ensure that IF I found something wrong with it, I could repackage it really easy. Although I am a pro at packaging this item… *sigh*


So far so good. (on a side note, you can see the waterfall of blood from The Younger from the other night… like Stacie… my kids have been having nosebleeds, but for different reasons).

further packaging

Despite the styrofoam being broken in a couple of places, the mirror was in decent shape. Plus the new color we got was much more appealing.

awwwww man

But WAIT! What’s this? What is that light spot on the wood next to the mirror? A blemish! MOTHERF$#*&$#*&$! darn.

That’s right… the mirror did have a blemish on it. It’s noticeable but not terrible. My Lovely and Talented Wife decided that she can live with the blemish and here it is in all its GLORY [Trumpet Sound]:


Excuse the mess… it was a Man Work Zone. The place it much cleaner… except that The Kids found a new mess to make.

So that makes the Winner DPEACH

And tell them Kent what DPEACH has won!!!

“Well, Melman, DPEACH has won exactly ONE box of Snapple’s Orange-inality Herbal Tea! That’s Right! DPEACH gets his very own 20 pack of nutritious and delicious tea for his very own brewing please. Not only do these tea bags brew a nice cup of tea, but the leaves are biodegradable and make a great mulch.”

So Thanks for playing… Stay Tuned for the Next Contest Brought to You by Kent and Melman!

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