I got tagged from on-again-off-again blogger chick Sam I Am over at Musings from a Rambling Mind. So I thought that I would go head and get the tag… which reminds me that I totally screwed Roon out of his tag from a while back… okay, that’ll come up soon too (Sorry!)


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My Seven Weird and/or Random Facts:

1) I have a wax mold of my hand when I was 15. I immersed my hand multiple times in hot wax (ruined the pan) and have a replica of my hand some 21 years ago.

2) Had I been a girl, my name would have been Robin Lynn.

3) I have 3 college degrees.

4) My graduating High School class was 42 people. I’ve kept in contact with 2 of them (although, I would love to hear from more of them).

5) Longest I ever stayed awake consecutively was 38 hours, back in Grad School at UVa in 1994

6) I once literally caught a fish when it jumped out of the lake into our paddle boat

7) My first ever goal playing soccer happened almost 10 years after I started playing and was a result from a penalty kick

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